EXCLUSIVE! “16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Sarah Roberts Reveals She Had a Second Baby!

16 and Pregnant
Meet Baby Tessly!

A lot has changed for 16 and Pregnant star Sarah Roberts since she appeared on the fourth season of the show in 2012. Although she was featured in the “Season 4: Where Are They Now?” special, which aired this summer, Sarah’s life is very different today.

The reason? She “secretly” had another baby!

Sarah confirmed to The Ashley that she was six months pregnant when MTV arrived to film her segment of the “Where Are They Now?” special. However, she chose to keep her pregnancy a secret from the production team.

“I didn’t want negative comments about an innocent child,” Sarah told The Ashley. “She didn’t deserve that.”

The film crew never noticed that Sarah was pregnant. (But honestly, looking at the footage, that’s not a surprise since she was very tiny for being six months pregnant!)

The baby, whom Sarah and her boyfriend Justin named Tessly, was born on October 1, 2013. She joins Sarah’s daughter, Tinleigh, whose birth was featured on Sarah’s episode of ’16 and Pregnant.’ Justin (pictured above with Sarah) is the father of Tessly.

Sarah says she’s happier than she’s ever been with her new family. The father of her first daughter, as you may remember, was Blake Thomas, who took off weeks after Tinleigh was born to go work on a shrimp boat. (As you do.) Last year, “Big Red” landed himself behind bars!

According to Sarah, Blake is currently living nearby with his new girlfriend (and new baby!) and, although he still speaks to Sarah frequently, he is not in his daughter’s life.

“He doesn’t follow through when he plans to see her,” Sarah said.

Congrats to Sarah on her newest addition!




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  1. You feel terribly for Justin’s wife? I guess the full story would be required. She also got pregnant by someone else and neither of them were faithful throughout the marriage. She wants to act as if this was the only time it happened and she wasn’t doing the same thing. Sarah and Justin did not talk throughout the pregnancy and Justin didn’t even know Tessly was his. Sarah only told him because his poor wife Danielle made him believe a baby that wasn’t his, was. There are two sides to every story and maybe you should be more worried about what actually went on in their marriage before feeling badly for anyone. They’re both adults who made poor choices that’s their fault.

    1. Funny seeing as Justin knew his wife’s baby could not be his but they decided as a family to raise her together either way. ” just like your making him do Tinleigh ” It didn’t matter to him at that point in there marriage, even his family stood behind there decision knowing the possibility that the baby could not be his. She got pregnant after months of them being seperated cause he left her and cheated on her with your skank ass and got you pregnant, who got preggo first??? Oh wait that was you home wrecker!

  2. So she had an affair with a married man, got knocked up then lied about it? She really doesn’t have room to criticize her first baby daddy anymore.

  3. Amen Kristen! The poor wife of all this shouldn’t be having to deal with the media, he could of got divorced first before issuing all this crap to the media. If you ask me she should sue both there asses for embarrassment since there still married and she didn’t give the ok for these stories to be released.

  4. Yes, Sarah’s new man is married. Anyone can verify through an online search at the Hamilton County County Clerk’s site (in TN). I don’t want to link directly to the marriage license report because the wife didn’t ask to be involved. I feel terribly for her…

  5. Her boyfriend looks like a real creeper. I’d be scared to have him around my older daughter if I were her. I thought she looked like she might be pregnant in the where are they now special. And if he really is married like other commentors said? That’s just an all around gross situation.

  6. This story is complete bullshit! Her suppose boyfriend Justin didn’t even know Sarah was pregnant or had the baby until 3 weeks ago because he is a married man!!! He is married to Danielle and has been for 5 years!

  7. i don’t care if she has 12 more babies with 8 different guys, but i hope she comes up with better names for them. where do these people come up with these names

    1. hahaha ya Teen Mom and 16&Prg are amazingly good at giving their kids some horrible names! Tinleigh, Tessly? …I cringe everytime.

  8. Hopefully if she is still living with her mother, she will actually clean up that gross house. That house should be on the show Hoarders. I felt so bad for Tinleigh having to live in that mess.

  9. Look i don’t care about this chick, I wouldn’t care if she wanted to ride the d!ck of a pink 1000000 years old elephant it’s her damn business, however not gonna say I condone 40 years old sleeping with 18 years old. But jesus learn to use birth control, she hasn’t been with this guy for more than a year before she got pregnant.

