Fans Not Thrilled With ‘Project Runway All Stars’ Winner

There, now you can't complain about spoilers. This photo has all three of them.
There, now you can’t complain about spoilers. This photo has all three of them.

SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned!

The finale of Project Runway All Stars aired last night, and this morning The Ashley had a chance to interview the season’s winner, Seth Aaron Henderson! Seth Aaron, who is the first two-time winner of the franchise, was certainly not the fan favorite: only about 30 percent of the viewers polled said the judges “got it right” by choosing Seth Aaron over fellow designers Korto Momolu and Elena Slivnyak.

Still, Seth Aaron is thrilled with his win.

“You can’t please everyone,” he told The Ashley, adding that this win means more because of the quality of designers he was up against.

“Everybody on this season was top-notch,” he said. “When you go into a []regular][ season, there are usually a bunch of people you can eliminate right away, so it’s really you going against three or four designers. On ‘All Stars,’ everyone is incredible. I won against the best and they were all top of their fields.”

To read The Ashley’s full interview with Seth Aaron (in which he talks about which challenges he thought sucked this season), click here!


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  1. Eww, he was so trite. He and his line look like he had a midlife crisis in the middle of a Hot Topic. Honestly PR All stars is barely worth watching anymore with Alyssa Milano sucking the life out of everything, apparently blind judges, and losing Joanna as a mentor.

  2. Seth Aaron totally deserved it, from day one of the season to the runway show, he was clearly the best. Korto did some really pretty things, but no real innovation.

  3. Seth Aaron totally deserved the win. Let the fans decide? A professional eye is really needed, construction, fabric quality, design all needs to be seen up close. Issac M is a darling, so much nicer than M. Kors.

  4. My deep disappointment with the show and judges can’t even be explained via this medium; I truly wish they would let the fans call in and choose the winner in the future season. Oh and dispose of Issac miserable…. Thnx.

  5. The show was stolen from korto she designed well and executed well. Also, remember like u did with Elena the had 4 days and she designed all wearable items that appealed to different shaped women and she succeeded in making u emotionally attached , a judge said it himself I wonder what their delegates thought. Probably won’t watch again after watching all the project runway shows. Tuia

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