‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Season 3: Where Are They Now?

Season 3

(NOTE: This post was updated in August 2014!)

Apparently, Roundup readers love the show Kitchen Nightmares as much as The Ashley does! After receiving dozens of requests to do a “Where Are They Now?” article on the restaurants featured on the third season of the show, The Ashley finally gave in and got it done!

These episodes were shot in mid-2009, with the episodes airing in the beginning of 2010. Many of the restaurants have gone belly-up since then, while some are still going strong!

To see what’s become of the Season 1 restaurants click here. To see updates on the restaurants featured on Season 2, click here.

Hot Potato Café (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Click here to watch a clip from this episode.

This café was anything but “hot” when Chef Ramsay made his way there in late 2009 to film the show. The spud-heavy menu was, well…a dud. (Bad potato pun, I know! I can’t help myself.)

Ran by three sisters who had no idea how to own, run or even work in the restaurant business, Gordon felt that many of the concoctions on the café’s menu were strange (crab dip sandwich, anyone?) and the quality even worse. Their niece, Danielle, was stuck being the chef of the place, even though she looked to be barely out of high school and was desperate to get out of the family business.

Tired of dealing with the sisters’ “whoa-is-me” attitudes, Chef Ramsay walks out. He later returned and changed the menu, the decor and the sisters’ attitude, even getting the food critic that once called the place “Spuddy Hell” to proclaim the new menu items as “Potato-rific!”  (Wanna see behind-the-scenes pics from the episode? Click here!)

Status as of 2014: CLOSED! Although the Hot Potato Café did seem to make significant changes to the way they ran their business and made their food after Chef Ramsey left, the restaurant closed in August 2010, just seven months after their episode aired.

According to one local food critic, the food and service began to slip and by June 2010, it was obviously that the tator shop didn’t have much time left.

“We sat outside a extremely packed Krafttwork next door and noted that not one person went in or out of a very open-for-business Hot Potato Café all night,” the critic wrote. “That is, until the owners locked up around 8 p.m. It was a Saturday night. Not a good sign.

Flamangos (Whitehouse Station, New Jersey)

The staff at this New Jersey eatery was terrorized by owner, Adele. (No she wasn’t “Rollin’ in the Deep” or “Setting Fire to the Rain.”) Flamangos was decorated in a strange tropical parrot motif and basically looked like the set for the “Margaritaville” music video….if it had been left untouched for about 25 years. (Personally, The Ashley loved it—but anything creepy and cheesy is right up my alley, so that’s not saying much.)

Anyway, Chef Ramsey found a plethora of problems with this place, including food that was improperly prepared and stored, ancient decorations and a menu that was so diverse and random that it was confusing the customers. And then there was Adele. She spent most of her time barking at anyone that came within two feet of her, including the customers, the staff and Gordon himself! Adele’s daughter, Cheryl, was still living with her parents because she hadn’t been able to take a paycheck from the restaurant in over two years!

Gordon made major changes to the entire restaurant. Gone were the Toucan Sam decorations and jungle-themed props. (Not going to lie, when Gordon burned Willie the Wooden Alligator in a giant bonfire behind the restaurant, I was really sad.) He also changed the menu to include more elegant, Americanized offerings, and rechristened the restaurant “The Junction.”

Status as of 2014: CLOSED! While Chef Ramsay apparently found a “calmer” Adele when he revisited The Junction for a follow-up episode in November 2010, the restaurant closed down in April 2011.

It’s rumored that there was a lot of editing done to make the restaurant look worse than it was.

According to one diner, who ate there in May 2010 and posted a review online, “I had casually asked the server about the ‘Kitchen Nightmare’ episode. She said the amount of ad-hoc scripting done by the producers to make it ‘real’ was nothing short of a shock to her. When I had asked specifically about the mother, she laughed and said ‘that was real.’”

In fact, someone from The Junction responded to all the negative comments in a post on a Topix board in September 2010 to further explain how producers purposely made them look bad.

