Trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year? You could head to the Party City and purchase one of their Slut-in-a-Bag disguises. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to pay $59.99 for a sexy bunny costume that is essentially a bikini with a tail?!) Or you could take a cue from some of the super-cool kids below and create a costume inspired by a reality TV show!

Here are a few of The Ashley‘s favorites. Feel free to tweet The Ashley a photo of your reality-TV-inspired costume, and maybe you’ll see your mug posted on The Roundup soon!

The Ashley found all of these reality TV costume goodies over on The Twitter! Enjoy!

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  1. Those are awesome. The Simon cowell dude looks more like Bruce jenner, and i think the Snookie costume in the bag is supposed to be Jwow

  2. The girls that dressed up as the girls from teen mom, the far left kinda looks like an actual baby belly. Well at least looks more real then the girl on the far right and the one next to the left.

    I love that people dressed as Gary.

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