Take a Peek at the Upcoming Season of ‘The Real World: EX-PLOSION’

MTV has released the trailer for the upcoming season of The Real World, which will take place in San Francisco. However, for the first time ever, they’ve added a few twists to the show.

For ‘The Real World 29,’ each of the “seven strangers” will be someone that’s newly single. The kids will enjoy a few moments of fun (and surely at least one hot tub hookup) before ol’ MTV drops the bomb on them: their exes are moving in too!


This is why the season is called ‘The Real World: EX-PLOSION.’

Am I the only one that thinks of a miserable night spent in the bathroom after eating too much Mexican food every time they hear that that title?

Anyway, having your former flame sleeping on the bunk below your new hook-up buddy certainly can cramp your sexy-time style, as one girl tells us.

Must every MTV reality show include a used pregnancy test?
Must every MTV reality show include a used pregnancy test?

“I’ve got my ex-boyfriend here and I’ve got my ‘friends with benefits’ here,” she says.

Mr. Ex-Boyfriend doesn’t appear to be thrilled with the arrangement either.

“I just got done having sex with you and then you jump right in and have sex with somebody else,” he wails.

Aww…. #TrashyPeopleProblems

One thing is for sure– this season of ‘The Real World’ certainly does seem to have its share of ‘Jerry Springer’ moments, what with all the cat fights and girls getting knocked up! (YES!) One of the best things is there’s a girl on the show named Ashley who refers to herself in the third person…imagine that!

Will you be tuning into the new season? It premieres Wednesday, January 15 on MTV.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to this one! Although I still watch, the Real World eps have become pretty boring. This twist will definitely make things more exciting (I hope).

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