“16 & Pregnant” Season 1 Stars Arrested For Electronics Smashing!

16 and pregnant
Suitable for framing, if you ask me!

These crazy 16 & Pregnant kids never disappoint in the mugshot department, do they?!

TMZ broke the story this morning that Whitney Purvis and her baby-daddy Weston Gosa, who were featured on the first season of the show, spent some time at Georgia’s Floyd County Jail last night for allegedly going into someone’s house and smashing a computer and cell phone.

I’m sorry…what?!

After a complaint was filed against the couple, a misdemeanor warrant was issued by Floyd County Sheriff and Officer William Parris headed over to Whit and Wes’ house and fetched them. They were hauled into jail on a charge of criminal trespassing.

Whitney and Weston are both out of jail now, and Whitney’s even defending herself on her Facebook page.

“Who knew you could go to jail for breaking your own phone, haha,” she posted this afternoon.

2012 has been quite the year for Whitney and Weston. They’ve both been arrested twice (she in March for stealing–and using–a pregnancy test at Wal-Mart, and he in July for a DUI in which he smashed his car. Who could forget his other legendary mugshot?!)

Great job on getting one last arrest in before the end of 2012, guys! I’ve just got two questions: what’s going on with Whit’s eyebrow, and why does Weston look like he has a broken neck?

UPDATE: Whitney has gone into more detail on her Facebook page regarding the arrest:

“Weston had broke my phone so I had broke his laptop and we got arrested for it. Seriously. WTF. We didn’t even press charges on each other,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “They waited four days after it happened to arrest us. It makes no sense. I think they just realized who we were and decided to do it. ‘Cause they charged us with criminal trespass at our own house?” The charges did seem a bit odd. How does breaking each other’s things turn into trespassing?”

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  1. I didn’t hear they got back together. Wasn’t the stolen pregnancy test the result of another baby daddy? And her eyebrows have looked like that since her “where are they now” special.

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