EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham Reveals Her Feelings About Ex Daniel Alvarez’s Appearance on ‘Couples Therapy’

daniel and farrah couples therapyOn tonight’s episode of Couples Therapy, Farrah Abraham will welcome a very special guest to the therapy room– her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez! The couple, who split in 2011 during a disastrous trip to Daniel’s hometown of Austin, Texas, has not spoken since the day Farrah accused Daniel of hacking her Twitter post-breakup. (This, of course, was not true.)

When The Ashley interviewed Daniel last month, he told her that he was approached by the show’s producers to come and give Farrah some advice.

“I agreed to appear on the show because I saw an opportunity for me to clear the air regarding Farrah and I’s past relationship,” Daniel told The Ashley exclusively. “In addition and most importantly, I felt it was a good time to give Farrah some direct and honest feedback on what I experienced during our time together.”

Anyway, The Ashley had a chance to actually interview Farrah about Daniel’s “surprise” appearance on ‘Couples Therapy’ and, for once, she actually had some nice things to say.

“I have to say, you know, bringing in an ex-boyfriend was actually a learning experience so maybe I can learn from my past,” she told The Ashley on the red carpet of the OK! Pre-Grammy Party in January.

She also claims that she had no clue that she would be coming face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend that day.

“I didn’t know until it happened,” she said. “There were a lot of surprises this ‘Couples Therapy’ and most of them kept happening to me.”

Although it’s unlikely that they’ll show it, Daniel says that Farrah refused to shake his hand when he extended it to her after the segment was taped.

(If you really want to know what happened between the two of them, pick up The Ashley’s book, Teen Mom Confidential, which contains all the yummy behind-the-scenes tales about Farrah’s atrocious behavior during the period they filmed the last season of ‘Teen Mom’!)

Watch a preview clip of tonight’s episode in which Daniel tries to give Farrah some constructive criticism. (Her faces in this scene are just priceless!)


(Photo: VH1)

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  1. Farrah is the worst! I just watched her special, Being Farrah. She is still clueless about how her own actions have precipitated her troubles. The more she tries to sound like a good involved mother, the more she sounds like she has no idea about what she’s doing. And as for her constant denial about her sex tape, no one is buying her lies. The lies will catch up with her. She’s vapid, arrogant, and cruel to her family. It’s sad but Sophia is going to have to work really hard not to be anything like her mother.

  2. It irritates me to no end when people use I instead of me in every situation to sound smart. You can’t pluralize the word I… There is no such thing as the word “I’s”… I couldn’t even read on after “Farrah and I’s relationship…”

    1. He wasn’t trying to pluralize it. There’s an apostrophe there, meaning the s was possessive. Maybe you should review the grammar rules before trying to criticize someone else for it.

  3. what I don’t get is the “therapist” told her she was proud of her good work, right after Farrah disrespected Daniel by not shaking his hand. What good work did she do? The therapist didn’t want him to say any specifics, which was stupid, because she needed to hear the specifics, on how disrespectul she was at his family dinner, saying his step mom was too old to get pregnant. And her constant insistance on marriage after their 3rd date

  4. I read that she was very disrespectful to a fast food employee in Austin (which really bothered Daniel) and I really want to know the details of that situation!

  5. I just watched Being Farrah… oh lawds… You should do some reviewing of those specials!

    PS – What is going on with Maci lately? It seems her Twitter is kind of locked down to sponsored posts….

  6. is she really this clueless!! I’m just glad someone finally told her the truth cuz he is right on when he is describing her

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