Farrah Abraham Shot Her Sex Tape While on Her Period, Partner Reveals

James Deen
That’s exactly what my face looked like after I heard this.

Apparently there was a third “star” in Teen Mom Farrah Abraham‘s backdoor p0rno: Aunt Flo!

Yes, The Ashley realizes that she has sunk to new lows (even for her!) by writing this story but it was just too gross not to cover!

According to James Deen, Farrah’s partner in her raunchy sex tape, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” (which, for the record, I still intend to recap for y’all!) Farrah was actually ON HER PERIOD when they shot the footage!

“She was on her period at the time that we shot the scene and she had a sponge inside of her,” he told Radar Online. (They questioned him on whether or not she could have gotten pregnant from the scene, since she was “caught” on camera buying a pregnancy test last weekend.)

This may be a stupid question but…why the hell didn’t Farrah just wait to shoot her “private video” until after she didn’t require feminine hygiene products?! Was she seriously that desperate to make a video of her getting it up the rear that she had to film it while she was on her period?!

Wow. Just when you think a story can’t go any lower…it hits another rung on the Icky Scale.

Other Farrah stories that can be filed under “Grosstastic”: she is selling the infamous bikini that she wore on the cover of her p0rno flick (complete with fake tanner stains and probably fluid marks….um, ew.) Also, the lingerie she wore in the video was apparently RETURNED to the store after Farrah used it.

Nothing like a p0rno period story to make you vomit your lunch! You’re welcome!

If you can’t control your curiosity any longer and would like to buy Farrah’s sexy-time tape, click the link below.

(Photo: TMZ)


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  1. Just wondering if you have any comments on this tweet from Caitlyn? “@TeenMomGossip: NEWS:’Teen Mom Confidential’ 10 Most Explosive Revelations From New Tell-All Book sulia.com/c/teen-mom-16-…” this books crap

    1. She says it’s crap because she doesn’t like all of the stuff that is in there. She called us liars and said we didn’t talk to Butch…and then we posted the audio of the interview and proved her wrong. She said there was no arrest…and then we provided legal proof that she was arrested. Just because she isn’t happy about it doesn’t mean it’s crap. 🙂

  2. Wow just Wow. I used to be such a Farrah apologist because of the loss of the father or her child, it seemed like she had so much more emotional baggage to deal woth besides being a teen mom. But her recent antics have shown her true colors and it is not pretty; attacking Caitlyn for her weight, her comments regarding it being the highlight of James life to be with her, buying the pregancy kit while fully knowing it wasnt possible. What a piece of work this girl is.

  3. Put yourself in that little girls shoes…. Would you want to be her?? She has had cameras shoved in her face since the day she was born. Farrah is and always will be a shitty parent!

    Farrah is out of control and strung out! Farrah has always pawned that baby off to her psycho mother, and if Farrah is mad at her mother, then she flies states away just to keep Sophia from everyone who loves her.

    Farrah needs knocked on her ass for putting Sophia through hell her whole life. She will always be an attention whore, and a self centered NUT CASE!

  4. Yes she is a complete tool, but I don’t think CPS should be involved… There are way worse people out there doing way sh*ttier things than that. Her only downfall was taking Soph to a meeting otherwise, she has not truly harmed the girl, the kid is oblivious to the whole scenario and as long as she is in the care of someone good while her mom is doing the whole naked video stuff… sex tape, porn whatever the title is today, the kid is fine.

    What about all the other famous women out there that did similar things… No one gives them hell for shooting in playboy or other things. Let’s just stop talking about Farrah and she will fizz away. Cause society is giving her exactly what she wants…attention.

  5. What a Desperate, filthy, snot nosed f#cking little B#tch!
    Uggah! Soooo sick of hearing about this b#tch! Can she be any more FAKE or Desperate?
    She will LIE and do anything to stay in the tabloids, won’t she?

    Smmfh! I feel so sorry for her little girl. Why in the F#ck hasn’t anyone called CPS, and turn her in for being an obvious unfit parent!

    Sophia will be mentally scarred for life being around this fame hungry whore, and her psychotic, alcoholic mother Debra.

    Farrah must be doing her drugs again. That’s all that can be explained for her erotic behavior! Especially doing anal just to make millions.

    Poor excuse for a human being. Karma!!!!

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