‘Voice’ Fans Say Kaley Cuoco’s Sister Briana’s Audition Was Rigged, Sisters Respond

"Give me a break, guys! I walk my sister's dogs for a living!"
“Give me a break, guys! I walk my sister’s dogs for a living!”

Last night, Briana Cuoco— sister of The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco— impressed the judges on The Voice with her audition. Briana, who works as her starlet sister’s personal assistant, sang Lady Gaga’s “You and I” and ended up getting snapped up by Christiana Aguilera.

Naturally, ‘The Voice’ capitalized on Briana having a famous sibling and wheeled out Kaley to cry and screech backstage during Briana’s audition. It was a touching moment to watch Briana have the spotlight for once.

Of course, some fans of the show began to cry “Rigged!” as soon as Briana was given a spot of Team Christina. They took to their social media accounts to say that Briana only got on the show because of her famous sister.

Kaley Cuoco was understandably upset by the backlash and took to her own Twitter today to set the record straight.

sister briana
“I will cut you!”

To her credit, Briana did not mention her famous sister once during the audition for the judges. (Of course, they may have been tipped off by producers off-camera that Briana was Kaley’s sister, but as far as we saw it was totally organic.)

The judges seemed to have no clue that Briana was Kaley’s sister, even after she told them her last name.

Briana also tweeted about the situation.

Naturally, The Ashley was curious about Briana, so she did a little research. Apparently, she’s been acting and singing for a long time, even appearing on ‘The Big Bang Theory” for an episode earlier this year, and starring in an online Vlog series called “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.” She’s also a dancer. (Wanna watch her do a semi-creepy dance? Of course you do—click here!) She is in a group called Bluebird, which just released its first EP in February of this year. (Click here to listen to tracks…The Ashley is in love with “October!”)

The Ashley thought Briana was great last night. Hopefully, however, she is prepared for all the “Big Bang” jokes that will accompany every single article about written her from here on out!

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