Best Friend Reveals “16 & Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Faked Second Pregnancy!

pregnant again fake
“It was all fake,” Nikkole’s BFF Sam says of her pregnancy.

What in the Sam Hell is going on here?! The Ashley wanted to avoid going down the rabbit hole on this but…this is just too strange not to write about.

Yesterday, Nikkole Paulun (of 16 and Pregnant Season 2 fame) “came clean” to Radar Online about what happened with her mysterious second pregnancy. Nikkole, who, for months had been posting photos and tweets about being pregnant with a baby boy, revealed to the site that she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage during the last month of her pregnancy.

She had previously kept quiet about why she was mysteriously not pregnant anymore, and refused to comment on what happened to the baby. (Of course, once Radar coughed up a couple hundred bucks, Nikkole was quick to talk).

The Ashley has been skeptical about this “pregnancy” from the beginning, but since the Radar story came out yesterday, readers and Twitter friends have been contacting The Ashley, informing her that Nikkole was never pregnant, faked her sonogram photographs and sold Radar a sack of crap. (The Ashley loves when her readers get all “Nancy Drew” and dig into a story, by the way!)

Today, another bombshell broke when Nikkole’s best friend, Samantha Diggs, called into the Real Teen Mom Talk radio show (yes, apparently this exists!) and revealed that Nikkole’s pregnancy was fake from the very beginning. Yesterday, Sam went on the show and stuck up for friend, but apparently she’s had a change of heart since then and decided to confess the whole thing.

“I can’t, in my heart, lie for her anymore,” Sam told the show. “I have a daughter, it brings tears to my eyes. I can’t do it. She didn’t have a baby.”

Sam went on to reveal some very interesting things about how Nikkole faked her entire pregnancy.

“Nikkole, the whole time, she was saying that she was pregnant,” Sam said. “I had suspicion that it wasn’t true but I never really questioned it. I could tell the way her belly was, when anyone would go to touch it, she’d freak out.”

According to Sam, Nikkole confessed that her pregnancy was fake by showing her the fake belly she had been wearing. (Seriously— are we in the Twilight Zone here?!)

“She said that she did this, she’s doing it for money,” Sam revealed, adding that Nikkole faked her positive pregnancy test results by having her pregnant cousin pee on the stick. (The Ashley has confirmed that Nikkole’s cousin did, in fact, recently have a baby.) She also got her ultrasound photos from Google.

One of The Ashley’s readers sent over proof that the photos Nikkole was trying to pass off as her own sonogram photos were actually just lifted from other women’s blogs. (As weird as this sounds, it would be very easy to do. The Ashley, who sucks at this kind of stuff, did a science experiment and found that, with a little help from Microsoft Paint, she, too, was able to produce a convincing-looking sonogram photo.) Read this link for more information about the sonogram photos!

“Girls (fake pregnancies) all the time,” Sam said. (They do?!!) “But for you to fake a baby’s death? Something is wrong.”

Why would Nikkole do this? Other than the prospect of getting money for selling the story (which, trust me, would probably only be between $400-$1,000 per story, even though Sam said she got $2,500– Nikkole isn’t a big star) it certainly would not be enough to warrant all of this! Sam suggests that Nikkole was hungry for attention.

“The fame really went to her head, and I think it really bothered her when it started to go away,” Sam says.

According to Sam, Nikkole’s mom, Rikki, whom she lives with, is aware that Nikkole was faking her pregnancy. (The Ashley reached out to Rikki but has yet to receive a response.)

While we really shouldn’t give two craps about this, it is extremely bizarre and creepy.

What do y’all think of this!?

Listen to the entire interview here!

