‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evan’s Second Pregnancy: Clearing Up Rumors

Nice try, Jenelle. You'll have to wait a bit longer before selling "bump" photos.

Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans announced yesterday that she and her husband Courtland Rogers are expecting their second child, the ‘Teen Mom’ news world has been running rampant with rumors regarding the pregnancy.

The Ashley decided to clear up a few of the most notorious ones for her readers, who she knows, despite themselves, can’t pull themselves away from the trainwreck that is Jenelle’s life.

Is Jenelle really pregnant?

Yes. Although The Ashley was original doubtful when she heard the news (and, for the record, still is!) that Jenelle was expecting, it seems to be legit. Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, has confirmed the news for an upcoming story in a tabloid (we’ll probably see that hit the stands next week). In addition, The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ sources and MTV all seem to be confirming it as well. Unfortunately, it looks like poor Barb will need to get bunk beds put into Jace’s room, as it looks like she’ll soon have another one of Jenelle’s kids to take care of.

Are Jenelle and Courtland getting a spinoff show on MTV about their marriage and new baby?

No. Despite the fact that Courtland made the comment to Star magazine that he “really wants” to do a MTV spin-off show with Jenelle and that it’s under consideration right now, this is totally false. Courtland (who appears to be just as big of a famewhore as his wife) is delusional if he thinks MTV is going to give them a show.

In fact, MTV made a statement about this on their MTV Act Blog, assuring fans that, “It’s not true and there is no new show in the works for the newlyweds.”

Is it true that MTV paid Jenelle $20,000 to get pregnant again?

NO! The Ashley talked to a ‘Teen Mom 2’ insider, who put this rumor to rest, saying that there was no truth to it whatsoever. In fact, if anything, MTV is very unhappy about Jenelle’s pregnancy, as it makes the series look very bad to have two of its moms get pregnant again. (Leah Messer is expecting another baby very soon.) Although it was speculated that MTV offered Jenelle the money to get knocked up again to help with ratings, The Ashley’s source says this is not true at all. Now, the tabloids may have offered her a ridiculous amount of money, but certainly MTV did not.The show’s ratings are very good on their own.

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  1. OK Ms Ashley I’ve been patiently waiting on a recap of this train wreck we call Jenelle Evans. Her life is being played out like some white trash soap opera all over twitter. I can’t wait to read on what you have to say about this two losers.

  2. I am not sure how far along she is, but is this why there was a “wedding”, shotgun wedding perhaps? Or maybe the dates don’t add up.. Ashley do you happen to know?

    1. I read that they got married so quick so Jenelle wouldn’t have to testify in some drug case Courtland is involved with. Yeah because THAT is a reason to marry someone.

  3. At first I was sorry for Kim and Kanye’s baby but not it’s definitely this kid. You’d think CPS would’ve stepped in by now. He obviously isn’t in a stable home. On the show, it shows him with a freaking bottle, how old is he again!? Too damn old for a bottle. I really hope he sees Jennelle’s mistakes and becomes better because of them and not a statistic most children are of parents like Jennelle.

  4. As much as I want her to be pregnant idt she is. Her sonogram doesn’t have anything in it. They were probably looking for cyst. And with whatever they were looking for being so small and almost non existent she would not be showing that much. That’s a food baby in those pics

    1. It has been confirmed by many sources that she is pregnant. The question is how far along is she for sure and is it even Courtlands baby? She does not even know if Jaces dad is truly his dad.

  5. I would first and foremost like to say that I had always had high hopes that Jenelle would have completely pulled her head out of her rectum and grew up first and foremost for her already born and existing Jace. He should have been her number one priority in the first place and not men, pot, and other stupid shit. She should have been more eager to get her life in order by finishing rehab, school, probation, drug classes, mental health meetings, having her own place to live, and getting a job to make a home for her and her son. But instead she is always putting men and everything else first and foremost. I am very disgusted to see that she is pregnant again. Does she seriously think that this is going to save her marriage to this Courtland character. Wasn’t it here recently that we were reading they were going to divorce over his first child and now they are so happily married both expecting their second child. Come on now. Grow the hell up first before bringing another baby into this world. Do the kid a favor and put it up for adoption so it can go into a stable and loving home, because no offense to Barbara, she has thus far provided that to Jace herself by allowing Jenelle to treat her house like it has a revolving door. She should have put her foot down along time ago where Jenelle was concerned. Jace has not been provided with a stable lifestyle himself with all the drama that his mother has brought down on the household time and time again. I am honestly surprised that Child Protective Services has not stepped in and taken Jace out of all of their homes and custody and placed him for adoption to a loving home. But that is my personal opinion on the situation and we are all entitled to one.

    1. i agree with you, except to where cps should take custody of jace. i think he is in a good place with babs but thats only when she and jenelle arent fighting. alot of people get baby fever within 2 or so years after having a child. myself, a mother of 3 has been through alot of the same similar situations as jenelle. the difference between us is, i have always had custody of my 3 and have never had a drug problem. oh and all 3 have the same father. (nothing against kids without the same fathers) i had my oldest when i was 19, and deff.wasnt ready to be a parent – i tried my hardest and without the help from my parents..idk where i would be at today..my 2nd one was out of baby fever, even though i agree it wasnt fair to her to bring her into an unstable environment. and then my third one, well i was so upset with my self that i let it happen a 3rd time..i weighted my options out for nearly 8 months and couldnt bring my self to do anything other than keep her. once again, with out the help and support from my parents i honestly wouldnt know where i would be now. i am 25 and living on our own with my husband and our three kids. i do not recommend doing things is this order, but things happen for a reason. and maybe baby number 2 for jenelle is what she needs to wake up and realize what she has missed with jace, and become a better parent for both kids sake..maybe for her sake, he wont resent her later on in life for the things that she has done/or hasnt done.

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