“Do you know that the crew from the show was telling customers to complain about the food, service, etc..??? Do you know that they were making her staff go to her and say crazy things so she would get upset??? NO…I know none of you realized that, right?? Did you know they overwhelmed the kitchen so customers waited forever for their food??? NO…Did you know they overbooked reservations so we couldn’t handle the volume of orders, etc..??? No folks, ya see…That’s what TV is all about..”

Regardless, the restaurant ended up closing a few months later. Other than the loss of the restaurant, it doesn’t appear that much has changed with the family. According to Internet creeping done by The Ashley, it appears that Cheryl still lives at home with her parents and is unfortunately still unemployed.


Mojito (Brooklyn, New York)

Click here to see a clip of this episode.

This Cuban restaurant was the last thread holding the marriage of Kata and Marcelo together. These two people seemed like they were literally plucked from a Spanish telenova. The separated spouses constantly fought, screamed and tried to make the other look stupid in front of their staff. Chef Ramsay arrives, only to find salty beans, toilet water-filled decorative bottles, and a completely chaotic scene in the kitchen. The staff was obviously tired of hearing Kata and Marcelo duke it out (I got sick of it after about 10 minutes, so I can only imagine how over it they were!)

Chef Ramsay scaled down their menu and put a halt to Marcelo’s over-ordering of supplies. He also streamlined the menu and tried to play marriage counselor to Kata and Marcelo. While his exercises in cooperation didn’t get the couple back together, it did help them work with each other without arguing.

Status as of 2014: OPEN! Mojito appears to be still going strong.  Chef Ramsay revisited the restaurant in 2011 for a follow-up episode and business was booming, with Kata reporting their numbers being up 30 percent!

These days, the restaurant appears to be very active in their community, having participated in several “Taste Brooklyn” restaurant events. They’ve also stayed in the spotlight, with Kata recently appearing on The Food Network’s show Chopped and the restaurant being used as a setting for an episode of Love & Hip-Hop in 2012. Unfortunately, it looks like they may have slipped back into their old ways in terms of the food, as their 2014 reviews have been less-than-stellar.

Casa Roma (Lancaster, California)

Click here to see a clip of this episode.

When Gordon visited this Italian eatery, the owners reported that while they had no problem getting customers to come to their bar, the restaurant portion of the business was failing. The kitchen staff can’t even get it together for Gordon’s taste test. He ends up waiting over an hour for his food– he even takes a nap in the booth to pass the time!  When the food does arrive he finds watery mushrooms, a deep-fried ham and cheese sandwich with powdered sugar on top (um?) that is so greasy he’s able to squeeze it out like a sponge.

Gordon helps the restaurant’s owner to create a better, less grease-filled menu and advises her to fire her smart-ass chef, Erick. He also gets the staff to clean the place up after finding loads of rotting food in the fridge!

Status as of 2014: OPEN! When Gordon revisited the restaurant in 2011, he found that owner Nylah had taken his advice and gotten rid of Chef Erick. She actually ended up hiring a guy named Q, who had been the chef Sebastian’s, another restaurant featured on ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’

As of 2014, the place is still open– sort of. The owners have closed the restaurant portion of the establishment and now operate the place as a bar called “The Road House.” They serve the traditional bar food– wings, appetizers, etc. but did not carry over any of the menu items that Chef Ramsay recommended.


Sushi-Ko (Thousand Oaks, California)

Click here to see a clip from this episode.

When Gordon arrives at this Japanese eatery, he finds the owner and chef, Akira, depressed at what he, and his restaurant, have become. The failing restaurant is ruining the family that owns it, with Akira’s wife, Lisa, constantly yelling at her husband for being lazy. (She literally did not shut her trap through the entire episode.) The couple’s children are devastated at how sad their father is that his once high-prized restaurant has become a mockery of its former self. (Sushi pizza, anyone?)

Gordon finds major problems at the restaurant, including unsanitary conditions (improper food storage, old and/or frozen food, nasty prep habits and hairs in the crab–yum, yum!) He decides to help the family and their restaurant by providing them with new top-of-the-line refrigeration units, fryers and other equipment. (Akira’s reaction when he finds out that he’s getting these new items is priceless. Check it out.)  He helps Akira get his passion for cooking back and successfully relaunches the restaurant.