UPDATE: The site that runs the Real Teen Mom Talk radio show has discovered even more damning evidence against Nikkole. Yesterday she submitted hospital documents to Radar Online to “prove” that she had, indeed, had a stillborn baby. (Read the article and see the documents here.) It appeared to look semi-legit until the sleuths over at this site stepped in and discovered that the documents were actually from Nikkole’s son, Lyle’s, birth! The lil’ Nancy Drews over there went back to Nikkole’s 16 and Pregnant episode and took a screenshot of Nikkole’s hospital bracelet. They then discovered that the account number on Nikkole’s hospital bracelet from having Lyle matched the account number on the documents she submitted to prove this second baby had been delivered!

This story keeps venturing deeper and deeper into the Twilight Zone! Below is the photo they posted.

On the left, Nikkole's bracelet from Lyle's birth, on the right, the document she produced to prove the 2013 stillbirth.
On the left, Nikkole’s bracelet from Lyle’s birth, on the right, the document she produced to prove the 2013 stillbirth.

(Photos: Facebook, Instagram)

38 Responses

  1. Well if you lose your baby during the last month of pregnancy that’s def not a miscarriage so right there’s bullshit.

  2. Isn’t it against the HIPAA law to have her medical record number on the internet for everyone to see??? I think “the Ashley” is the dumb one here. Although I agree with everyone it’s not cute too fake a pregnancy and a death of a baby wtf is wrong with you little girl? And now your having a real baby I’m assuming? I feel sorry for that innocent baby that will have a liar for a mother.

    1. If she’s the one who submitted her own medical information, it’s not a violation of HIPAA. If an employee of the hospital did, however, they’re the ones who would be in deep “you know”.

  3. Ik both them girls,nikkole used to come over my house n hangout with my cousin n drink when she was ‘prego’ ,lmao she slow ,poor girl needs help

  4. Oh my god. You are so horrible. Miscarriage is not a game. You are stupid. Nobody play with pregnancy or miscarriage because is not a game. Ashton RIP

    1. Did you even take time to read this article? Because with all the evidence given, I find it hard anyone could still believe this load of bs Nikkole is dishing out.

    2. Most hospitalskeep the same account number for each patient… its actually called a medical access id. She didn’t fake this. Ppl are so heartless and then you have “the Ashley” who is a fame whore. Smh.

      1. Did she have a funeral service and burial? A fetus at 8 months Is a viable baby, as if it were born at that time it could survive outside the womb. Likely a 6-7 lb baby. I’d love to know what happened to that child.

  5. i had my son at 23 weeks when i was 17 because i went into spontaneous labor, which is rare they told me, and he died while i was delivering. im 18 now and just found out my 2nd baby stopped growing at almost 9 weeks and had no heartbeat. so it would be really messed up to fake something like this and it really bothers me. its not something to make up because personally its just wrong. no matter how much money or attention someone wants they should never fake the death of a baby. if she really done that she needs help because she obviously doesnt value life.

    1. You probably need to look into birth control if you are getting pregnant repeatedly at 17 and 18 years old. If you give your body time to heal and mature your pregnancies will be healthier. You don’t need baby after baby before you are even 20 years old.

    1. Someone called the hospital and confirmed the numbers were different for every admittance. On top of that, the room number was the same as well, which is also interesting.

      1. Although I believe she faked her pregnancy, I also believe that this is a lie. I don’t think someone actually confirmed that. If they did call, I think someone was misunderstood. Everything I have had done at my hospital, my account numbers were always the same.

  6. Also totally confused. But, to play devil’s advocate, are we sure that account number isn’t her own personal medical record number? That would stay the same no matter what child she was in labor with.

    1. It is the same. The real teen mom talk called the hospital and they said that account numbers are different for every admittance. Another site found that even the hospital room number is exactly the same as when she delivered Lyle.

