Jef Holm Says Juan Pablo Is ‘By Far the Sleaziest Bachelor’

"Who no one like Juan Pablo?"
“Who no one like Juan Pablo?”

It’s safe to say that Jef Holm is not a fan of current Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis. Jef, who proposed to Emily Maynard on her season of The Bachelorette, trashed the Latin loverboy during a recent interview with Us Weekly, informing us that he’s not the only member of the ‘Bachelor’ alum family that thinks Juan Pablo’s a “yoke.”

“I’ve had the chance to talk to a few of the girls from his season who have been at events and things, and I mean there are very few good things that have been said about him,” Jef told the magazine. “I actually don’t know of any good things that have been said about him.”

Well, he is the first ‘Bachelor’ ever to have two of his final five girls dump him!
Anyway, Jef went on to scold Juan Pablo for his habit of tongue-mauling many of the girls on his season.
“I know a lot of the guys from the show, and you can kind of tell the guys who are doing it for good reasons… [the ones] who really want to find somebody,” Jef said. “He likes the attention, he likes the fame, he likes the girls to kiss him and hang out, and I just think people read through it a lot.”

He finished up his slam-fest by rewarding Juan Pablo with a very special title.
“I think he’s by far the sleaziest Bachelor that’s been on the show,” Jef said. “He basically just hooks up with the girls.”

According to a recent report by Reality Steve, Jef was in the audience during the Women Tell All special taping on Friday, and witnessed Juan Pablo being bashed by many of the girls that were previously competing for his love.
“The focus seemed to turn on Juan Pablo and basically what a sh**ty ‘Bachelor’ he was,” Steve writes. “Whether or not that gets edited out, I don’t know. But a few women voiced their opinions on him saying he didn’t seem to spend enough time with them when he promised he would, and that he didn’t take an interest in a lot of them. Exactly, because he didn’t have an interest in many of them.”
(Photo: ABC)

  1. My DVR didn’t record the fantasy suite episode. Please tell me there’s a recap for that one! Help me, the Ashley! You’re my only hope!

  2. I just found your hilarious recaps a couple weeks ago and have wondered where it has been all my life. Love it! I’ve been anxiously awaiting your commentary on Juan Pabs dramatic Hometown dates, explosive Fantasy Suite Overnights–or more accurately, the ‘default’ debacle–and finally WTA, where the ladies confront the most controversial Bachelor ever (all adjectives supplied by Chris Harrison)!! The Ashley is seriously slackin’ and many Bachelor viewers depend on you to help them process the fast paced, complex plot lines so get your priorities straight! The rest of us are craving the belly laughs that your wit and sarcasm brings. 🙂

    1. @Marie hahahah yes, you are right! The Ashley has been behind with the recaps. Typically there is never a recap of Women/Men Tell All, but I will be back recapping the finale for sure!!

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