EXCLUSIVE: Meet Autumn, the Third Confirmed Girl From “16 and Pregnant” Season 5

season 5
Meet Autumn!

The Ashley was going to save this until after the holidays, but she figured why not  bring you some early underage pregnancy joy right now!?

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that she has discovered the third girl that will be featured on 16 and Pregnant Season 5: Meet Autumn, a 16 year old girl that just gave birth to her son, Drake, on December 17. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.

She will have one of the more interesting story lines this season for sure.

For starters, Autumn is not the only teen mom in her family. Her older sister, Misty, is 18 and just had a baby boy named Jayden in September! (MTV is getting a double-dose of teen pregnancy with this family!) It will be similar to Briana DeJesus‘s ’16 and Pregnant’ story, except that, unlike Briana’s sister Brittany, Autumn’s sister ended up having the baby instead of having an abortion.

season 5
Double pregnancy!

Another unique aspect of Autumn’s story is that she hails from the same town as ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 4 girl Devon Broyles. It does not appear that the girls know each other, but I’m sure Varina, Virginia, is just glowing with pride to have two girls from their town be featured on the show.

Oh, hi, giant MTV camera capturing the birth…

Anyway, back to Autumn: she is still with the baby’s father, Dustin, although they appear to have broken up for a while a few months before the baby was born. They are back together now though, and he, along with MTV cameras, were present for baby Drake’s birth. However, he appears to have a wild streak and an affection for the “wacky tobaccy.” (I can just hear Barbara Evans watching Autumn’s episode: ‘He betta not be gettin’ HIGH! HIGH! near the baby!’)

Autumn, who is a sophomore in high school, has been seen around town filming for her episode, most recently at a local restaurant and clothing store.

Autumn will join Karley Shipley (who is a teen mother to twin girls) and Maddy Godsey on the upcoming season, both of which The Ashley introduced you to this fall.

The Ashley will be introducing more of the Season 5 girls very soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: MTV has finally confirmed the fifth season, and has given it an air date of Tuesday, April 29! Click here to see a sneak peek of one of the episodes!

UPDATE #2: Autumn and Dustin are now engaged! He popped the question earlier this month!


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  1. Two teen pregnancies in the same family. The parents of these teens must have been wonderful and responsible parents and so very proud. Hope these girls do a better job raising their kids than their parents did raising them.

  2. “It does not appear that the girls know each other, but I’m sure Varina, Virginia, is just glowing with pride to have two girls from their town be featured on the show.” … Um no. Varina is not glowing with pride.

  3. Ok..before “Autumn” or “Misty” start talking crap to me, know that I don’t have a deal with either of them, I just think its going to be hard for them to finish growing and doing the things that teens want and like to do with babies. As with ANY teen mom.
    That being said, my husbands family grew up in Varina, and it’s a great place. At least it was about 25 yrs ago when he lived there! My issue besides 2 teen pregnancies in this family wasn’t Autumn. It was Dustin. He acted like a freakin 5 yr old. Comparing $40 bucks for diapers and wipes to how many grams of weed he could get? And playing video games. You guys can get mad or offended if you want to, but if these guys cant give up pot or games to help you, why, why, why would you want to have a baby with them?! It is my hope that he has grown up. But while I was watching the episode last night, I wanted to scream. At least his mom put him in his place. Sorry, we don’t mean to come down so hard on you, but you cant possibly know the road you have ahead of you. Thank God you have supportive family.

    1. At least his mom put him in his place? I think she’s enabling him. Why is he smoking weed and still able to live at home at 16 anyway? Why was there a discussion where he TOLD his mom he’s not sure if he’s ready to give up weed? His mom tried to look big and bad and tough for the cameras, but can’t control that kid. She called the police on him, but then gives in and says not to arrest him. She has zero control over him. If my mom caught me smoking weed at 16, I’d have been out on my butt so fast!

  4. Honestly some of these comments are uncalled for. Some girls have their baby’s at a young age oh well its not your life and their not harming you. I know Autumn and her sister personally and their both AMAZING young moms and are far from white trash. If you have to go so low to get on here and trash a young mother and her family then you need a reality check because these girls have nothing to do with your life and you don’t know anything about them. So before you go judging someone else maybe you should take a look at your life. It seems to me you need a hobby or something to occupy you. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it its as simple as that but don’t go downing someone for being a teen mom just because you have nothing else to do.

    1. As long as this isn’t coming out of my pay cheque. It bothers me when teens are too self-absorbed to use protection and it ends up being tax dollars paying for THEIR child!

  5. And by the way, in that photo on the left..that’s not her sister its angel Welch her bestfriend lmao get your facts straight next time before you get on here trying to look like you know anything about her or where she comes from. Like yeah were from Varina and there’s plenty of us country kids around(: we live in a redneck area. I bet we have more fun taking trucks through the mud then y’all do trying not to crease your Jordan’s so congratulations(:

  6. All of you can get out of autumn and misty and Devon’s face. Pregnancy happens. I personally guarantee nobody on these comments is a virgin. Just because they ended up getting pregnant doesn’t mean the way it happens is any different. You all have done it too. They love their beautiful babies and to be completely honest, its none of your concern if y’all don’t like it. It ain’t your life its theirs. So please feel completely free to shove your nasty comments where they belong.

    1. Uhhh no one said they are virgins on here. The point is to be responsible and take control of your sex life, use multiple forms of protection, and your brain to understand that you have to prevent if you are not in the place to provide an environment for a child. I have “Done it”, but I “did it” with birth control and a condom because I think about the consequences of my actions

    2. I have NEVER had unprotected sex because I was aware of the risks of pregnancy and STDs. At times when I was completely unprepared for a child, I made sure we used 2 forms of protection or I practiced abstinence. Blanket statements about everyone doing it are incorrect.

