EXCLUSIVE! “16 and Pregnant” Star Ebony Jackson Ditched Husband for a Woman!

Ebony Jackson 2013

Well, this certainly “came out” of left field! (See what I did there?)

As The Ashley previously reported, 16 and Pregnant Season 1 star Ebony Rendon-Jackson is in the middle of a divorce from her husband Josh. We met the couple back in 2009 during the first season of the show and, even though they went through their share of hard times, appeared to have come out of it stronger than ever. Ebony, who The Ashley interviewed extensively for her book Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets and Scandals From MTV’s Most Controversial Shows, seemed determined to make her and Josh’s relationship work.

However, The Ashley can exclusively report that Ebony is, indeed, continuing with divorce proceedings and that she has already moved on to a new relationship….with a woman!

Ebony is now dating a woman named Judith, a girl she’s been friends with for a long time. They started dating at the end of July. Unbeknownst to us, Ebony has always felt that she was bisexual.

Despite the fact that Josh is devastated at the loss of his family, they are trying to maintain a good relationship for their daughters. He’s currently not dating anyone.

Are you surprised!?

If you’d like to read The Ashley’s interview with Ebony (which includes the real story of what happened during her and Josh’s infamous 2011 arrest) pick up a copy of Teen Mom Confidential here.

UPDATE: The Ashley’s bloggy pal, Starcasm, spoke with Ebony about her new relationship! To read that interview, click here.

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  1. Since you only spoke with Ebony for your book your readers can be assured there isn’t much truth it. That is the problem with 16 & pregnant and teen mom. They tell one side of the story, the girls side. They don’t share the honest feelings of the father or any of the parents or even siblings. Teen pregnancy effects the entire family. Then add to that Ebony suffers from mental health issues that she refuses to take the proper meds for and you do NOT get the truth. That is the problem with these sites you doing nothing to help with the problem of teen pregnancy. Report that!

    1. @Christi– I have reached out to Josh for comment and have yet to hear back. It is not my job to help prevent teen pregnancy. There are many reputable health-related sites that teens can go to learn the facts. This is an television news site, nothing more.

  2. She cheated on Josh with a male that is why they split! AND then got into a relationship with Judith.Ebony has since claimed Judith was physically and emotional abusive. She then sent Jocelyn to live with Josh because Judith hated Jocelyn! Judith went as far as to post it on facebook. Both girls live with Josh and his parents.

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