  7. I just don’t know what to believe. I lost my son at five months and did have a funeral for him however it’s just got me sooooo confused how do you tweet minutes after giving birth to a still born and for a month don’t reach out to anyone for help but act as if it never happened… I’m no genius but this don’t add up

  8. I lost a baby girl and twin sons to stillbirths. I thought her story was odd. At first I figured she could sue, at that stage of pregnancy the chances of that happening are so low. They monitor everything so closely in the final trimester. Stillbirths usually happen in the second. They can save babies today, that were a lost cause in the past. Her story is very 80-90’s medicine sounding. Including that crazy delivery time. For a baby they know is dead?
    I had no idea people have doubted her all along. Someday if this horror ever does happen to her, shell have to wonder if this lie didnt bring it her way. Some things you just dont lie about, ever.

    1. It is very possible to have a stillbirth that late in a pregnancy. My cousin had a still birth at 8 months. It was the exact story Nikkole said- she felt something was off, realized she hadn’t felt the baby kick and went right in. They checked and couldn’t find a heartbeat and they induced her. Sometimes thing like this just happen. I don’t believe a single word that has come from Nikkole’s mouth about this, but if she had been pregnant, it’s definitely a real possibility.

      I’m very sorry about your losses- no one should have to endure that ever and to have to go through that more than once is unimaginable.

  9. It looks like we have a case of “I wish I had been picked for Teen Mom”. Good lord these girls are train wrecks. She kept posting bare belly pics too so I am guessing those were from when she was pregnant the first time.

  10. I felt bad for her and now to see its all BS, the article I saw yesterday showing her ultrasounds pointed it out, the Dr she used for Lyle here in Monroe is a really cool guy he delivered my daughter in April, why wouldnt she go back to him? The Dr name on her u/s is bades in New York, wtf?

  11. I honestly don’t know what to believe! While the evidence of the story being fake is certainly convincing, I’m afraid that the minute I allow myself to believe she’s being fake that some major proof is gonna surface that shows she is in fact telling the truth and I’m gonna feel really guilty :/

  12. I think u have way to much time on your hands. And what if by a chance she did lose her baby. I work at delivery center and a lot of the women who have stillbirth do not have funerals or even take the remains with them. Do you know how much a funeral costs? Thousands! And a lot of families can’t afford that. If this woman is faking she is obviously troubled and hurting. I think shame on everyone who is making this a huge deal. Get a job. Go to school. Make a career. Help someone in need. Love your family. Not stalk some poor girl!

    1. Shame on us for making it a huge deal?? Shame on Nikkole for doing something this heartless. This lie of hers is a slap in the face to every women who has lost a child.
      There are mountains of evidence that Nikkole has lied about this entire pregnancy, and to ignore it is to enable her lies and let her think that this is okay. It’s not us who needs to get lives, its Nikkole. Who is so desperate for money that she would go through with such an elaborate lie, but is to lazy to get a freaking job?
      If she did get the reported $2500 from Radar, thats about 2 months worth of wages working at McDonald’s.
      Let’s compare -2months flipping burgers vs 9 months pretending you’re pregnant and THEN pretending your baby died. Shame on who, again?

    2. Please explain the photoshopped ultrasound pictures?! She’s lying. How is it stalking when she SOLD the story for $2500? Come on now.

    3. I have a very good job and I love my family, but I also have free time.

      If she did lose a baby, why would she provide falsified documents to “prove” it? She obviously faked it, and since she’s the one who’s gone to extreme lengths to fool people and get their attention, she deserves what she gets when people refocus their attention on the parts of her story that don’t make sense. She wanted their attention, but shame on them for proving she’s lied? There are real people being hurt by these lies, like the “father” she harassed about the alleged baby that she then “killed off”. Faking a stillbirth IS a huge deal, and Nikkole is the one who made the whole thing a big deal. She’s the only one who should be ashamed.

    4. She was paid for interviews following the “still birth” that she used to get her breasts. It’s not about “stalking” a young girl. It’s about a girl in the public eye that has broadcasted this to the world. Since you work in a delivery center you would agree that if she wanted to put this to rest instead of publishing bogus hospital bills she would be publishing a death certificate which you can apply for with any stillborn.

  13. I believe this story more than the story that she lost the baby! Very sad that she feels it’s ok to do this!

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