    1. Uh Im sorry but I was with my boyfriend only 3 months when we found out we were expecting our daughter and 3 years later we are still together, so before you start spewing nonsense use your brain. Not every baby is conceived after years of a relationship.

      1. In all seriousness, I recommand you to type teen mom statistics, teen mom relationships statistics and itsyoursexlifedotorg in google so you can understand why I would strongly suggest someone like Sarah use birth control if she is not in a stable relationship for more than a year, not juste because of pregnancy risk, but also std’s

      2. But look at how not using birth control and having sex early turned out for her last time… lets be honest, you beat the odds but that is NOT the norm

  10. I can totally see where they may have not noticed. She had a belly, but it could’ve easily just been leftover baby weight from Tinleigh…it takes a long time for some girls to lose that belly and that’s what I assumed it was when I first saw it.

    Congrats to her. She seems like she has a good head on her shoulders and I’m not gonna act like because she was on 16&Pregnant, she doesn’t deserve privacy or to change her mind about anything. Imagine if you were always held to the decisions you made when you were 16. It’d be a nightmare.

  11. So that whole date deal on Where Are They Now was just fake? She said she was going on a date with a guy named Jace, they showed the date and of course she talked about not having sex at all…anymore.

  12. Congrats to Sarah and Justin. But seriously, it’s such bad circumstances to get pregnant under. So while her mom was watching HER baby, she was out making another one? Sarah should’ve put her up for adoption. Sorry. Tinleigh now has two half-sisters and she’ll never know one of them.

    1. Never once put Blake’s baby on blast, just just baby momma. I love his new baby too and he knows how to contact me if they ever needed help. You only know PART of what goes on. Maybe you should think of that before commenting things that make no sense.

  13. & if she wants to keep her private life private maybe she should make her twitter and IG private and not do interviews maybe?

      1. I got into a twitter fight with her the other day over this very thing! she was bitching on a PUBLIC forum about not being able to post pictures of her girls on twitter or instagram because the PUBLIC will take them. when i suggested that she make her accounts private, she started yelling that she could post her pictures wherever she wanted!

        i feel sorry for her children! bitch can’t even put on her own makeup never mind properly parent a child or 2!

  14. Sorry Sarah but I call bs that the film crew didn’t notice. If us viewers noticed your round belly in the “Where Are They Now?” special I am sure the crew could tell while filming you. They were probably wondering why weren’t saying anything about it but none of them wanted to be like, “Yeaaaah, so you’re pregnant again, right?”

    1. I noticed her belly…but it really threw me off when they showed her going out on a date with a guy that she wasnt serious with at all. lol

  15. Actually he’s not that much older then her and is really good to her and it’s comments and people who act like you why she choose to keep her life private if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it, you have no idea what he’s like and being rude just makes you look like an ass, if I was her I probably would be even more secretive due to negative like yours! She’s happy and the girls are taken care of keep your nasty comments to yourself!

    1. I’m not a fan of Blake, but doesn’t his baby deserve the same privacy and respect? What she said on the show brought up some negativity towards his child, a child who isn’t responsible for his bad decisions. She flat out lied to make herself look better while completely putting him on blast

  16. Her boyfriend is older but who cares he loves her is gonna be a dad to Tinleigh and Tessly. The fact he is older means he will be able to provide for his kids better. As for Blake he fathers another child but still doesn’t see Tinleigh he should just sign his rights away to her current partner x

    1. AGREE with you Debbie. So what if her boyfriend is older. there are a lot of couples out there that there are bigger age gaps between them. If they care about one another and he treats her and the girls good then what does it truly matter.

    2. First off, we HOPE we will be a dad to the kids. Second, older does not mean he will provide better at all, age doesn’t make a dad, the person he is does.

  17. Ashley, you’re awesome . . .but PLEASE satisfy everyone’s curiosity about the father of her child. So much negativity on the internet. Is the “older” gentleman in the picture the dad? I’ll keep my opinions to myself. 🙂

      1. While his wife was having affairs too? Hahahahahahaha can’t expect the other person to respect boundaries when the people INVOLVED in the marriage aren’t. I didn’t even know he was married until weeks after we were talking.

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