EXCLUSIVE: ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson-Rendon is in Labor!

"Here comes Number 2!"

One of the three girls from 16 & Pregnant that are currently pregnant with their second child is about to give birth! (Click here to read about all of the other girls that are “with second child.”)

The Ashley has exclusively learned that Season 1 star Ebony Jackson-Rendon is currently at a New Mexico hospital were she’s been induced and is getting ready to give birth to her second child, another girl. (The Ashley hasn’t been able to sleuth out what they’re naming the baby yet.)

Earlier this month, Ebony had to head to the hospital because she was having contractions, but it ended up being a false alarm.

Ebony and her husband, Josh, have had a very rough couple of years. In May 2011, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy and ended up losing the baby. A few months later she and Josh were arrested and their daughter Jocelyn was taken away after they were found to be living in “deplorable” conditions. (Jocelyn is now back in their care). In November 2011, Ebony went to rehab for depression following her arrest.

Anyway, the new bundle of joy should be coming into this world very shortly! Congrats to Ebony and Josh!

UPDATE: The baby is here! Ebony gave birth to Jayda Jewel Rendon last night. She weighed in at 8 lbs., and both mother and baby appear to be doing fine!

Ebony, Jocelyn and the new baby!

(Photo: Facebook)


  1. Now you can tell that that baby is Josh’s baby.I don’t know why they keep pretending like the first child is Josh’s baby when that baby is darker than the both of them

    1. @KC, Jocelyn looks just like Josh, just has very tanned skin. They live in the Southwest, and I’m sure her skin tans very easily, like most people of color.

  2. Why does everyone say she’s pregnant with her second child? She had an ectopic pregnancy. This is her third baby.

    1. It may be her 3rd pregnancy, but its not her 3rd baby. In her ectopic pregnancy she lost the fetus, there was no baby.

      1. The fetus was removed and they buried it. She called it her baby. If it’s a baby to her, then that’s that. She just gave birth to her third.

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