Status as of 2014: CLOSED! Although the relaunch in May 2009 was extremely successful, a few weeks after the episode was shot, the owners of Sushi Ko learned that they were losing their lease. The restaurant closed in August 2009 and was replaced by a delicatessen.

Despite the positive impact Gordon made on their eatery, owner Lisa Hatae told the Ventura County Star that they asked for help too late.

“At that point we had nothing to lose; we already were going to the landlord and asking for relief,” she said. “We just thought of it a little too late.”

By the time the episode aired in 2010, the restaurant had already been closed for months. The family claims they, unlike some of the people featured on the show, had a positive experience.

“They threw us a gigantic party with taiko drummers and dressed us in kimonos. It was a whirlwind,” Lisa told the newspaper.

These days, it appears that Akira is, or has, set up another restaurant called Sushi Bay near Los Angeles. His son, Samson, is now an LA-based photographer. (You can check out his work here).

Lido Manhattan (Manhattan Beach, California)

Click here to see a clip of this episode.

Lisa Hemmat bought this restaurant on her own at age 23. Although her efforts were impressive, she was inexperienced in the industry and didn’t know how to handle the staff (especially the ones she was dating!) Gordon made some big changes, but Lisa pisses off her kitchen staff, causing them all to walk out on relaunch night. Gordon called in his chef friend to save the night and eventually, the kitchen staff came back to work.

Status as of 2014: OPEN! “[Being on the show] was the biggest emotional roller coaster I’ve ever experienced,” Lisa told LA Weekly in 2010. ” [But] Chef Ramsay left me with hope, confidence and the feeling that I could conquer the world… I hope we put Lido on the map and keep people coming back.”

Indeed it did. Today, the restaurant appears to be doing very well. According to recent online reviews, the food and service at Lido are top-notch, and Lisa kept many of the entrees Gordon created.

The restaurant now offers cooking classes, live entertainment and beer and wine tastings. They are also expanding into catering, and Lisa recently launched her own line of branded products, including Lido’s signature olive oil, vodka sauce, salad dressings and wine!

Bazzini (Ridegwood, New Jersey): CLOSED! The owners of this restaurant were so put off by their experience on the show, they didn’t appear in the “Revisited” episode filmed a year later. (One of the restaurant’s former pastry chefs caught Gordon up on why the restaurant closed.) In an interview with NewJersey.com, owner Paul Bazzini claimed that Gordon never spoke to him except when the cameras were rolling.

“You have no interaction with Ramsay at all,” he said in the interview. “He comes with a very big machine of assistants and helpers. The only time that I ever spent any time with him was on camera.” (I recommend reading the rest of the interview, it’s pretty juicy!)

Anna Vincenzo’s (Boca Raton, Florida): CLOSED! Despite Gordon’s efforts to get this Italian restaurant up to par and back in the good graces of the community, the restaurant ended up closing in 2010. On a “Revisited” episode in 2011, a former employee told Gordon that after the initial boost that appearing on the show got the restaurant, owner Concetta Menna reverted back to her old ways and things went down-hill. Concetta and her father, who loaned her the money to start the restaurant, sold the place in 2011.

Le Bistro (Lighthouse Point, Florida): OPEN! When Gordon visited this French eatery, he encouraged the owners to streamline their menu and stop doing things that took up valuable time (such as baking their own bread). He also witnessed owner Andy’s frequent outbursts and demand for complete control over the entire staff. Gordon attempted to tame Andy’s temper, and added several dishes to the menu. However, Andy later took many of those dishes, such as the burger and a pasta bolognese, off the menu.

“We took those off,” Andy told the Sun Sentinel in 2010. “People don’t come to our restaurant for that stuff. They didn’t sell.” The restaurant appears to be doing well regardless, according to these recent reviews.

