New Season of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Currently Filming! See the Rumored Cast List

"I mean, can you even do a Challenge without me?"
“I mean, can you even do a Challenge without me?”

It’s official: the next cast of MTV’s The Challenge has left and is currently filming! The new season, which started filming in Uruguay this week, according to the sleuthy folks over at Vevmo, is already off to an exciting start, according to the show’s host, TJ Lavin.

The sleuths at Vevmo are to be commended. They have figured out the cast, based on social media posts, locations of the cast members and other assorted ways. Unfortunately, the cast looks way too similar to the ‘Rivals II’ cast for The Ashley‘s liking. She was hoping to see some people that haven’t done a ‘Challenge’ for a while, instead of the same old tired faces. <Cough> Aneesa <Cough> Johnny Bananas…

According to Uruguay newspaper El Observador, the cast was filming at the Montevideo World Trade Center on October 22. During the ‘Challenge’ the cast members were seen on the roof of the buildings

“In the challenge they had to cross a kind of “stick soaped ” from side to side, on top of the building,” the newspaper reported.

According to Vevmo, here is the cast that we can expect to see on the next ‘Challenge’:

-Brandon Nelson (Fresh Meat II)

-Chet Cannon–and his bowties (Real World: Brooklyn)

-CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris)

-Cohutta Grindstaff (Real World: Sydney)

-Dustin Zito (Real World: Las Vegas)  [He’s fresh off his appearance on VH-1’s “Couple’s Therapy]

-Frank Sweeney (Real World: San Diego)

-Johnny Bananas (Again?!!? I’m tired of seeing this guy’s mug!)

-Johnny Reilly (Real World: Portland)

-Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)

-Leroy Garrett (Real World: Las Vegas)

-Ty Ruff (Real World: DC)

-Zach Nichols (Real World: San Diego)

And for the ladies…

-Aneesa Ferreira (Real World: Chicago…and every single ‘Challenge’ since)

-Camila Nakagawa (Spring Break Challenge)

-Cara Maria Sorbello (Fresh Meat II…I mean, what else would Cara be doing other than starring on ‘Challenges’?)

-Devyn Simone (Real World: Brooklyn…thank goodness because she cracks me up!)

-Emilee Fitzpatrick (Real World: Cancun)

-Jasmine Reynaud (Real World: Cancun)

-Jemmye Carroll (Real World: New Orleans)

-Jessica McCain (Real World: Portland)

-Jonna Mannion (Real World: Cancun)

-Latoya Jackson (Real World: St. Thomas…if only it were that other Latoya Jackson– now that would be a show!)

-Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat II)

-Nany Gonzalez (Real World: Las Vegas)

-Nia Moore (Real World: Portland)

-Theresa Gonzalez (Fresh Meat II)

Surprisingly absent from the cast is Paula Meronek, who rarely, if ever, misses a ‘Challenge.’ Maybe she will manage to weasel herself into the cast halfway through the season or something.

What do you think of the rumored cast?

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  1. They need to bring kenny back for sure. Also i hope wes will be on the new season! They both are so funny 🙂

    1. Don’t think he’s going to come back for a while. He was accused to sexual harassment.

      And seriously, Johnny again??. He’s always in the top 3 and it’s get boring.

    2. Kenny is probably banned from being accused to sexual harassment while being on the show.

      And Johnny again? It gets tiring to see him every single season. Boring.

  2. come on! Johnny bananas is a classic. And dont they always put new people in it like from this season of the real world (san fransico)! Thats the only reason i watched it was to see the possible new competition. Like maybe some tom or some jaime.

  3. How long are Kenny and Evan banned for? We need that comic humor back in the show! Throw Wes back in the mix too.

  4. MTV should have a season with only past winners! THAT would be an awesome show! Bring all of the winners from every season back for the ultimate showdown!!

  5. Am glad to see nia and cara are in it.i wish there where more of the original lime Tina,Veronica and maybe even jenn and u wish Kenny and Wes was also on.

  6. Anyone before the 1st Fresh Meat would be my dream cast. Even some of the people I couldn’t stand back then would be better then any of these clowns. I miss the comradery that was shared between the old cast. I actually enjoyed those people. I do not enjoy most of these people and the petty drama they bring to the show. MTV your heading in the wrong direction!

  7. I would have really liked to see Marie (St. Thomas) on there… I find her to be hilarious and to put people in their place. Kinda bummed that Sarah (Brooklyn) on there. After last season when she got the boot because her partner quit I was sad.

    They need to just do a freshmeat season or two large teams.

  8. Happy to see lovely, sexy ladies like Cara Maria and Camilla are back. I agree though that Johnny Bananas is boring and tired at this point. He’s probably the biggest ass that’s every been on a challenge other than the rapists Kenny and Evan.

  9. I love “The Challenge” but Im tired of all the newbies minus Frank and Zach. Would love to see some old faces return! I was 11 when I started watching the Real World, before it was trashy. I miss all the old faces 🙁 It would be awesome to have a show not based on “hook ups” EWWWWW. MTV bring back some old favorites instead of these gross newbies!

  10. Wish Mike the Miz would make an appearance, of course Coral…maybe some Ruthie. Oh and Derrick and Theo. pretty much anyone from before th fresh meat season.

  11. Sad that Wes isn’t a part of the cast.. Wish that Kelly Anne or Evelyn would be on it. Esp considering Kelly Anne was supposed to be on battle of the seasons but something happened so she wasn’t. She’s always been one of my faves

  12. Wow! There sure are alot of J’s competing, and I agree with Ashlee, I have had it with Johnny Bananas!Haven’t we seen enough of his mugly mug? How old is he now, 100?

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