The Ashley Interviews Farrah Abraham’s Adult Film Partner James Deen: Here’s What He Told Me

"Just admit it, Farrah! You wanted my man meat!"
“Just admit it, Farrah! You wanted my man meat!”

There comes a point in every journalist’s career where the opportunity to interview a porn star arises (pun intended!). Well, OK, maybe not all journalists get to interview porn stars, but The Ashley got that opportunity on Thursday when she interviewed James Deen, adult film star and, more importantly, co-star in the the upcoming sexy-time movie starring Teen Mom Farrah Abraham!

First things first, The Ashley would just like to say that James is an absolute dream to interview– funny, witty and just an overall nice guy. He’s also incredibly honest (which is a rare trait in Hollywood, believe me!) He tells the truth, and doesn’t go for any weird publicity stunts or media ploys. He tells it exactly like it is.

Farrah just released this “Keek” video (someone tell me what Keek is, I’m old and have no clue) stating that she’s flying to Los Angeles to deal with someone that’s been “naughty and nasty” to her. Um, girl, that’s what he was paid to do!

When news broke that Farrah Abraham had filmed a p0rno tape, obviously, the ‘Teen Mom’ fan world was skeptical. It sounded like another strange rumor. However, when she was photographed coming out of a hotel with James Deen, a known sexy-time movie star, it caused the media to go into a frenzy (The Ashley was awakened from her slumber on Monday morning by a call from a reporter friend screaming into the phone, “Farrah made a p0rn! Farrah made a p0rn!” Ahh…reporter problems.)

Anyway, after James told TMZ that he wasn’t dating Farrah and that this was all just a scheme devised by Farrah and the company that made the porn (no word on which company it was, <cough> Vivid <cough>) to have the movie be professionally shot but then be passed off as a “leaked” sex tape. The only problem with that? They chose one of the most well-known porn stars in the industry!

“If you’re going to make a celebrity sex tape and try to pass it off as an amateur home video, you don’t hire a well-known porn star!” James told me. “You hire, like, some random dude.”

Then James revealed that the company tried to get him to pretend like he and Farrah were dating so that the paparazzi could capture photos of them together, and then the tape could be leaked as a “boyfriend/girlfriend sort of thing.” The only problem? James refused to participate in the weird scheme.

“I told them that I am not a prostitute and I’m not going to go on fake dates with people for the tabloids,” he said.

"Next time I'm getting a p0rn star that will fake-date me!"
“Next time I’m getting a p0rn star that will fake-date me!”

He also revealed the truth behind all of Farrah’s other lies regarding this tape. (She later tried to say she shot the p0rn for herself to enjoy…as you do!)

Farrah (in a statement to me): “I wanted my own personal video made and photos taken for myself, when I am older I will have my best year to look back on.”

James Tells It Like It Is: “What happened was that the company doing the movie came to me and said, ‘We want you for this.’ I tried to tell them that I’m probably the worst person to choose for this because people are going to recognize me. Even if you try to obscure my face, people still know me and are going to know it’s James Deen in the movie with her. I said this two weeks ago when we were in the booking process.

They leaked info before we even shot the thing! Nobody was on the same page and it caused some confusion and now it’s a clusterf*ck and everyone’s trying to do damage control!”

Farrah: “I will not be settling for anything less than a couple million [to sell the tape].”

James Tells It Like It Is: “”I don’t understand the whole, ‘I’m going to sell it for $2 million thing’, because somebody, the company that paid us to do it, already owns it. We were already paid so I don’t see how she can ‘sell’ it.”

Farrah: “After seeing James speaking about my personal video as a porn and not even contacting me before running his mouth, I have to say I am very disappointed. I personally will never have anything to do with James.”

James Tells It Like It Is: “I think she thought she was in control of the situation, and the company thought it was in control of the situation but I think the media is actually in control of the situation. It’s easy to point fingers at the first person that said anything, which is me, rather than feeling helpless and vulnerable, it’s easier to get angry and attack. She’s angry because she feels vulnerable, so she directs her anger at me. I’m the logical target of the attack. It shows that we have no control over the media.

The fact of the matter is is that the girl made a porn0, it’s an awesome p0rno and I hope everyone buys it!”

UPDATE! Go ahead and add another lie to the list.

Farrah (in this video): James should get out of porn because he’s disrespectful to women…and he has a small penis. I haven’t seen many but his was small.”

Reality: Um, his penis is almost 9 inches long. (You should know, Farrah!) Unless you are used to getting it on with elephants or horses, he is not small!

The Ashley, of course, asked James if the movie was ‘Teen Mom’-themed, but he said he couldn’t comment on the content. The Ashley’s bloggie pals, Starcasm, came up with some awesome ‘Teen Mom’-themed Farrah p0rn names, and she suggests you check that out!

To read my full interview with James, click here. To see the full statement Farrah made for my story in regards to the tape, click here.

Party at The Ashley’s house when this little piece of p0rn heaven comes out! The Ashley will be watching it and providing a recap of the, um, events! Hopefully all the other reality stars can keep it in their pants (or at least just away from the camera lens) for a week because this story wore The Ashley out! She needs a break!

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)


  1. It was always going to be a hit because she is known from teen mom and guys are turned on by a teen slut. The video is great to be honest. The things shr does is truly shocking! Its like she’s a professional. My respect for her now is zero. She really lowered herself.

  2. Watch the tmz interview she just did…. She repeatedly says she’s not going to talk bad about him. Yet she rattles on for 2 minutes about him…. Talk about someone who needs out of the public eye… Goodness. She’s dealing with someone from the porn industry she can’t honestly say she expected to deal with someone who was respectful …. She needs to learn to make better choices and keep her mouth shut when she makes bad ones.

  3. So basically Farrah wanted James to lie and like she has. This girl is delusional so sad. I don’t think the tape will will sell Farrah “fanbase” are girls from 12-18. What girl would buy the tape seriously she needs help. The tape will probably be leaked online for free I hope she happy with herself. It was already hard for her to keep a guy now she can really kiss finding a decent guy. To wife her up all he has to do is google her. All the girls that James has been with just gross Farrah is gross. I guess fame is really important to her more important to her than her daughter and self respect.

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