Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj Quit ‘American Idol’ on the Same Day!

Mariah and Nicki
“So this bitch even had to ruin my swan sang?! Come on!”

Looks like Nicki Minaj was determined to steal Mariah Carey‘s spotlight right up until their last days on American Idol!

This afternoon, Mariah announced that she would not be returning to ‘Idol’ next year. (Well, technically her publicist announced it and she just retweeted it.) Afterwards, the show and network higher-ups issued the typical statement they give when someone exits one of their shows:

“Mariah Carey is a true global icon — one of the most accomplished artists on the planet — and we feel extremely fortunate that she was able to bring her wisdom and experience to the ‘American Idol’ contestants this season. We know she will remain an inspiration to ‘Idol’ hopefuls for many seasons to come.”


Of course, Nicki wasn’t happy that Mariah was getting all the attention so she decided to issue her own exit statement, via Twitter moments later.

“Thank you American Idol for a life changing experience! Wouldn’t trade it for the world! Time to focus on the Music!!” she tweeted. As with Mariah, Fox and Co. gave her a “We wish her the best” statement.

Can The Ashley just say: thank the baby Jesus that Nicki is gone. Perhaps without her snide remarks and giant ego, the show can un-jump the shark and become watchable again! (If they go with this rumored plan, I think there’s hope!)

That leaves lonely Keith Urban sitting on the ‘Idol’ judging panel, since Randy Jackson announced he was leaving the show a few weeks back. The Australian Yahoo got in touch with Keith, but he didn’t seem to know much more than we do.

“I have no official information of anything,” he told them. “I’m pretty much in the same boat as everybody else here with the rumors that have been floating around. I don’t know anything more about what’s happening next season.”

Well, Keith, hate to break it to you but I’m pretty sure you’re not coming back. Although Keith was a decent judge, he wasn’t interesting enough to retain. Plus, the idea of having a brand-new panel is probably something FOX is hoping to promote big-time.

Are you happy Nicki and Mariah have given themselves the boot? Tell The Ashley in the comments below!

(Photo: FOX)


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