“16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Comes Clean About Mysterious Pregnancy

16 and pregnant
Nikkole has revealed what really happened to her baby.

For months, 16 and Pregnant season 2 star Nikkole Paulun posted photos of her growing baby bump on her various social media accounts and excitedly spoke about the birth of her second child, a baby boy she planned to name Ashton. So it’s no wonder that when a mysteriously no-longer-pregnant Nikkole posted photos of herself in a bikini (sans new baby), fans were wondering what was going on. Many even wondered if she had actually faked the whole pregnancy for attention.

For weeks, Nikkole refused to comment or speak about the pregnancy, baby or anything related to it. However, she has finally broken her silence to Radar Online (who most definitely coughed a bit of cash for the scoop), and has revealed that she was, indeed, pregnant and that she had delivered a baby on July 27. Unfortunately, earlier that day her doctors had discovered that her baby, who was due to be born on August 25,  no longer had a heartbeat.

“We saw a doctor to try and find the heartbeat and they couldn’t find it,” she told Radar. “But I thought I still felt him moving, so they took me for an ultrasound and they weren’t letting me look at it when they did it.”

After the doctors finally told her that she had miscarried, she delivered the stillborn boy and decided not to find out what had caused his sudden death. (She did, however, make a point of letting everyone know that the hospital had run drug tests on the baby to make sure Nikkole hadn’t killed it by using drugs, and it came back negative.) Still, she decided to keep the whole thing a secret until now.

“I didn’t want to tell anybody,” Nikkole said. “I fought so hard to keep him that I was just ashamed and embarrassed.”

Also important to note is that Nikkole has claimed on her Facebook page that there is a lot more to this story, however she is unable to say anything about it, which tells me 1) she sold the rest of the story to a magazine that will be coming out soon or  2) MTV is going to do some some sort of special about it. Not sure which it is, but I’d bet my right arm that one of these two things will be happening in the near future!

Nikkole is already the mother of three-year-old Lyle.

(Photo: Instagram)

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  1. When I seen her episode on 16 and pregnant her boyfriend josh was so mean if I was her I would break up with him BTW her son was cute 🙂

  2. Nikkole is nearly 20 years old now, she needed to give birth 1 day after my Grandma’s Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Meghan– you can absolutely refuse an autopsy for a stillbirth. Without one, the medical examiner could make a best guess of the cause, but Nikkole refusing an autopsy (which is what I assume is meant by her refusal to find out the cause) is not suspicious or unusual.

  4. Someone I know miscarried later in pregnancy and I know for a fact that they tell you the cause. My suspicion is that it was drug related bc why would she bring that up

  5. Honestly I know that the whole situation was unplanned and sort of crazy (getting pregnant by a guy already in a relationship) but I can’t imagine going through something like this and I seriously feel bad for this girl. She is not my favorite person in the world but no one deserves to have to go through something like this. I feel bad for all of the hate comments she is going to get out of this as well =(

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