EXCLUSIVE! House Used to Film ‘Teen Mom’ is For Sale!

Teen MOm House
“Only 5,000 square feet? Um…ew!”

Want to own your very own piece of Teen Mom memorabilia?! No, Gary Shirley‘s pink bunny suit isn’t for sale (well, at least I don’t think it is)…but if you have a spare $450,000, you can purchase a home featured on the MTV hit show.

Debra Danielson, the mother of ‘Teen Mom’ turned sexy movie star Farrah Abraham, is selling the home in Council Bluffs, Iowa, that was featured on the last three seasons of the series. (In case you’re wondering which house it is, it’s the one Farrah moved into with Sophia to get away from her parents, and complained about constantly.)

Although Farrah made it seem like she was living in squalor while she was inhabiting Deb’s spare house, it is actually quite an exquisite place. The 5,500 square foot house (think of how many sex toys Farrah could have fit into that huge space!) offers a marvelous view of Omaha and is featured on the National Registry of Historic Places, as it was built in 1887. It is an English Tutor-style home.

Teen Mom House
Not exactly the shack Farrah made it out to be, huh?

One bonus to moving into Farrah’s former abode? You’ll get to have Debra as a neighbor. Her home is right across the street from this property! Unfortunately, you probably won’t get to see much of Farrah, who now lives in Austin, Texas, when she’s not visiting various strip clubs across the country to promote her p0rn tape.

(Top Photo: MTV)


  1. We live down the street to the south. It is a nice neighborhood. The house to the south of Farraha is for sale that a family moved out to go bigger! It is for 300k. Council bluffs has some bad spots and very very pretty spots. Love it here. My home is 250k and would never leave.

  2. There was a stabbing at an apartment complex down the street from this house less than a week ago. It’s a shitty neighborhood. The house may be historic, but it ain’t worth nearly what they’re asking.

  3. Looks haunted. Move the damn trees! You can’t see the front of the house. And Debra is more than likely exactly how MTV portrays her.. A cold hearted B!tch. Farrah moved states away from her.. Duh.

  4. You Americans better appreciate how lucky you are to have such large homes so cheap. $450,000 would buy not much more than a 2000sqft home in my average town!

  5. Way overpriced! Like $300,000 over priced for that town.

    You couldn’t even pay me to live across the street from that scary witch!

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