Even VH-1 Is Making Fun of Farrah Abraham…

So much for standing behind their “star”– now even VH-1, the network that runs Couples Therapy, is making fun of Farrah Abraham in a new video montage.

The Teen Mom-turned-adult film star is known for her “ugly cry face” almost as much as her backdoor p0rno, but on the current season of ‘Couples Therapy,’ she is trying out a new trademark: the whisper cry!

Farrah “fights through fake tears” to try to eek out a few words to explain her “pain and suffering.” Over the past few episodes, she has made it a habit to start talking and then just coast right into a ridiculous whisper all while her co-stars react with hilarious faces!

Which crying Farrah do you prefer: Ugly Cry Face Farrah or Whisper Cry Farrah? Collect them all!




  1. I am so glad to know I’m not the only one that is so annoyed by the whisper cry! We’ve all done it, but hers is constant, maybe because she is so full of sh** she has trouble saying the lies out loud?! Hmmmm…..

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