‘South Beach Tow’ Brings Us the Best Two Minutes of Reality TV–EVER!

There are a lot of reality TV shows that The Ashley would love to watch/cover, but she just doesn’t have the time, therefore many of the smaller shows tend to slip through the cracks. South Beach Tow on TruTV is one of those shows. Although The Ashley has heard of it, she’s never experienced it…until now.

Special thanks to Roundup friend Chelsey, who brought this little slice of pure heaven into The Ashley’s life (and website!) For those of you that are too lazy to watch the clip (or are at work and don’t have bosses that enjoy letting you use their Internet to watch crap like this), allow The Ashley to break it down for you.

Basically, the towing company sends Big Bernice and her gangsta friend, Senor Repo, to go repossess some dude’s car because he hasn’t been making payments. The dude works at a salon, and when Bertha and Senor Repo arrive to fetch the car, the owner of the salon comes out and tries to get involved. Bertha doesn’t play– she tells the lady to “Min’ yer bis-net.” Next, the guy who owns the car comes out and tries to reason with Bertha and Senor Repo. Naturally, he’s wearing purple scrubs and has his hair all done up like Milli Vanilli, circa 1991. (As you do).

This is The Ashley's new favorite person.

After he talks about having to “deal with nasty ass feet all day,” the owner of the car just goes karate-chop crazy on Senor Repo– kicking, spinning, even cartwheeling before finally knocking him down!

The whole time Bernice is watching the scene, uttering the occasional, “Oh hell naw!” (Have I mentioned how much I love Bernice?) Finally Bernice decides to take matters into her own girthy paws. She grabs her trusty wrench and knocks Milli Vanilli down for the count, then yells at her partner to get up.

“I don’t do karate…I do caraaaazy!” she tells us. Her partner limps back into the tow truck, telling her that she was supposed to be his back-up.

“I was your back-up,” says Bernice. “Didn’t your ass get back up after I knocked his ass out?”

Oh, Bernice. You just made my day. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this show sooner?! The Ashley has never watched this show, but judging from this two-minute clip, she needs to add this to her lineup of shows.

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  1. Yes! you should definitely check out Catfish on MTV. The very first episode I was like ” W.T.F is wrong with this girl’s brain” lol

  2. Love this show! I’m confused though, I thought South Beach was scripted? I do like that JLo is a producer, that’s cool. Duck Dynasty and Catfish TV are other ones you gotta check out too.

  3. Oooh Ashley this has been on forever! Its hilarious!! This and Lizard Kick Towing are pretty great (plus Duck Dynasty).

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