Mama Rita’s (Newbury, California): CLOSED! This Mexican eatery was plagued by long wait times and bad food, mostly a result of them buying frozen food and reheating it. Gordon even brought in a consulting chef to give the restaurant’s resident chef a crash course in food prep. (According to this interesting article, the consultant stuck around even after the cameras left.) Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to save the restaurant, which closed its doors in 2011. The owner, Laura, has continued the restaurant’s catering business and is working with another local restaurant to promote it. However, every time the episode airs, she apparently gets negative feedback from viewers that don’t understand that the episode is old.

“They are re-airing our episode of Kitchen Nightmares next week, then again 3 more times on cable!” Laura posted on the Mama Rita’s Facebook page in 2011. “Now all the crazies will start contacting me….. Unless you need catering OR you want to invest some $$ to open a restaurant w/me in a good location, Please don’t send me creepy or mean notes…. it was filmed OVER 2 years ago! Remember… just cuz it’s called reality TV doesn’t mean it’s reality!”

Fleming A Taste of Denmark (Miami, Florida): CLOSED! Although this restaurant was a hit with the local senior citizens, it had failed to gain popularity and was sinking fast when Gordon arrived. Gordon had to yank entrees off of customers’ tables after finding dangerous food storage violations in the kitchen. Despite Gordon’s drastic changes to the restaurant’s boring menu and decor, the restaurant ended up closing in 2010. Some of Fleming’s staff ended up moving over to a local Mediterranean restaurant


  1. Just an FYI…

    Another TV reality production tried to shoot a multi-episode series around my cousin’s NJ Banquet halls. They have 4 of them, very successful too! They wound up canceling their contract and kicking them out as the production crew was deliberately creating problems, misplacing things on site, and just general stress which they never had before. It got to the point where it was actually causing them time and money.
    I won’t say the name of the show, but it was by the production company of Kelli and Mark, leave it at that.

  2. What I don’t understand is how people can put themselves on a reality program such as Kitchen Nightmares and not clean their frigging kitchen and the refrigerator before Chef Ramsay even shows

  3. All reality tv shows are handled the same in fact most shows involving the public. the producers have a one size fits all plan there’s the show theme the main talent the production crew all have a job to do with no regard for the people they are supposed to be helping basically its all smoke and mirrors. Why you might ask? Because the brain dead public loves it and the corporation behind it can sell it to advertiser’s its all about money. Unless you have a dam good lawyer or team of lawyers don’t get involved your 15 minutes of fame could destroy you emotionally and financially in the long run not to mention the strain it can cause your family.been there done that

  4. Even though it was hard to come back from being down almost $2 million, the decision to keep Perla on as head chef, definitely insured the demise of Mama Rita’s Mexican Cantina. To confuse business with friendship has led to the end of many restaurants. Yet the owner of this joint knew, and still kept Perla anywhere the kitchen, proves that she didn’t deserve to be open, and the people of that community didn’t need to be assaulted by Perla, and her microwave. So, when owners choose friendship over business, I have absolutely no sympathy for them, when their restaurant go down the toilet. Bye bye Mama Rita’s, and please don’t ever come back, and get Perla a job at a nursing home, because they don’t have a clue what they are eating anyway. I take that back because I could go to jail. Having Perla in charge would definitely be considered elder abuse.

  5. Fleming A Taste of Denmark
    If you don’t know the difference between Danisch and Dutch, then don’t write about it.

  6. Wow iv watched all the episodes and none of the restaurants looked good till Gordon made the changes now 95% have closed down people need to take on board what he says and carry on the way he has ahown them

  7. Fleming A taste of Denmark.

    Dont know the restaurant, but I do know danes can’t be called dutch.

    dutch people would be from Holland/netherlands.

  8. Just wondering why an apparent fan of Gordon Ramsay continually misspells his name?! Even in the tags, it’s misspelled as RamsEy. His name is RamsAy.

  9. Apparently the author doesn’t know the difference between Denmark and the Netherlands. For future reference, people from Denmark are “Danish”. People from the Netherlands are called “Dutch”. They’re completely different countries!

