Inside ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert’s Baby Shower!

Baby Shower
Leah sporting an adorable "Mom-to-Be" sash!

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer Calvert is anxiously awaiting the birth of her third child next month, but her friends and family gathered today to celebrate the impending arrival with a baby shower!

Although Leah, who is expecting a little girl with her husband of nearly one year, Jeremy Calvert, arrived a tad late for her own shower, things seemed to go off wonderfully. The shower was planned by Leah’s mom, Dawn and Jeremy’s mom, Tammy

The Ashley has learned that there was a strict “No Camera” policy at the shower. After a family “friend” snuck a camera into Leah’s twins’ birthday party one year and then sold the photos to a tabloid, Leah and her mom didn’t want to take any chances.

The Ashley has also learned that the shower was not captured by MTV cameras or attended by any of the show’s production staff, so fans will not get a chance to see this play out on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Also missing were Leah’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-stars Kail Lowry, Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans.

Congrats to Leah and Jeremy!

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  1. Every baby deserves to be celebrated and maybe you do not need the “big items” again but blanets, clothes, DIAPERS that kind of thing you do need. I had a baby shower for one of my friends and her kids are 2 years apart. On the invitations we worded it that her daughter was throwing a party to celebrate her sister. I think it is a nice way to include older siblings. The 2 year old even got big sister presents. She is married. I do not see how this is wrong.

  2. I dont understand why so many women have a problem with having more than 1 baby shower. I had a baby shower for both my kids. They are only 2 years apart and I didnt need anything, so there were no presents. Just a party for people to come and hang out, play some games, eat some food and spend time together. And of course, celebrate the new life joining the family. Whats so wrong about that?

    1. So basically you had like a “meet the baby” event?? I know a few people who’ve done that after the 2nd baby was born. They requested no gifts and made it just about meeting the baby and such… In the end they usually get gifts, haha.

      1. We did end up getting a few clothes and diapers, but yes it was more of a meet-the-baby party as opposed to a traditional shower.

  3. 1. My mom would’ve had a baby shower with both my brother and I and we’re 27 months apart (Less than Leah’s girls), but she was on bed rest with my brother, and had me 7 weeks early. She was 20 and 5 months when he was born and just shy of 23 when I was born.
    2. My brother and I have different dads…My mom loves me just the same!
    3. My stepmom has 3 girls, S and M are 17 months apart and M and F are 2 years 1 day apart. She was 19 and 3 months when the first was born, making her 20 and 8 months when the 2nd was born, and 22 and 8 months when the 3rd was born. All 3 have different dads. Their mom loves them to pieces.
    4. This isn’t a defense for Leah, I’m just saying that because she cheated and moved pretty fast and having her beautiful kids young doesn’t make her doesn’t make her a bad mom!

  4. Yaa for Leah!! In light of the trainwreck called Jenelle Evans/Rogers, Leah looks like mother of the year. If her family wants to give her a shower that’s their business. Its a joyous occasion and she has a family that loves and supports her I say good for her.

    1. The so called “trainwreck” has cleaned her act up, apparently you missed those episodes. Lets all high five Leah for getting knocked up AGAIN, not married, and quitting school! YOU will be serving my future bigmacs at McDonalds. HOORAH

  5. I thought a shower for a second child (unless the age difference is pretty big) was unnecessary (not the word I’m looking for, but I can’t think at the moment). However, maybe Jeremy’s mom wanted to throw her one since it’s her first biological grandchild.

  6. I’m glad she seemed to learn from pass parties and not have any cameras – although I hope her mother managed one and got some shots.

  7. Why did she even have a shower?! Her twins are 3 & she is being rewarded yet ago for getting pregnant & she’s not even 21. This is pathetic, no wonder there are so many teens having babies…maybe I would have had my sone at 18 not 28 if my life would have been as freaking great as these people.

    1. That’s a snotty thing to say. Every baby deserves to be celebrated and welcomed happily into the world. Leah seems to be a wonderful mother, much better than some 28 year old women I know.

      1. Snotty? No realistic. Normal people do not have baby showers every time they have a baby. From what I hear about her from the people behind the scenes is that she does not keep a clean house either….maybe be she is 20! I wish her the best but people need to stop reward kids for hanging kids.

        1. G-you’re so right agree with you 100%. This why this generation is so messed up they are teaching everyone that it is ok to do what leah is doing and it’s not. She’s not being snotty she’s being realistic.

        2. This trailer trash princess wouldnt be anything without those cameras and her paychecks. Those would be welfare babies on WIC, foodstamps etc because she just “wants a family really bad.” We all want big families they come with time, and maturity. I dont think MTV should keep her on the show as she is the one leading future teens to say it s fine to have 3 kids by the age of 20-21 quit school and just be a stay at home mom depending on her baby daddy. (and her mtv paychecks)

      2. pregnant in the back of a truck on prom night, had twins…cheated. Got married, cheated again. Got divorced. jumped immedietly on the first guy who came along. Got pregnant. miscarried got married again and got pregnant immedietly again……

    2. Since this is his first child, it’s fair to let him and his family experience having a baby shower. Just because this isn’t her first time doesn’t mean they can’t have a baby shower.

    3. I disagree it’s her business if she wants have a baby shower & besides it is also his first child. Plus she is MARRIED regardless of what age she is so I’m pretty sure you are allowed to have a child when you are MARRIED & in your 20s =).

      1. Ugh. I absolutely despise this logic. She automatically has all the maturity in the world and can have endless children because she’s married?? Lol. No. Remember, she got pregnant with Corey without being married, and Jeremy only proposed to her because she was pregnant. She got pregnant again about 6 weeks after marrying Jeremy. So in that 6 weeks they have the strong foundation of a marriage to bring a third child into the world? Get a clue.

    4. Grow up. It is here life and the baby should never be punished. I was 24 with 4 kids 4 and under. I am still married 21 years later and have 2 in a private university. Age means nothing.

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