Farrah Abraham’s Dad Jokes About Her New Adult Toy Line

teen mom
“That’s my girl!”

Nope…nothing creepy about this at all!

Teen Mom-turned-sexy movie star Farrah Abraham announced today via Radar Online that she is in the process of producing her own adult toy line with TopCo toys. Radar posted a video of Farrah arriving at TopCo and getting her privates plastered up to make a mold of her vagina. (Um, yes, you read that correctly. Also…ew.)

“I think I’m taking sex symbol to a whole new level today!” Farrah exclaims in the video, before having her no-nos slathered with plaster. “People are going to jack off to me…this is crazy!”

Aww, yes. Those are the words that every father dreams of hearing his little girl utter, and Farrah’s pop, Michael Abraham, is no exception. Although 95% of fathers worldwide would be horrified to hear that their daughter was going to be selling molds of her private parts to pervs and general creeps around the world, Michael was downright jolly about the whole thing, even joking on his Facebook page that he should be next to get his privates molded!

My daughter Farrah is funny and a progressive business women, I wonder if Topco will make a “Michael” Adult Toy …… Stay tuned

Again…can I just say….ew.

teen mom boob job
“Thanks, Dad…I mean, Michael!”

Michael’s friends and family, of course, commented on the post and Michael defended his daughter’s actions.

“Yes I’m her father and yes I wish at times she would do other things ….but the girl works hard to provide for Sophia,” Michael wrote. “Yes we all go through a maturing cycle … Some people it’s harder than others… Farrah is learning.”

I mean, let’s be honest here. Most mothers make molds of their vaginas and sell them to creeps on the Internet to support their children….don’t they?

In the past, Farrah has hawked everything from diet pills to horrible music to hot pepper sauce, but this is the creepiest product yet. Naturally, she invited the paparazzi to follow her along in her spank-toy-making journey, then sold the footage.

Other highlights of the video: Farrah complains that her current um, vibrating friend, doesn’t have an anal part that’s long enough for her, and Farrah comparing the position that she was in while her “parts” were being molded to the position she gave birth to her daughter. Awww. Be sure to put that in Sophia’s baby book, Farrah!

But remember, kids. Farrah’s backdoor flick was supposed to be a private tape for private use, so I’m sure these toys are meant for private use by Farrah only…and of course, the bad people at the sex toy company are the ones that are going to “leak” them. Or something.

The Ashley will have more exclusive info on Farrah’s new toy line and other fun goodies coming soon!

(Top Photo: Radar, Bottom Photo: The Ashley Exclusive)


  1. Nobody is exactly eager to f*ck a 50 year old man, let alone buy a mold of a 50-yr old man’s wrinkly pubes. Michael is every bit as delusional as Farrah.

  2. Michael do you support Sophia getting into the p.orn industry when she’s 18? There are plenty of non degrading ways to get money. Your daughter is selling herself to earn a quick buck. Are you proud that men everywhere are getting off on objectifying your daughter? Are you happy knowing that Sophia will think women are meant to be sex objects for men? I guess that little girl’s future and psychological development are less important than money…

  3. Dee…your the sick one…I never do want you posted. As for Sophia she is cared for better than most children and like most parents their work is kept away from their children.

    1. You wrote this before you, Farrah and YOUR GRANDDAUGHTER were at Vivid together making deals/Signing contracts.

      Don’t talk your daughter does a good enough job making you look like a fool.

  4. I think the whole family needs to be committed! For Goodness sakes! Grow the F#ck up Farrah, and Michael, you are a piece of shit for a father! You watch and get off on your daughter’s porn, you sick F#ck!

    I hope that you are all locked up and the sooner the better! Sophia needs to never know who you people are ever again, and she needs NORMAL Parents that would give her a stable life. To hell with you PSYCHO”S!

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