Family Says They’re “Disgusted” as ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Makes Another Plea for Attention

Teen Mom
Coming to a strip club stage near you?

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham certainly seems to be eating up all of the attention that her latest venture into the adult film industry has gotten her. Every day, Farrah has managed to finagle herself into the news: from announcing the sale of her sex tape on Monday, to bragging about how much she was paid to get down-and-digustingly-dirty with p0rn stay James Deen on Tuesday, to sending a message to her haters on Wednesday, to having pics from her skin flick leaked on Thursday, she’s basically gotten her ugly-cry face splashed across InternetLand every single day.

On Thursday, Farrah must have been worried about how she was going to get her mug into the news the next day. I mean, she’s already done “backdoor” porn, so what’s left? Um, stripping, apparently!

Farrah went over to the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing studio (yes, that’s honestly their name) to get a little workout in. Naturally, she got all dressed up like a two-cent swap meet hooker, and then spent the rest of the evening swirling around the pole, attempting not to get her clear plastic heels caught in her, um, backdoor, and mugging for the paparazzi. Perhaps she is planning to promote her p0rn movie at strip clubs across the country? (Don’t laugh– a lot of p0rn stars do this!)

To see all of the strip-tastic of Farrah, click here. (Don’t you love her ‘sexy face’?!)

Although Farrah seems to be relishing in all of the attention, some of her extended family members are certainly not! Fans, paparazzi and friends have been hounding her family since the news of her p0rn tape broke.

Her sister, Ashley Danielson, tells The Ashley that she thinks Farrah is a “total embarrassment,” and that she had no knowledge that her sister was planning to get banged on film. Ashley and Farrah no longer speak, as Farrah still blames Ashley for “making” her get a DUI in March. (Mind you, Ashley was already home when Farrah was arrested.)

How many decades of therapy are you going to need after this, Sophia

Farrah’s elderly grandfather, Donald Abraham, was dragged out of his shuffleboard game at the retirement home by Radar Online, who managed to get an interview with him.

“I’m disgusted by the whole thing,” he told Radar.  “I don’t know what she’s thinking anymore… It’s very difficult for me; I can’t even talk about it.”

While Farrah’s outlandish behavior has had RAM [pun intended]-ifications on all of her family, perhaps the person who will be most deeply affected by it is Sophia. The 4 year-old (who Farrah brought to negotiate her porn contract with Vivid!) has not only spent her whole life in front of the camera, but will now be known at school as “the porn star’s kid.”

Her father, Michael, still appears to be standing by Farrah’s side, despite her ridiculous behavior.

“I may not like it, but the bottom line is that I love my daughter,” he told Radar.

Everyone together now: “Whatever…Michael!”


  1. farrah has no regard for her family or her daughter she is the most horrendous thing to ever come out of teen mom reading that article of course she blames her sister for herDUI because nothing is ever her fault her family need to completely ignore this fame hungry little brat and she needs to take a long hard look at herself she treats her parents like shit and if it was not for them she would be nowhere go away farrah you are ugly inside and out nasty she should live under a rock the best place for her she was obviously a spoilt brat growing up and feels like she is entitled to everything

  2. I read somewhere that Farrah is obsessed with Kim Kardashian. While we shouldn’t believe everything we read online. I do think this one may be true.
    Maybe she thinks she will reach the level of fame as Kim has with her sex tape ??
    I do feel sad for her daughter, who will get the negative effects from her Mothers wrong decisions.

  3. Sophia needs all of her family, including her daddy’s family. No child can get too much love. Farrah will always be stubborn and put herself before others. Sophia will grow up in an unstable home until she finds her dad’s family. Farrah, you need some serious help! This is an obvious cry for help, by the way you are stripping your clothes off to a total stranger just to make Money! You just ruined the rest of your life.

  4. I just feel bad for Sophia she is the real victim. Farrah has no regard for Sophia because she did she would not be doing what she doing. Farrah was not homeless or had no food on the table. Farrah did this solely for attention not all money is good money. So all the Farrah “fans” using that excuse is just delusional just like her. It too bad that Ashley could not raise Sophia because she does not seem as mess up. As Farrah it is mess up that her cut her sister out of her life. Because Sophia also needs her aunt and her cousin Farrah just does not want anyone in life. Who does tell her the truth about herself she so dumb

    1. That’s exactly what I thought she was not broke,poor or abused why would she go so far for attention and money.She had a respectable cooking career and a resturant she wanted to open…What happened…
      How dumb she must feel after doing a hard core porn when she could of made just as much money just stripping(no tape to follow u forever) and not selling her soul to the highest bidder.She could care less about her daughter and all the harassment she is going to live through when her daughter sees this of her mom.I can imagine her daughter will lose lots of friends when the parents find out who Sophia’s mom is…Just sad.

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