  10. “Although this Danish restaurant was a hit with the local senior citizens, it had failed to gain popularity and was sinking fast when Gordon arrived. The owners had no clue how to run a Dutch restaurant, as they weren’t even Dutch”

    Dutch is not Danish, bro. Lewlz?

  11. The reason a vast majority of these restaurants close after Gordon’s visit is simple.

    They waited until they were in a desperate situation (usually a lack of money and huge debt). If you have a million dollars in back debt, plus back taxes, AND you have all the regular ongoing expenses (payroll, rent, supplies, personal expenses), then you have a HUGE battle ahead.

    That doesn’t even factor in the likelihood that many of these operators will revert to their old ways. After all, Ramsey is there only for a brief time. After he leaves, there is no one but the owners themselves for accountability.

    Given all that, I think it is a miracle that ANY of these operators make it. If 1 in 10 do, I would call that a smashing success!

  12. It’s sad to see so many of the restaurants Chef Ramsey invested his time and energy in have closed. I noticed a lot of them closed due to back taxes, but others just couldn’t/wouldn’t accept his advice, which is weird, since these restaurants were the ones who called HIM for his expertise.

    1. But to add on to my first comment, Kitchen Nightmares is just another unreal “reality show,” although it makes some good points, but without the drama, no one would watch it, & it’s one of two “reality shows” that I do like. Thinking about it now, it was probably inevitable these restaurants closed, which is why they were chosen for Kitchen Nightmares. So what I’m trying to spit out here is that my above comment is lame.

  13. Sad to have heard that Mama Rita’s didn’t make it. Aside from the flaws aired. As I watched the re-run I kept thinking beautiful fresh food beautiful and colorful but what happened to Laura’s grandmother’s recipes? Could they not have been integrated and made fresh. I believe they’d been awesome!
    Btw would love the recipe for the mango salsa.
    Pretty good show. Where is the consultant cooking at now??

  14. “The owners had no clue how to run a Dutch restaurant, as they weren’t even Dutch.” WTF? The Dutch live in freaking NETHERLANDS! You are thinking of “Danish for god’s sake

  15. Hey guys!
    Hope not disturbing but…someone else think that Gordon Ramsey is not the best chef in the world?
    I’m looking at the Anna Vincenzo’s restaurant episode and…he cooked the lasagna in an unacceptable way according to italian recipe! Trust me, I’m italian and I know the real receipt!!!

      1. *snort*

        This made me laugh!

        Gordon Ramsay isn’t a multiple Michelin star chef for no good reason. The man knows what he’s doing and is definitely a successful and amazing chef. He’s also admitted several times to restaurant owners on the shoe that he too has failed and had to close the doors of some of his eateries. Every failure is a learning experience and all you can do is just push forward.

        I’m hopeful one day I can dine in one of his restaurants. Definitely at the ones in London and New York City.

          1. He recently lost multiple stars, and did you ever stop to think that the stars he has are only because he owns the place, not because he’s doing the cooking? Running around the world playing great chef and owning sooo many restaurants, the man hasn’t cooked professionally on a line in a kitchen during service for quite a number if years. Maisy and Liz, don’t drink the kool-aid!!!

          2. If you look at the key board e & w are just beside! The person was probably using a cell phone!

    1. These comments keep popping up in the wrong place. My comment somewhere near the bottom is to dutchman, moo and

  16. My comment above. is directed to Moo, Dutchman, ROTFLMAO, john, lederhosen and the rest of the dummies who don’t realize that living in north, central, or south America makes you American, but not necessarily an American citizen. It’s like the difference between weather and climate, or desert and cake.

  17. When Ramsey comes into a town and the voice-over guy says “word got out” it ‘s because they put advertisements on craigslist for people to come in. Free dinner and be on tv. My boyfriend and I went. The producer told us to make faces, and to send back food for ANY REASON at all. We were told to react BIG to any noise or shouting, and to look shocked. We should also “talk among ourselves” about how gross the food was ant time the cameras were near us or looking at us. It wasn’t fine dining, but it was not anywhere as horrible as they made it out to be.

