‘Buckwild’ Star Salwa Amin Busted For Heroin & Oxycodone

I guess she's the "Bengali in Black & White Stripes" now!

It looks like Salwa Amin, one of the cast members of the new MTV hit show Buckwild, will be trading in her Daisy Dukes for a jailhouse uniform!

Salwa, who calls herself the “Bangali in Boots,” was arrested early this morning after she and two guys were found in a shed in Summersville, West Virginia, with three packages of heroin. She is being charged with felony drug possession with intent to deliver.

According to the criminal complaint filed in West Virgina, an informant called police, alerting them that a package of drugs was to be delivered to the house by Salwa and one of her “shed friends.”

When police raided the house, they found Salwa, the guys and the heroin all huddled in the shed outside of the house. All three were arrested, and police eventually found Oxycodone in Salwa’s purse. (Double the fun!)

Apparently, West Virginia doesn’t play when it comes to dealing with druggies. Salwa’s bond was set at $200,000(!) and she is currently being held at West Virginia’s Central Regional Jail.  Although her show, ‘Buckwild,’ was recently picked up for a second season by MTV, Salwa isn’t likely to be rolling in the reality show dough just yet, so $200,000 is still a lot of money! She is set to be arraigned today.

UPDATE: At her arraignment this morning, Salwa denied that she was planning to sell or distribute the drugs.

“These charges are wrong,” she said during her video arraignment.

Um…pretty sure you were caught hiding in a shed with lots of heroin and a whole bunch of money. According to this report, Salwa is facing up to 40 years in prison if convicted!


  1. Shame on her. This is a great TV show, if I, a 51 year old lady, must say so. My grandchildren were in the diningroom the other night and they heard me laughing so hard, they came running to my room, (I was laughing at the boys riding the kiddie toys down the hill and crashing). I have my older granddaughter addicted to Buckwild now. These are country kids that remind me so much of me and my crazy family & friends when we were their ages, it just brings back so many great memories. (We tried making a pick-up truck pool, it worked, so we decided to DRIVE it to another sisters house, well that didn’t work out, lol) We tried just about everything they did, and then some, but all was legal. I was always the designated driver and we always had a VAN to drive when everybody wanted to go dancing. But PLEASE DO NOT LET SALWA WRECK THIS SHOW, IT IS A GREAT SHOW, IT REALLY IS.

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