Farrah Abraham to Appear on New ‘Soup’ Spin-off Show! See a Sneak Peek Here!

If you love yourself an awkward Farrah Abraham interview, boy, does The Ashley have a treat for you!

Tomorrow, our favorite “Backdoor Teen Mom” will appear on The Soup Investigates, a new spin-off of The Soup on E! Farrah will “star” in the premiere episode of the series, which basically mocks standard TV news magazines.

The interviewer sits down with Farrah and proceeds to ask Farrah very random questions, including “When did you decide to become a teen mom?” The best part? Farrah doesn’t seem to understand that she’s being made fun of (either that or she’s a decent good actress, although we didn’t see much of that skill in her p0rn!)

She tries to answer the questions with her typical Farrah smugness.

Watch the clip and see the hilarity ensue.

The episode airs tomorrow at 10:30 p.m. on E!

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