  7. Yall need to back up off of Autumn, just because she is 16 dosent make a difference I know plenty of “adults” who leave and go party and leave their child at home with there parents, you really shouldn’t judge when you haven’t and won’t ever be in her position…. this is just uncalled for to try and down a teen parent, think twice before you speak once. Autumn you and Dustin have made a beautiful little boy you keep doing you and I hope to meet drake soon (: love and much respect sent your way ♥ muah

  8. I know Autumn personality , and if all you guys think she is white trash and all have no respect. yeah she got pregnant , but she is a great mom and is very happy. for you to bad mouth her mom saying “he mother must be proud have two grand kids in four months”, she is and any other teenagers parents would be yeah maybe a little disappointed but happy. Autumn is a very outgoing person and her sister is also. i don’t know what y’all problem is judging her just because she had a baby when y’all don’t even know her yeah y’all live in the same area doesn’t mean is a bad one. y’all are being so rude and its not right . to me if you have nothing nice to say about her cant even congratulate her then you need to leave and don’t say anything at all . you have no right to sit here and say all them things about her when you don’t even know her or her family so back up because Autumn is my friend and i love her i have her back.

  9. First of all age doesn’t make you a bad mom I’m a great mom. Yes my mom loves both her granbabys. I’m not white trash lol I have more class then half of y’all. My mom would never kick me out she loves and supports me. My sister is a great mom to. And wtf does more camo really mean lmao y’all hate on anything

    1. Well I agree that age doesn’t make you a good parent (there are good and bad young parents and good and bad old parents), age is a factor in the resources that you have to parent a child. There is no way that a teenager can be in the circumstances to raise a child (they almost always have to rely on others); they don’t have a car, house, money for the necessities, medical care, education, etc etc. But I agree, she can be a great mother even at a young age, BUT before girls think “oh age is just a number”, they need to consider how their age would impact them from being a parent (are they in school? do they have a job? etc)

    2. You really need to focus on school. Your grammar and spelling are absolutely atrocious. There is nothing classy about getting knocked up as a teenager and there is nothing classy about poor grammar.

  10. In the picture’s you posted, the girl in the photo to the left with Autumn is not her sister. That is my cousin, Angel. You should probably get your facts straight before posting articles like this..

    1. This is sickening like really. Grow up. Autumn is a wonderful mom. And yall saying shit is ridiculous. At least autumn is growing up unlike you inconsiderate bastards. Obviously she has people to support her and drake so why does it matter how she choses to live her life. Just like autumns sister misty my sister just had a baby at 18 and I see nothing wrong with it. How old were your parents when they had you? 16? 23? 34? Does it matter? Were you planned or were you a mistake? Everyone lives their life differently. No reason to bash on some for starting a family.

  11. I am legitimately ashamed that these people live in the same county as me. This is so crazy. I mean, they DO live on the, er, notsonice side of town, but yeah.

    And seriously? More camo? Come on…

    (Just FYI, they live in Henrico County which is huge so they may not even go to the same school.)

    1. Varina is a very nice side of town for your information. Its rural and middle class. Absolutely beautiful! I am just as ashamed as you are that they are from exactly where I am from, still doesnt make it the wrong side of town. I just dont agree with their life choices that got them in the position in the first place but I pray that they make better choices as parents. And if you read the post it said they were both from Varina. There is only one high school in Varina so they do go to the same school and may just not hang in the same crowd. I graduated a few years ago so I dont know these girls but my younger brother might. Teen pregnancies happen on your side of town too, I promise, they just chose not to air their laundry on national televison. Get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

      1. Atleast someone with some sense on this stupid page.. I live in Varina, and it might not be Beverly Hills, but then again, NOWERE in Henrico is.. So, I hope people like Shannon enjoy their sprawling subdivision in the West End because that’s as good as her simple minded life will ever have it.. I’ll be seeing that girl in Highland Springs when her parents push her out the nest..

    1. AP. For your information, she is proud and loves her grandsons. Also she has nothing to do with us being g pregnant. She didn’t lay down with us nor not help provide contraceptives. And if y’all are so ashamed stop reading on us and taking time out of your day to stress our situations (:

      1. If she were parenting properly and you girls had proper respect you both wouldn’t be pregnant back to back. She o

      2. She obviously wasn’t doing her job as a parent and I can only hope that you two girls do a better job in raising your children.

  12. I don’t understand why all these girls have official fan pages on facebook before their episodes even air? Maybe pasts seasons this has been done though and I just have never noticed?

    1. Although it makes no sense to me either, since at least season 2 most of the 16& Pregnant cast have had an “official fan page” before MTV even confirmed that they would be on the show. The girls from the 16&P season 1 may have had fan pages prior to the season airing too, but I didn’t know about the show until the day that it premiered, so I wouldn’t have noticed.

      Quite a few random pregnant teenagers (and some who probably weren’t even pregnant…or teenagers) had their own “official fan page” falsely claiming to be on whatever season of 16&P was coming next at the time. I remember around the time that 16&P season 2 was airing, a bunch of other pregnant teens or teen parents who were not even claiming to be on the show were making their own “fan pages” and getting thousands of followers for no reason at all.

      1. Good to know. How sad teenagers want to have “fans” for just having a baby as a teenager AND not even having anything to do with MTV

        1. Agreed. That’s the problem. The show is entertaining, but it IS letting these teens know that its cool to get knocked up, cause you get to be MTV and get a fat paycheck if you are one of the “chosen” ones for Teen Mom! What great aspirations.

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