    We went back for the “Ramsey effect” dinner and the place looked better, cleaner, but when you looked close you could tell that it had been done in a hurry and was a little sloppy. The food was not that different, the service was the same, and none of that opening night drama they showed was obvious at all.

    I actually think that having GR there might have hurt the place, made people thunk it was worse than it was.

    1. “made people thunk it was worse than it was.”


      Sigh. I can’t believe your story simply because it’s hard to believe you have the neurons to get out of bed, get dressed, and leave the house in the first place. Thunk. LOL

  18. Comment to ‘Fleming – a taste of denmark’.
    People from denmark are not Dutch. They are called Danes. Dutch people are from the Netherlands. 😀

  19. The restaurants that didn’t listen to the best chef on the planet earth are as stupid as they can be!! The old lady Adele was the worst of them all! Ramsey knows exactly what the need to get their restaurant popular and not many get that chance and should be happy to have Gordon’s help! It’s there lost when they dont do as he told them to do! He knows what he talks about for sure!!

    1. The best chef on the planet? Not by half. Successful, sure, talented, sure, but did you know that this “best chef on the planet” admitted to using boil-in-bag and frozen entrees in his restaurants in England? He did the same things that he blasts others for doing, while saying how “high quality” his brought in items are, and how the chefs could not keep up without the. Sound familiar? It’s just what all the restauranteurs say to him before he screams and swears his head off. We are not all that impressed with him in England

      1. Actually it was premade food made at his restaurants for not only some if his other restaurants but also sold to other big name restaurants not owned by him. This “frozen” food you’re referencing isn’t your grocery store freezer section quality you’re implying it is. Many big name high quality restaurants employ this technique for certain items in busy restaurants. Know what you’re talking about before talking about something you clearly have no clue about.

        1. Didn’t imply it was out of the grocery, but you are wrong, a lot of the meals were from outside vendors. I do know what I’m talking about, I’ve eaten there, live in London, and am more attuned to this than you are. Not everything makes it across the pond. Did you know that his newest English “gastro pub” has gotten miserable reviews, that he lost two michelin stars, and that 12 of his places have closed in the past 51\2 years? Did you know that UK food critics are saying that while the food in his flagship London restaurant is wonderful, that when you go to the others you “encounter over-priced inconsistent food and bad service”? did you know that he screwed over a business partner un LA, closed a restaurant instead of taking care of a name change, did a backdoor deal with the landlord, open his OWN restaurant in the same place immediately, named it after himself and is being sued for 8 million? That there are other million pound lawsuits here? Did you know that he’s being told on chat shows to fix his own kitchen nightmares before trying to fix others?

          Listen, we are not a foodie people here in England. When we are complimented on a chef, even though he is a Scot, we revel init, but he is not what his publicity says he is, not at all.

          1. Didn’t alot of restaurants on the show do the same thing you say ramsay did? Cook stuff, freeze it, warm it up an use it? Didn ‘t Gordon Ramsay go nuts on the for it?
            Sounds lime do as I say, not as I do.

            ASIDE TO THE ASHLEY:Are there going yo be updates on the other seasons, too?

      2. Rima’s right, England is over Ramsay. She’s also correct about the frozen food; some of it pre-made in house, most of it brought in, all of it humiliating. Jack, two Brits who know what they’re talking about trump someone just out to defend a tv chef. To mix my parlour-game metaphors, checkmate.

        1. What does that have to do with how many restaurants he has? That was a really stupid comment. And by the way, he just lost two. He doesn’t do the cooking in those “starred ” restaurants, so, doesn’t the star really reflect how well HIS STAFF cooks? He’s like bobby flay or any if those other chefs too busy making shows and blowing up their egos to work in a hot kitchen anymore. That’s for the plebs who haven’t made it yet.

          Oh, yeah, How many stars do YOU have?

        2. Actually, Rob, he now has 8. That’s according to the 2014 Michelin guide. And, Fiz is right, Rob that’s kind of a dumb remark; a complete non-sequitur, you directed at Corry, who was just asking why the places he visited, and a dozen of Ramsay’s own places closed if the man is all he says he is.

