Baby Momma Blasts DJ Pauly D For Exploiting Daughter For Publicity

“Condoms, Pauly, Condoms!”

The tabloids have been going mad since news broke earlier this week that Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D had been keeping the secret that he fathered a baby girl named Amabella. The mother, Amanda Markert, is a former Vegas cocktail waitress that Pauly hooked up with once– and ended up knocking up.

Since the story leaked, the press has been having a field day, releasing photos of the baby and Amanda. Before the story broke, Amanda had been living in New Jersey and had kept the baby’s famous father a secret. Pauly apparently wanted Amanda to have an abortion– and even wrote her a check to pay for the procedure– but she refused to do it. She did use Pauly’s check, however, for prenatal care, but claims that he has not sent any more money since the baby’s birth in May.

Today, Radar Online reported that Amanda had been letting another man believe that he was the father of Amabella. He apparently found out via the press that the kid was actually fathered by Pauly. (Ouch!)  Amanda took to her Twitter account to tell what she says is the complete truth about what happened between her and Pauly, and called him out for using their daughter for media attention.She also claims that she never hid her pregnancy from Pauly, and that he has never tried to see the baby.


Amanda, who tweeted that this has been the worst week of her life, has been battling with Pauly in the media, but seems to be ready to call a truce with the reality TV star.

(Photo: Instagram)


  1. Maybe the kid is smart enough to run away, color her hair, change her name and start fresh, and hopefully, she’ll do it sooner rather than later; maybe at 21/2 or 3. . .
    That way she’ll have a chance!

    1. hopefully it’s a typo, or the poor kid’ll spend the rest of her life saying, “No, not Annabella, AM-abella!”.

      That on top of the humiliation of being Pauly D’s bastard daughter? Start a fund for her therapy ASAP.

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