Snooki Reveals the Real Reason She Stopped Drinking

Jersey Shore
Um…when did Jionni start dating Cher?

There’s no doubt that Nicole “Snooki Polizzi has come a long way since her Jersey Shore days of being a sloppy drunk. Anyone that follows her social media accounts can see that, since her son Lorenzo was born in 2012, Snooki’s more concerned with working out and being a mom than getting sloshed in  “da club” and being a general social degenerate.

However, in her new book, Baby Bumps, she reveals that her transformation from sloppy drunk to super mom didn’t exactly happen overnight. In fact, after one boozy girl’s night out, she says that her fiance, Jionni LaValle, called her a “horrible mom and fiance,” kicked her out of their house basement, and threatened to send her to rehab!

“About a month after Lorenzo was born, I went on a girls’ night out ,” she wrote. “In the limo to the club, we popped open a bottle of Champagne and had more vodka.”

Things only got worse from there, and eventually, Nicole writes that she ended up blacking out. The next day, she was informed of what she had done– all while MTV cameras rolled for her reality show!

“Apparently, I managed to pack a lot of trouble into just a few hours, giving all the girls a lap dance, making out with, er, everyone…I knew it had been filmed and that Jionni would find out the truth,” she wrote of the incident, which ended up making an episode shown during Season 2 of Snooki & JWOWW.

While the episode did show Snooki admitting her actions to her fiance via text, Snooki writes that Jionni was actually a lot more angry than it was shown on the episode.

“He scooped up Lorenzo and said, ‘Stay away from me,'” adding that Jionni also texted her that she was ‘a coward and a horrible mother and fiancé.’

“He stormed into the room, and said, ‘Pack your bags and get out’…Jionni had also mentioned something about rehab,” she wrote.

One thing The Ashley noticed, in watching that episode back, is that MTV tried to blur out parts of Nicole’s text to Jionni. If you look very closely (and have an HD TV) you can make out what the text actually says, which is basically that she needs to tell him something on camera but she wanted to warn him before they filmed. The next sentence of the text says that she knows he’s going to be mad and that they can talk about it more after the cameras are gone, but that he shouldn’t yell at her while the cameras are there.

Nice try with the blurring, MTV! Better luck next time!

Obviously, Snooki did not end up going to rehab (or Hotel Lindsay Lohan, as it’s more commonly called). Instead, she says she  promised to clean up her life and make some big changes.

“I vowed then and there that I’d stop drinking,” she writes. “I didn’t ever want to fight like that with Jionni again. It was f**king scary.”

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