Newly Single ‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard Snuggles Up to New Guy in Club

Bachelorette Charlotte
Get it, girl!

Apparently our sweet lil’ Emily Maynard knows how to get down! She was caught (you can’t hide from cell phone cams, Em) drinking and dancing at Suite in Charlotte, North Carolina, last night.

However, The Ashley could care less if Emily’s out sipping Midori Sours and doing the electric slide at some club– the big news is that she had her arms wrapped all over some guy as they got freaky on the dance floor!

A photo posted on the Twitter feed of@CelebsInCLT shows Emily snuggling up to NASCAR truck driver Jason White on the dance floor of the club.

This is the first time Emily’s been spotted with a guy since her split from her fiance Jef Holm (who, for his part, has been lapping up the single scene, according to multiple reports!)

Wanna see a better picture of what Jason looks like? The Ashley will save you the Googling. Click here.

Emily and Jason just began to follow each other over on the Twitter.

UPDATE: Several people have informed The Ashley that Jason is no longer in a relationship and is single and, apparently, ready to mingle with Emily!


4 Responses

  1. The one thing that all of her “break-ups” had in common – HER!! She feels as though she is ENTITLED and that men are just to bow down to her. Unless she “bows” down – don’t go there!!

  2. Looks like Emily is playing Santa this year – she already has the “HO HO HO” Part down pretty good!!! Poor Ricki – she had herself a good role model in Jef and I think he really cared.

  3. Forget Jason, apparently they are just friends and he doesn’t have a gf. I’m more interested to know if anything is going to happen between Emily and Alexander DeLeon from the band the cab. They have been twitter flirting and he wants her to come to LA.

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