‘Bachelorette’ Couple Desiree & Chris: Slummin’ it in Seattle

“I’d kill for a helicopter ride right about now!”

A new report in In Touch Weekly is claiming that newly engaged Bachelorette couple Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are already losing interest in each other and headed for a split. While The Ashley doesn’t exactly believe that (YET…give them another month or so) she was interested in the rest of the article, which tells the far-from-fairy-tale life Des and Chris are living in Seattle these days.

Apparently, they rented a small apartment in the Queen Anne of Seattle, and are even sharing a car— Chris’ dented Honda Civic! (Too bad she didn’t get to keep that baby blue Bentley!)

“When Chris takes the car to work, Des is stranded at home,” a source (most likely the neighbor that snapped the photos in the article) told the magazine. “They kicked off their first weekend in Seattle with a whimper — just after 10 on their first Friday night, their car was parked safely in the driveway.”

Sure, the couple has been seen around town: at a Seattle Seahawks game, hiking Discovery Park, etc. But Chris doesn’t exactly seem like much of a party animal. Desiree has been tweeting about spending many “quiet nights” with her man. While it may be great to finally be able to be together, Desiree seems like a lively gal who will eventually want to go out and party. (Hey…at least she has a good DD to call! We know Chris will be up late into the night writing some more of his fantastic poetry!)

Chris works as a mortgage broker for a bank in Seattle (he just started last year–and because of his reality TV fame is being considered to do advertising spots for the company— i.e. “Will you accept this mortgage rate?” No, seriously.) Desiree, however, is essentially unemployed.  (To be fair, she is “working on her bridal design line”…so….unemployed.)

Do you think their relationship will last without the perks and frills of Hollywood? Desiree, of course, is denying In Touch‘s claim that they are on the rocks (but not, however, that they are slumming it, which appears to be true.)

(Photo: Instagram)

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