‘Bachelor Pad’ Couple Blakeley Jones & Tony Pieper Call Off Engagement!

Bachelor Pad
"All the cool kids were doing it, so we did too!"

Yet another couple from the Bachelor franchise has called off their engagement. Seriously, The Ashley feels like she writes a story with this headline at least once a week. Oh, wait, that’s because she does!

‘Bachelor’ fans had barely recovered from the recent announcements that Emily Maynard and Jef Holm, and Courtney Robinson and Ben Flajnik had both split, when Bachelor Pad couple Blakeley Shea and Tony Pieper announced that they, too, have ended their engagement.

“This didn’t end the way I wanted it to,” Tony told People. “I thought Blakeley was the love of my life.”

The couple got engaged only a few months ago, when Tony “shockingly” proposed to Blakeley during the taping of the ‘Bachelor Pad 3’ reunion special. Armed with an ABC-funded Neil Lane engagement ring, Tony got down on one knee and asked Blakeley to be his wife while his cast mates watched.

“It was like a fairy tale at first when we were on the show and afterward,” Tony said in the interview. “It was like a vacation – we were in the honeymoon stage. Then when she moved here, it was really difficult for both of us.”

From the sound of it, there was no Emily-Maynard-style sexting sessions or anything to blame.

“Unfortunately, things didn’t work as we had hoped,” Tony told Wetpaint Entertainment, who broke the story yesterday. “No one is to blame. It just ended up being a lot harder than we expected.”

While Tony has been quite the Chatty Kathy, speaking with Wetpaint and People, Blakeley has stayed mum (even on Twitter) about her split from Tony. (The Ashley expects to see Blakeley’s mug appear in one of the tabloids with the headline, “My Side of the Story” or something equally cheesy.)

This is just one more example of why these ‘Bachelor’ shows need to be reworked if producers ever expect these couples to last more than a few months. Sending people on fantasy dates and giving them nothing to think about but each other just isn’t real life. When the couples get out of Bachelor Land, they realize that real life is not all helicopters, candlelit dinners and sexy time in the hot tub and they can’t hang.

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  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all and I’m surprised it took this long. They had zero chemistry. It seemed like she was just with him to have someone there to compliment and love her.

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