‘Catfish’ Couple Lauren & Derek: Where Are They Now?

Where are they now 2013
Are they still together? Have they had a threesome with LeVourne yet?!

Catfish fans were shocked when, on the fourth episode of Season 2, the unexpected happened: the guy didn’t turn out to be a creepy 15 year old girl! When pretty Texas girl Lauren Meler finally met her MySpace boo of many years, Derek Shullenbarger, he turned out to be exactly who he said he was and the couple ended the episode in love. (The footage was shot in April, by the way.)

But where are they now? Get ready for another shock: they’re actually still together!

Lauren and Derek are not only still in love but they have actually moved in together! Lauren has made her way to Maryland to live with Derek and recently secured a job and a car in town.

The couple, who had to keep their relationship a secret until their episode aired in July, aren’t sure if they want to make Texas or Maryland their permanent home. According to a Facebook post by Lauren, she is staying in Maryland and trying to save enough money to go back to Texas and bring Derek along with her, but if they aren’t able to do that, they plan to make Maryland their home.

Lauren and Derek Episode
“MTV, give me my own show!”

Unfortunately, Lauren’s son, Mason, is not with her in Maryland right now. He is staying with his dad in North Carolina. (It’s just for the summer, however.)

The couple is not engaged yet but from the lovely-dovy photos plastered all over Lauren’s Instagram and other social media accounts, it looks like they aren’t too far from an engagement. Yesterday she posted this message to Derek on her Facebook page:

Derek, thank you for being my best friend for all these years, and now, someone that I can easily love and cherish every moment with. I’m excited for our future, and I know that no matter what we go through, we will always get stronger as the years go by. I just want you to know (even though we tell each other a good thousand times a day) that I am completely in love with you!

While it’s great to see one of these ‘Catfish’ couples find happiness and actually be who they said they were, The Ashley has to admit there was about half of her that wanted Derek to be that guy LeVourne. It’s always more entertaining when they open the door and it’s a completely wackjob standing there!

Um…when do we get to see LeVourne back on our TV screens!? #MoreLeVourne. (Just for sh*ts and giggles, if you love LeVourne as much as The Ashley does, check out this hilarious LeVourne parody Twitter account!)

UPDATE: Click here to read an even more recent– and sad– update on Lauren and Derek.

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  1. How is the miscarriage sad when they were not married at time of the pregnancy? Whats sad is that people no longer value the importance of being married before becoming pregnant.

    I think its a risk that he has proposed before experiencing life with her having her child full time. I thought it was strange that things were supposidly going so great, but when they said her son had not moved, it all made sence. Things will be completely different when the kid comes back in the picture and he will become #2 priority. Things wont be so great then.

    1. “How is the miscarriage sad when they were not married at the time of pregnancy?”

      Did you really say that… The loss of a unborn child is ALWAYS sad. Every child deserves to be valued no matter the circumstances.

      “what’s sad is that people no longer value the importance of being married before becoming pregnant”

      Not all people are as holy as you. However many are less judge-mental and, no doubt, happier.

      1. Tho I agree that the sanctity of marriage no longer exists sadly, whether you’re in support of abstinence or indifferent about it, losing a child is an awful thing. Whether the parents are married or not, they are a gift from God! End of story.

  2. Holaa! The next week will be the episode of lauren & derek in spain.. and i can’ t believe that they still together! That’s fantastic for catfish’ fans

    Muack! :*)

    1. Baaahhhhhaaaa!! I was thinking the same thing she is hooked on something!! Why was her wrist all wrapped up? Track marks maybe? It’s good to know I wasn’t the only one thinking that! He looked like he pretty much had his stuff together, but her WOW!

  3. Ashley,

    Can you please investigate the couple from last night, Jesse and Brian (I do believe his name) He was actually him, just fibbed on a few things.. I am curious to see where they are at now!

    1. at the very end it said they weren’t together cause it didn’t work out after she moved in with Brian! I’m pretty sure that’s still current since that was the latest Catfish.

    1. she may not have ditched him, it is normal in many custody agreements for the child to spent summers with their dad!

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