Answers to FAQ About Last Night’s “The Challenge: Rivals II” Finale!

This is what happens when you put this knuckleheads on live TV!
This is what happens when you put these knuckleheads on live TV!

*Warning– there’s gonna be a whole lot of spoilers happening. If you actually have a life and went out last night and have yet to watch the reunion/finale episode, it’s probably best you scurry out of this post very quickly!*

Anyway, last night’s finale and reunion special of The Challenge: Rivals II was crazzzzy! From missing cast members to verbal (and physical!) beat-downs, the reunion show was jam-packed full of Jerry-Springer-Show-esque fun! The Ashley has been getting a lot of tweets and messages from readers who have questions about some of the things that happened last night, so The Ashley did some research and then decided to put the answers into one post, rather than respond to each message.

So here you go….

Someone's missing!
Someone’s missing!

Q: Where was Cooke?! Why didn’t she attend the reunion special?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t some big juicy explanation as to why Cooke failed to show up for the live reunion special (which was taped yesterday!) She is currently in Asia , playing soccer for the Philippine National Soccer Team, according to her soccer blog. She is trying to make the 2016 Olympic team for the Philippines. There was a rumor circulating that she was killed in a car accident between when the season ended and last night’s reunion, which is totally untrue and just plain creepy.

Don't be sad, Diem! The Ashley still loves ya!
Don’t be sad, Diem! The Ashley still loves ya!

Q: Speaking of Cooke, why doesn’t she get along with Diem?

A: According to an interview Diem did with Vevmo right before the reunion special, Cooke didn’t like Diem from the very beginning of ‘The Challenge,’ and even made fun of her wig.

“I heard comment after comment about how she saw me as weak, and it would be fun to break me. She would mimic me whenever she came into the new girl’s room, from me having a hard time with my wig, etc. I was so confused about why she had this target on me. She would be cold as ice whenever we passed each other and at the dinner table. She made me very uncomfortable.”

Q: Speaking of Diem, why is she going through menopause? Isn’t she too young for that?

A: While most women don’t start going through menopause until their late forties or early fifties, Diem, who is only 29, had to have her ovaries removed after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time. This causes the body to go into menopause, regardless of the age. Diem has said that she had spoken with the show’s producers at great length about being hesitant to come on this season because of all the changes in her body and the hormones and steroids she was taking, and was shocked that they made no mention of it during the regular season. She has since announced that she is done with ‘The Challenge’ because of this.

Q: Why was Aneesa being such a bi-otch to Cara Mara?

A: Aneesa caused an “Oh no she didn’t!” moment when she yelled at Cara Maria for coming over to the hot seat area to comfort Diem. Her action also sparked a Twitter spar between her and Cara this morning. According to Aneesa, Cara had been rude to her earlier in the day…or something.

See you on “Rivals III”, ladies!


Q: Did Knight really hit Frank or was that staged!?

A: That was the real deal, according to this MTV live blogger. You can watch the bitch-slappin’ goodness here.

“During the commercial break — after Frank stormed off the set — he vented to Laurel Stucky who was in the audience before leaving the studio altogether in a huff,” the blog reads. “We heard he was Franking out pretty hard backstage, and almost didn’t come back to finish the show. However, when he did actually return, we asked him how he was feeling and he laughed it off, assuring us he was okay…despite the hint of a purple shiner forming just below his left eye.”

A reporter for OK! magazine who was also in the audience gave a bit more background on what might have caused the incident.

“What you didn’t hear on air was what Knight told us before the reunion even started taping,” the article reads. “In response to whether or not he would entertain Frank as a partner if there was ever a ‘Rivals 3,’ Knight lit up saying, “He’ll be dead before that. Maybe tonight.” (Nope…nothing creepy about that!)

Knight has yet to explain his actions on his Twitter account, and Frank has not mentioned the incident either. The Ashley hopes that Knight is not cast on any upcoming ‘Challenges.’ Although he makes for great TV, he seems to have no control of his anger issues and could really hurt someone someday.

What did you think of last night’s “Challenge” reunion special!?

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  1. That will be not fair if they don’t allow Knight back! Especially after they let CT come back after punching Adam and another person. Fair is fair! Aneesa is just jealous of Cara Maria because she’s better looking. Cara Maria is smokin hot!!!!!

  2. Frank is not innocent. He has said the most vile things about many castmembers in interviews and on Twitter. Diem is not innocent either. She is extremely annoying and good she is quitting the challenges.

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