Confirmed! MTV To Do Another “16 & Pregnant” Update Special!

Where Are They Now
Part Two!

While there’s been no mention of MTV putting out a fifth season of 16 and Pregnant (from what inside sources have told The Ashley the show is done!) it appears that fans will be getting an update on some of their favorite girls from the show!

MTV has apparently contacted some of the ’16 and Pregnant’ girls to see if they would like to participate in another “Where Are They Now?” special. (The girls are not contractually obligated to participate, just FYI!)

The last “Where Are They Now?” special was filmed over two-and-a-half years ago, and a lot has changed with the girls since then! From arrests, to marriages, to divorce, to new babies, the girls from this show certainly keep themselves (and The Ashley!) busy.

Several girls from the show have confirmed to The Ashley that MTV has not called them yet, but at least two (one from Season 1 and one from Season 3) have confirmed that MTV offered them a spot on the catch-up special!

UPDATE: According to another girl from the show that The Ashley has spoken with, MTV is not planning on updating on all of the girls, only a select few! However, more and more girls from the show are telling The Ashley that they are receiving calls from MTV. The Ashley thinks MTV is trying to figure out which girls have the most interesting things happening in their lives, and will use those girls for the update show!

The Ashley will update on this when she gets more info! Stay tuned!

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. MTV should do all the girls and just break down the special. Just to do some girls is lame and the girls that mtv does pick probably be. The girls with all drama

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