Before They Were Reality Stars: Guess Who?

childhood photos
“Who am I?”

Recognize this little cutie? Back in the 1970s, she liked to rock some pretty “groovy” outfits, judging from this school photo. These days, she tends to dress a little more conservatively and is busy taking care of her family. While she is still rocking a similar hair color, people tend to be more interested in her husband’s hair than hers.

Can you guess which reality TV star this little girl grew up to be?

"It's me!!!!"
“It’s me!!!!”

It’s Meri Brown from Sister Wives!

These days, Meri is married to Kody Brown, and has three sister wives. Known for being overly emotional (who could forget her epic tantrum over her wet bar?!) Meri is perhaps the most sensitive of all the wives. Though she is now in her forties, she still looks strikingly similar to how she did when the first picture was taken.

(Bottom photo: TLC)


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