Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant Blasts Show: “More Biggest Losers Gain Their Weight Back”

Biggest Loser
“I’m spilling secrets!”

Former Biggest Loser contestant Suzy Hoover came out swinging at “fans” of the show that called her fat—and in the process, ended up hitting below the belt of the show and its producers, too.

“I hear a lot of people saying stuff about all the ‘tools’ Biggest Losers learn while on the ranch,” Suzy posted on her Facebook fan page late Thursday night. “I was taught how to get skinny. In fact at one point my trainer was excited because I looked anorexic. Editing can make the viewer think anything and everything the producers (the ones making money) want you to think.”

Suzy’s rants started a few days ago, when she uploaded a few photos to her Facebook fan page of herself and other former ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants at “The Diet Show” in New York City last week. Fans commented at how much weight all of the ‘Losers’ had gained since their appearance on the show.

Biggest Loser Contestants after show“How old is this picture? If it’s recent, this is very sad,” one commenter posted under the photo at left, which featured Season 3 winner Eric Chopin, Season 4 winner Bill Germanakos, contestants Friedo Dinten, Tara Costa and others.

Suzy, who ended up marrying the winner of her season, Matt Hoover, took the criticism to heart and stood up for herself and her fellow contestants.

“Yes I’ve gained weight but I can honestly say I am happy and confident and that’s what’s most important,” she wrote.

“Just FYI…. More Biggest Losers gain their weight back than maintain. They are real people. Going [on] TV doesn’t quick fix cure all.”

Suzy, who was a member of Bob Harper‘s team while on the ranch, went on to imply that the contestants are often treated harshly by the show’s fans if they don’t keep the weight off, and that the show doesn’t really prepare its contestants for real life after the cameras go away.

The Ashley has personally interviewed many of the show’s former contestants, many of which admit to using extreme weight loss tactics in order to keep the weight off (and lose more weight) for the season finale, including dehydration, saunas and starvation diets.

“I am not bitter. Just honest. I had a good experience. But truth is truth. Not all losers will tell you all the nitty gritty details,” Suzy wrote on Facebook. “I just want people eyes a bit more open before they are quick to judge and put ‘losers’ on a pedestal.”

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  1. Honestly Last night was a huge concern for me. Ifo The biggest loser Show is meant To implement healthy living then Somebody sgould help Rachel. That poor girl.. She.looks. like She has an eatning.disorder . The doctors. Should have spoken up.

  2. This happens because it is all unrealistic to think a person can work out 6 hours a day. I am sitting here watching the finale on 2/4/14. One of the finalists, Raechel, looks anorexic. I know because I was anorexic. That is so unhealthy. It is sad to watch. Of course she will win because of starving herself. I used to want to go on this show but not now after seeing this.

  3. That happend cause they never change their minds,
    They never stop thinking like a fat person,
    Only do that for the presion of the show…
    If you change the way you think and live your life
    And understand that be healthy es more then only
    Weight your ideal weight … You never going to gain
    Weight again!!

    The power is in our minds and souls

    Is not about loose more and more weigh,
    Is abouut change your mind and your lide style!

    The bigger looser who understand that,
    Dont gain weight anymore!

    Sorry my english

  4. It’s weird how people started blaming the TV show after gaining back all those weights. Well, you have been losing the weights for all the wrong reasons when you were in the show then!

  5. I have a friend who applied to be on the biggest loser and was turned down. So she took a different route and began on the same day that the Biggest Loser began (she did it on purpose). When the finale ended, she compiled her results… she would have won. However, she only worked out 45min to 1 hour a day, not the 4-6 hrs a day the show contestants did (quoted from Jillian herself). I think the show is just that… a show. I like that it inspires people to action but I don’t like the unhealthy aspect of their “regimen”.

    1. How did your friend do this? I am trying to do that because I have 2 boys. I have a treadmill and do zumba when I can. Any help would be great!

  6. Too right Sandy and DB, unfortunately for people like meme they don’t understand what we go through to lose weight and no it isn’t that simple. I have finally worked it out for me – why I couldn’t stop stuffing my face – and now I am sharing it with those who are still suffering.

  7. Eat healthy in general with only occasional treats and move more than you sit down, what’s so difficult about that?

    1. You just don’t understand eating disorders do you? Most people that yo yo with weight have Binge Eating Disorder.

    2. When you simplify it, it doesn’t seem difficult; however, life isn’t simple. If it were, one could just say “you find someone you like to spend time with, get married, and live happily ever after.” There are too many variables. I’m trying to lose weight. I eat healthy and within a lower caloric range as needed for weight loss. I work out for an hour 6 days a week and an additional two 1/2 hour strength training sessions on top of that. Still, I’m lucky if I lose 7 pounds in a month. Imagine that kind of long and winding road in front of you where you put in far more exertion than others around you, keep your distance from foods that taste delicious and people are happily stuffing their faces with…and then try to keep motivated. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard work, and it’s definitely not something that can be summed up as easily as a mathematical equation.

  8. I thought it was informative. I don’t usually watch this show, but I have caught a few weigh ins here and there and always gasped at how much weight they lost. I’d always heard it was unhealthy to lose as much as they did (at a given time), yet the trainers were happy. That makes me sad that they’d go through such harsh on your body tactics just for a show. That won’t help them long term, which I assumed was the point.

    1. @Lylie, This article is in no way meant to be mean-spirited. Suzy posted it on a public forum fan page (not from her personal fan page), and the article was not slanted one way or another. It was strictly reporting on what she said. Her words were not twisted in any way. The Ashley has no problem with Suzy whatsoever (in fact, just the opposite! Suzy is very right about how the public expects so much from the former contestants and can be very harsh to them.) I’m sorry you took it as mean-spirited.

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