‘Couples Therapy’ Dr. Jenn Berman Says Farrah Abraham ‘Desperately Needed Therapy’

Farrah could also use a muzzle...just sayin'
Farrah could also use a muzzle…just sayin’

Apparently Dr. Jenn Berman and The Ashley have something in common (other than our love of cashing in on trainwreck celebrities, of course): we both think Farrah Abraham needs therapy– badly!

The doctor, who will “coach” our favorite “Backdoor Teen Mom” on the upcoming season of Couples Therapy, recently sat down with The TV Page to give her insight on Farrah, and according to the doc’s medical opinion, she’s just as screwed up as we all thought.

“What I found was that this was a woman who desperately needed therapy,” Dr. Jenn told the site. “I felt that she did such authentic therapy and this was a woman so in need of therapy that there was no question in my mind that we did great work.”

As The Ashley revealed a few weeks ago, several people from Farrah’s past–including ex-boyfriends and family members–were flown in for the taping, which took place in November, to fill the supposed void left by Farrah’s “boyfriend” of five months, Brian Dawe. According to Farrah, Brian was supposed to go on the show with her but bailed at the last minute, a story that Dr. Jenn is also spewing.

“The boyfriend, spoke at length with producers, did pre-interviews, had a plane ticket, the whole thing…He was flown in but he never showed up,” she said. “So [Farrah] arrived not even knowing that he wasn’t coming. She reached out to him and he didn’t respond to her. I am kind of limited with what I am allowed to say, but he really surprised all of us. When she walked in I sat down with her and said, ‘What do you know?’ And she said, ‘He is not returning my calls.’ She was really, genuinely distraught and confused—as were my staff and producers.”

The Ashley highly doubts that Farrah and Brian were ever romantically involved. (The girl Keeks when she takes a crap, don’t you think we’d have heard something about this dude after five months of them dating? Puh-lease!) However, it does appear that at least some of this story might be true. One thing that did happen was that Brian fled Los Angeles in early-November, right around the time filming began.

He flew to Orlando on November 8, tweeting a few things that were obviously directed at Farrah and the producers of the show.


Conveniently, he also has ties to VH-1, having starred on his own reality show, Master of the Mix, which focused on his job as a DJ.

Anyway, Dr. Jenn feels that Farrah was helped by appearing on ‘Couples Therapy.’

“One of the cool things about Farrah is once Farrah realized how [truthful] the therapy is — which she realized rather quickly — she was saying ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to do.  I don’t want to live my life like this anymore,'” Dr. Jenn told the site.

To read all of the crazy things Dr. Jenn said about Farrah and her ‘boyfriend,’ as well as what else we will see on the show this season, click here! Apparently, The Ashley isn’t the only person that thinks the whole story of why Farrah is on the show by herself is a sham. The writer that interviewed Dr. Jenn thinks so too! Click here to read what he said after the interview.

(Photo: VH-1)


  1. I used to pity Farrah when she was younger.
    Nowadays, I fast fwd past any (& all) portions of any episode with Farrah in it/them. Her sharing of her thoughts, thought processing, & especially behaviors are too repugnant to view. I HAVE to fwd past the “Farrah experiences” because to witness such negative energy actually ‘contaminates’ my mental & physical well-being. It’s clear she has that effect on millions of viewers. It is a shame she has such little RESPECT for herself in being so unbecoming to her dignity as a human being.

    The manner in which Farrah CHOOSES to “be in the world” is just simply “sad”. That is not to say she is undeserving of empathy. Perhaps w/the destined eventual consequences of her choices in life, Farrah NEEDS the prayers of all willing, so that one day, she will become aware that the work she has invested on the OUTSIDE cannot (& will not) repair the “ugly” within her spirit? For her sake, her daughter’s, her (God Bless them) parents & the rest of the world ….. the sooner she works on her ugly spirit INSIDE ….. the better!
    Here’s a prayer blessing of healing for Farrah :)!

  2. I totally agree.. Such a narcissistic personality and soo arrogant.. I just cant believe it! Everything she says sounds mean and demeaning

    1. From everything I have learned about personality disorders,which honestly is not very much I’ve taken a few college classes on them. The problem with people who have them is they do not realize they have the problem. I truly believe she has narcissistic personality disorder. I feel so bad for her daughter

      1. I agree after seeing a few things to its clear to me that id she does not have narcissistic personality disorder then she is just narcissistic. She really does not appear to be able to see things from anyone elses point, she has no empathy, feels she is always right and has such a sense of entitlement and superiority.
        There are less than a handful of people i despise but she is one of them. The way she goes off at everyone as though they make bad decisions esp when they are having a baby like she has any grounds to offer advice. She is clearly a lier and is underhanded. I feel so bad for her daughter the cicle continues

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