EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Father In Hospital With Broken Neck After Accident

Matt 16 and PregnantThe father of one of the babies that will be featured on the upcoming series Teen Mom 3 is currently the hospital, after he was involved in a serious accident.

Matt McCann, the father of Alexandria Sekella‘s daughter, Arabella, was out partying with friends last night when the accident occurred. Matt, who has been doing drugs and drinking since Alexandria’s episode was taped, has yet to clean up his act in the year since Arabella was born, according to Alex.

According to Alex, Matt and his friends were at a Pennsylvania party spot known as “The Knob” when he walked off a cliff and broke his neck and several bones in his spine as a result of the fall. Later that evening, she said that Matt’s friends were involved in a car accident.

“It was a drinking and driving sort of thing,” Alexandria confirmed to The Ashley. “They claim they were getting help and hit a tree.”

Matt’s mother called Alex to inform her of Matt’s accident and let her know that he is currently recovering at Lehigh Valley Hospital (which The Ashley has confirmed).

Luckily, Arabella wasn’t with Matt at the time in the accident. In fact, according to Alex, he hasn’t seen his baby in over eight months!

“She’s not allowed anywhere near him,” Alex told a fan on Twitter.

UPDATE: Matt was released from the hospital on Friday and is apparently doing pretty well, for someone who fell of a cliff!

“Broken neck, broken back, 80 stitches. I’m A ok though got my family by my side that’s all that matters,” he posted on his Facebook page on November 28.


  1. I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where finding a stamp bag of heroin is as easy as buying cigarettes… Sad, I know, but true, because I’m conquering this addiction! And, I’m saying this/telling this story because being an (almost) recovering addict, meaning I’m currently on Subutex (for the withdrawal symptoms of opiates/opioid) for being heroin dependent… and Clonopin (to wean me off of benzo’s– as I am also Benzodiazapine *spelling?*, well, Xanax dependent). But, an addict knows an addict when they see one, and in my OPINION, I strongly believe that is what Matt McCann is/was using. Once you become dependent on it, it’s then considered a disease, so Alex always jumping down his throat, is just going to make him want to use! The cravings are scoop strong especially right after rehab and returning to your home. There are so many triggers, it’s sickening to think this is what we got to go thru to get addiction behind us! If you met your dealer at the corner store right down the street, of course that’s what is going to be on your mind. Even looking at your veins (or track marks if not heeled) is a trigger! **TO ANYONE READING THIS, ADDICT OR CONCERNED ABOUT ONE AND WOULD LIKE TO TALK/GET INFO., FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME…FACEBOOK: CHRISTINE BOYD or TWITTER: @MIZZ_CHRIZTINE** Thanks, Have a Blessed Day! ت

  2. Probably a bad idea to put him on a show again I don’t think it will be positive for his recovery from heroin which I’m pretty sure is his drug of choice…

    1. Btw,I’m not just assuming or being a bitch either my bro was using for years in my house and I know the symptoms and patterns like the back of my hand…I like Matt, can tell he is a beautiful person under his addiction I only want him to get better so he can be truly happy as for baby and mom, they need to disconnect until he can be trusted and trust himself.

      1. Matt isnt what Miss Know it all wants you all to believe he is….Yes he was a user, Yes he was messed up for a long time, but guess what?? he is clean, sober, happy and healthy….he has people who have taken care of him instead of ripping apart his life, they show him he is worth it, he is a very intelligent guy. He has feelings, he loves his lil girl..he cant see her cause of circumstances Im not able to speak of..(dont assume you know either) Matt wasnt under any influence when he slipped off the knob, he did NOT break his neck…I hear so much crap on this guy, he cant catch a break because of the negativity thats thrown to the media…if they knew the damn truth I know a certain person, who wouldnt be enjoying the life she is on tv…So before you throw anymore stones, get the facts straight…Dont believe anything on the show where that (one) is concerned

  3. This is all a lie. Matt’s fine, he can walk and talk. Yes, he fell off the knob but he wasnt under the influence of anything! His blood results came up clean.. NO ONE was in a car accident, that poor girl who died?! Totally different story. This is all liable and defamation of character, can’t wait till ya’ll are sued 😉

    1. @Lekota, the article never states that matt can not walk or talk, nor that HE was under the influence of anything. Please read it again. It states that he fell, and is in the hospital. However, I have since taken down the part linking Matt’s accident to the car accident, since, although that was told to me, it can not be confirmed as fact.

