‘Snooki & JWOWW’ Season 2 Will Show Snooki Giving Birth!

Giving Birth
We'll see lots of labor & liquor in Season 2!

A few months ago, MTV revealed that it had renewed the Jersey Shore spin-off, Snooki & JWOWW for a second season. Last week, they were kind enough to release the trailer for Season 2 and, from the looks of it, we will get an intimate look into the girls’ lives…a very intimate look!

The highlight of the season will be Snooki giving birth on camera (these MTV cameramen should be used to seeing girls up in the stirrups with babies coming out of them; this is the network that brought us 16 & Pregnant, after all). Cameras were there as baby Lorenzo came out of Snooki’s, um, business. They were also there to capture Jenni’s eagerness as she thinks Roger is about to propose to her.

In one scene, Roger rents a giant pink limo and takes Jenni out for a romantic dinner, essentially faking her out and making her think he’s going to pop the question. (Just for the record, I kind of love Roger for doing this. I find it hysterical). Of course, we all know that, in the end, he does end up proposing, via a skydiving extravaganza, which was caught on tape by MTV and will also be included in Season 2.

Finally, we get to see Snooki’s return to Meatball-ism, going out, doing shots and getting sloshed. Her baby-daddy, Jionni, is less-than-thrilled that his fiance is back to her partying ways (although she does promise him “no cooka and no cartwheels” because “she’s a mom now.” Well, at least you have standards! )

Will you be watching this crap? The Ashley is already setting her DVR to capture all the fun starting Tuesday, January 8 at 10 p.m.

Click below to watch the Season 2 trailer.

(Photos/Video: MTV)

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  1. I don’t get how these crazy people have a show. I was happy that Jersey Shore isn’t on anymore. Now this crazy show needs to be taken off. Snooki & her friends are so annoying!

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