          Ramsey has had more than 40, yes, FORTY restaurants. eight, or even 14 Michelin stars doesn’t sound that impressive, when at a max of 3 per restaurant there’s a possibility of more than 120. . .

          He did have more stars than anyone else at one time, (with more restaurants than anyone he should!), now he is behind Alain Ducasse and Joel Rubochen. Both of those men have many, many, fewer restaurants than Ramsay.

          Oh, and how many do you have? Do tell. We’ll wait.

      1. I saw on another site that over 60% of the restaurants Ramsey “saved” have closed. It’s a typical reality show (and we NEED more stupid fuckin reality shows, right? Lol) that is staged. The restaurants exist, but people will do anything for enough money, including being humiliated for public entertainment. I contradicted myself in my comment above, cuz Kitchen Nightmares is no more “real” then any other “reality show.” And I’m just as guilty for getting sucked into them. Ugh….

  20. In your last article you mix up your geography. the name says it’s a Danish (denmark) resto, but you keep referring to the menu and the owners as Dutch (holland/the netherlands)

  21. the way i see it if your asking to be on the show you resigning to the fact that you will end up closing if you dont try it so you have nothing to lose by being on the show.

    to complain afterwards that it ruined your business that was already going to hell seems a bit stupid.

  22. I love when these idiots fuss about how they do the show. Well hell have they not watched one? They should know they are gonna show the drama and the whole idea is to get the customers to speak their mind about the quality and service they get. duh.

  23. And what does Anna’s weight have to do with her attitude or expertise? Besides, she has lost a TON (literally) of weight since the show aired. Still a bitch though. ;]

    1. Perhaps its a sign of respect. If you dont have any respect for yourself how can how have any respect for your business or the people that work for you.

  24. Good riddance to Anna Vincenzo’s. Tht fat ugly bitch of an owner got what she deserved. I read on another blog that her husband wised up and left her, too. I swear, if ever there was a”Miss Piggy Lookalike” contest, she’d win hands-down!

    1. I don’t understand why you need to be rude about her appearance. I’m sure that if she were thin and beautiful her food would still be the same.

  25. “Whoa” is me?

    I’m supposed to take you articles seriously?

    Also, Dutch is from the Netherlands, nothing to do with Denmark.

    1. I’m supposed to take “you” articles seriously? I’ve got some advice for you, take your foot and put it right into your mouth.

  26. I’m sad that Fleming did not succeed. They owners were appreciative and pleasant. Anna Vincenzo’s was the worst episode I have seen. What a horrible, nasty woman. Actually, calling her a woman is a stretch. She is a petulant toddler.

    1. I see your Anna Vincenzo and raise you an Adele from Flamangos. What a BEE-YOTCH!!! She was a toxic busy body who was so cold about her husband’s health. She said her husband’s nickname is “Poor Bill.” It wasn’t…until he married her.

        1. No one deserves failure just because you don’t like their personality. Did you ever stop to think that if she and her family werenot in such desperate straits that she might be nicer? That it is the fear and the circumstances that make her appear that way? As for her husband; he has stayed all of these years, hasn’t he? If she was always such a misery don’t you think he would have left? Fear does things to people, fear of failure, fear of change. Give someone a break once in a while; we don ‘t ALL have YOUR level of smashing success.

          1. Someone actually gave a “thumbs down” to Simon’s comment asking that you try and see things from someone else’s position before you judge them? Someone really “thumbs down-ed” being asked to show compassion for someone in dire straits? What a douche. And yes, I am judging “Thumbs” by his actions.

          2. If someone did deserve failure because of an abrasive, bitchy, annoying, offensive personality, doesn’t that mean that Gordon Ramsay also deserves failure?

  27. Newsflash: Danish is not Dutch! Something Danish comes from Denmark. Something Ducth comes from Holland/The Netherlands.