    2. I voiced my concerns yesterday and was assured it was verified. I’m glad I never saw that Quakertown accident linked to this, I would have have been sick. MapQuest should have been used before posting it in the first place. Hmm common sense anyone? A station wagon crashes an hour away from the cliff at 7:30 pm and the assumption is that these are the drunk kids from the knob. Really? I kind of assumed they were Mennonites. We are probably both wrong, but I’m not blogging about it. My advice to the McCann family: print every last story and got to family court. You have a strong case for custody. Save your grandchild from this spiteful brat.

        1. He started doing drugs while dealing with a pregnant girlfriend. Thats bad but not his parents fault. Is it her parents fault she had sex? I don’t know anyone cruel enough to spread such terrible lies for attention. That’s something Casey Anthony would do. So his arents may be the only hope this child has. Her mother is a sociopath. An attention seeking one is the most dangerous kind. Kids are like toys, they will hurt them for the attention it brings them.

          1. That posted weird. His * parents
            I was referring to Alex being the sociopath.
            And of coarse v wasn’t little cCayley better off with own mlother? Anyone can have sex and make a baby. That doesn’t give you magic powers. It takes men and women to raise children. Some teens are up to it. Some people never are.

          2. Matts dad is in jail n his mom has an addiction to pain killers i know matt personally before him and Alex even started dating

    3. your dumb lekota the whole community college knows you guys were using aerosal. hell my hair dresser even knew what happened. stop lieing your such a freak. Alex showed me what matt said to her the day before he plays you like a fiddle but your a dumb little girl who lets him manipulate you. and you know its true cause your friends have even told you. get a life and stop being a drama whore no one cares for you and your stupidity ALex even told matt to lose her number and never text her again i was with her and he even called her a little later to apologize. you and matt only have like 5 friends cause your all crazy drug users and are dirty as fuck. like damn dont you take showers and wash your clothes? GROSS!!!! thanks -Lizzie<3

      1. seriously, Koda’s been on evvvvvery Teen Mom site bashing Alex and trying to tell her side of the story that nobody even asked for. Grow up, little girl, no one cares.

        1. I am not claiming to know any of these people, I haven’t even seen her episode of 16 pregnant. I am just appalled at how this story has spread. Whatever the real incident was, anyone with a pinch of common sense can see is false. This is the original source of the article. Its cited as the original and her twitter account. You should have two independent sources before printing anything online, gossip or news. Alex the person and Alex the twitter account are one source not two. Now every othersite uses this site and her twitter as the second source. See the problem with that? Now this site has stripped away some of the incorrect facts but the other sites aren’t. I noticed she put a link to “news story” to prove she is telling the truth. Its just a blog that copied this story in its original version. A good person, let alone a good mother wouldn’t be exploiting the situation for attention . And when both families are unfit kids go to foster care. Its not going to help her any, trashing his mother. If she’s never been in trouble for drugs and has a prescription its a baseless accusation. Again, I don’t know her. Thses people are not public figures and don’t deserve this crap.

      2. Im not on any drugs bitch. Thank you very much. All that comes out of your mouth is lies. I dont even know you. Point being this story is false. Get over yourself and the drama you are starting. Matt has lived with me for a few months. We’ve spent every day together I would know if he was doing anything but weed and no Shit he still loves her. They have a child together. But Alex is a terrible person and in some ways Matt is too. The real victim here is Arabelle. So before you run your mouth again, think about what you are saying. Thanks.

    1. haha Right!!! I watched the 16 and pregnant show of them the other day, he would be the last person that would have touched my baby after birth, he looked disgusting and strung out.. i be damned..

      1. agreed! lol I watched her episode the otehr day too and its’s weird because she doesn’t seem all in love with him the way other girls are with their baby daddys but more like she just so desperately wants a father for her daughter since she mentions she turned out the way she did due to not having a dad..however this is NOT the kind of father that can help her daughter become a better person so she should let it go

  4. Before posting this hard to believe story that no news network is reporting were any facts checked? Any at all? Call the police station or hospitals? We just take his angry baby mama’s word for it and call it news? Can’t his family sue this sloppy excuse for journalism? As long as teen telling this story gets a good laugh out of it ,I guess. Keep your legs closed girls. This is the foolishness that your life could become. Attention seeking bitterness.

    1. First of all, no major news network is going to report on the baby daddy of a girl who isn’t even on Teen Mom regularly yet. Second, about every ‘teen mom news’ site out there posted the same story. Some just have it posted faster than others. Did you check your facts before you made an ass out of yourself?

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