Does “16 and Pregnant” Star Hope Harbert’s Boyfriend Really Live in a Tent?

where are they now
Is Ben really a tent-dweller?

Earlier this week, MTV finally aired the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 “Where Are They Now” special, which featured catch-ups with all of the girls that weren’t chosen to be on Teen Mom 3. While all of the girls’ updates were surprising, the most shocking was in regard to Hope Harbert and her boyfriend, Ben Lagle.

The special, which shockingly was relatively recent, having been shot in June/July of this year, showed Hope and Ben’s struggle to make ends meet after Ben quit his job and was unable to find another one. Hope told viewers that they were no longer able to pay for their apartment and that she and her son, Tristan, were forced to move back in with Hope’s mother.

As for Ben, he was unable to convince either of his parents to allow him to move back home, and was forced to live in a tent. The sad scene ended with Ben crying as he left his family and set up camp in his friend’s backyard. It made for a very dramatic scene.

The problem? Most of it was fake.

The Ashley was ready to cry for Ben as she watched that sad scene so she reached out to Hope to find out if Ben had been able to move out of the tent since they filmed that episode. It was then that Hope informed The Ashley that Ben never actually lived in a tent, and the scene, which was filmed in June, was all set up by MTV! (Surprise, surprise!)

Really, MTV?
Really, MTV?

“The tent part isn’t true,” Hope told The Ashley. “MTV had him set it up because he said he would rather live in a tent then beg his parents [to move back home].”

Apparently, MTV promised that they would let readers know that Ben didn’t actually end up having to live in the tent, but apparently they “forgot” to add that in. In reality, Ben ended up moving in with Hope’s dad, Joe.

Hope caught a lot of flak from viewers who thought that she had allowed her baby-daddy to live in a tent, so she was angry that MTV didn’t clarify scene like they promised.

For the record, Ben and Tristan all moved into a house in Missouri at the end of August, so no one is living in a tent right now!

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