    1. But really,Dutch/Danish/Denmark are all pretty much the same thing anyway, no sense splitting hairs.

        1. It IS ok to call Canadians Americans and anyone from north, central, or south America Americans.

          1. no its not.that would mean brazilians are americans and oh wait americans would be U.S.of A ians.Please dont speak for 2 continents

        2. I am amazed that ROFLMAO. Moo, Lederhosen, and Dutchman are so ignorant! I went to public school in the USA, and I managed to get through KNOWING that anyone who lives in North, Central, or South America is American, but not an American citizen unless they are from the US of A.
          Brazilians, Costa Ricans, Mexicans, Argentinians, Colombians, etc, ARE Americans, but NOT American citizens. Not complicated.
          Twilly, youngmoney, , Fiz, Bao, Rimafeatherstone, among others are all correct. So is the suggestion that you talk to a teacher, read a text book or an encyclopedia.
          This is not rocket science, it’s really basic. Did you guys spend elementary school sitting in the back of the class drawing in your books, throwing spitballs, talking, and playing your game boy, or are you just on the lower end of the intelligence scale? Maybe you toked your way out of brainpower?

          1. Congratulations on finishing elementary school, which is obviously to elementary for you to acknowledge that here in the Netherlands, the main focus of our education was not the difference between North, South and Central America and how to name their inhabitants correctly.

            Or are you trying to tell us you learned all about my country, who our neighbors are, all of our towns, etc.? I’m sure you did.

      1. You really are clueless aren’t you? Not even near the same thing.

        Brazil is the same as USA right? Besides the different food, language, customs, people, weather, location, tradition, it is all the same thing anyway, just like when you compare it to Russia right? No sense splitting hairs.

          1. Wtf? Lederhosn are not a thing they wearing in the netherlands nor in denmark. Wooden shoes had once been used in parts of the netherlands. Thats typical us- american ignorance. Europe is not all the same thing in one continent. All countries are different because they have differnt cultures that has grown for centuries, not like the usa, where everything older than 50yrs is a historic place.

          2. Elpresley is an insecure, whiny little person with a big inferiority complex…Maybe he/she should learn what sarcasm is and when someone IS stereotyping just to bother you…

            That’s typical “us -american ignorance”…Maybe you need to educate yourself instead of talking so much. Did you mean “U.S.” and “American”? Last time I checked they were the same thing. And you have to love how you say every country has a different culture, but then say America doesn’t have a culture…oh, boy…”every country”? Well, at least you can’t comp!ain about American culture influencing the world anymore. 😉

            Seriously, you sound like an insecure Canadian (or Euro trash) with a typical Canadian inferiority complex…but then again no one cares about Canada or failed Europe for that matter.

        1. Brazilians are Americans, Canadians are Americans and people from the United States OF America are Americans from America! Just like the French are Europeans, the Italians are European, the Portuguese, and on and on. And just to be clear, The Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and others are Asian. Oh, and Moroccans are also African, and European since the country is on BOTH continents. And Morocco is also the western gateway to the Middle East, and like Spain, Greece, Portugal and parts if France, and others, Mediterranean.

          If you’d like I’ll explain the difference, and same-ness of England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth of British States.

          1. At EPresly, there is no reason to denigrate all Americans because of one rude asshole. Should we believe that all of your countrymen are uncivil or xenophobic because of your unkind and unwarranted remarks?

        2. You are the clueless one. No one said that Brazil is just like the USA; they just said that Brazilians, Canadians, and ANYONE living in North or South, (or Central) America is an American, and they are, but they are not American citizens. Duh.

          Only citizens of the USA are American citizens, the others are citizens of other countries, and Americans.

        3. Jeeze Louise, Why do people find this so complicated? You are a citizen of what ever country you come from, and you are also a resident of whatever continent your country is on. French and European, Canadian and American, and also whatever region defined in different ways, like Mediterranean, Nordic, Asian. Is it the educational system, or the fact that no one is paying attention? Must love the internet; it’s the best. place to gather proof re: the dumbing-down of the human race

        4. Go back to school! Read a book! Talk to a teacher! Pick up an Encylopedia! Your ignorance is disturbing. I must say, though, it was kind of you to use a psuedonym to protect your family from the humiliation of the public knowlege their relationship to you and your empty-headedness would have caused them.

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