‘Teen Mom 2’ Cancelled Despite Filming Still Taking Place? Here’s the Real Deal…

If you think the girls look less-than-thrilled, you should hear what the crew thinks!
If you think the girls look less-than-thrilled, you should hear what the crew thinks!

Teen Mom 2 is currently in the middle of its fifth season, and today, Radar Online ran an article stating that the show had been cancelled. According to an insider, “There is no season 6 of Teen Mom 2. Season 5 is the girls’ last season.”

Of course, this story is a bit confusing, as the girls of ‘Teen Mom 2’ have been posting photos to their social media accounts that clearly show members of the show’s film crew in the background. Why, if the show is being cancelled after the existing episodes air, would there still be camera crews following Chelsea Houska, Kail Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Leah Calvert?

Because Radar only got it half correct.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal what the hell is really going on with ‘Teen Mom 2.’ She reached out to a member of the show’s crew to get the low-down on whether or not the show will continue.

The source tells The Ashley that MTV is planning on doing a Season 5A and Season 5B (similar to how they split the second season of 16 and Pregnant back in 2010.)

“There are going to be 25 episodes total in Season 5, which is just ridiculous,” the source said. “It’s not because they want to end the show with high ratings for Season 5. The show always has high ratings. It all comes down to money, and adding another official season would mean re-contracting all of the show’s workers and the stars.”

According to the production source, MTV’s money-saving tactic didn’t exactly sit well with some of the crew.

“Most people that work on the show just want to get it done with and move on with their lives,” the source said. “This is not the easiest show to work on.”

The source tells The Ashley that, although he/she didn’t know the specifics yet, the show’s producers are planning on doing a separate reunion for Season 5B. When that tapes, that may be the final episode for the series.

Some of the things that will be featured on Season 5B include Kail’s 22nd birthday and Jenelle’s on-going legal issues with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Courtland Rogers. The girls each posted photos recently that show a film crew capturing the Kodak moments of these events. Also up for review on Season 5B? Chelsea’s baby-daddy, Adam Lind‘s recent car crash and the resulting legal issues.

Are you excited for Season 5B? Sound off in the comments!

UPDATE: Radar’s “source” just added something about there being a Season 5A and 5B to their story. Hmm….I wonder where they got that info?

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  1. Oh my word. I so don’t want this show to end. I love these girls, and I am always thinking about them. I watched teen mom 1 and 3 as will but teen mom 2 was the best. Please don’t take this show off the air.

  2. If MTV MUST cancel a pregnancy show, cancel 16 & Pregnant! Teen Mom is better than that show because we are watching these girls grow up and be moms. We have followed these girls and they are used to cameras and all, whereas with 16 & Pregnant, they have to find the right girls to be on the show, follow them around until they pop, and do follow ups and crap. To me, 16 & Pregnant would be promoting pregnancy more than Teen Mom. I wasn’t crazy about Teen Mom 3, but 1 & 2 were great. I hope it isn’t the end!

  3. I love this show I wish it was not ending the girls on teen mom 2 are the best and I love watching them I wish MTV network would not stop filming Teen Mom 2 But love the girls on here hope you mom’s have the best of life with your kids love you guy’s and you well be missed…. <3

  4. I am sorry I like the show and all but what makes these girls anymore special than anybody else I was a teen when I had my first child and have not acted the way any of these girls have they are parents stop with the dramacated crap. Think of the kids that are involved. Good show though

  5. MTV Please don’t cancel teen mom 2 !!! We love it and feel like these girls are now a part of our family!! We just want to watch them as they become young adults and the kids grow and begin school! I could watch this everyday till they are grown!!!

  6. its about time. Kail needs her privacy now and live a quiet life with her new husband and new baby.
    jenelle, repeated mistakes and so much disrespect with one another, its drama with no change. no life changing for her. chelsea, she is a good mom but kind of stupid. move on. do you and for your baby.
    leah, she is looking for an excuse on national television to divorce her second husband. she is acting like a bitch. not smart and using the word ” like” her sentences don’t even make sense. she don’t make sense. I stopped watching the show already. also, i can see the outcome on tweeter. I don’t need to wait for the show anymore. they post everything on tweeter. the show became boring after that. I already knew what happens next.

  7. It’s about time. If anyone is gonna miss this show let me tell u what seasons 6, 7 & 8 would have been like… Jenelle goes to court because drugs, Kaylyn goes back to court because her husband is moving, which is really shocking because he’s in the military and that never happens. Leah goes to divorce court and gets married…again. And Chelsea goes to custody court and realizes that she can’t control her ex-boyfriends reproductive tendencies. Thank god I can start watching something else Tuesday nights. Btw, good work on the exclusive Ashleys.

    1. Kail will bitch and fight PCS’ing after 2 years, because you can and will move every 2 years in the military, and she will say it’s not fair she was told they would be there for 6, and what will they do with the house.

  8. GREAT NEWS! It’s long overdue. They aren’t doing anything remarkable with their lives, yes they have children, so did Gloria Allred and Hilary Clinton, and Gloria was a single mother. Gloria didn’t have the gifts these girls have had. She put herself through college, became a teacher then put herself through law school and well the rest is HISTORY. She did this while being a SINGLE mother. These girls should all be ashamed of themselves. They should be thankful it’s over, so they can fade way into obscurity, and run for cover. I’m so glad this garbage will be off the air sooner before later, good riddance!

    1. Pat..seriously? Do you really think the girls watching this show give a crap about Gloria Allred and Hilary Clinton? I watch this show and could give two poops about them. I watch this show for entertainment and drama. Kind of like soap operas. I LOVE The Ashley’s recaps. This show is not about politics or anything super serious like wars or elections. Its a good escape for me..I laugh, I cry, and then I move on.

  9. I love this show i have watched every episode plez dont take it of plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noooooooooooo

  10. I hope the show never goes off the air please keep it on and I also hope we get to see more of teen mom 1

  11. Golly! I’ve never ever got so addict items to reality tv. And neve would I have thought the first one I did would be “teen mom 2”. Yes they are not teens anymore. But for some reason I find myself wondering what is going on with Leah and the twins! Or Chelsea and Aubrey! Has jenelle actually grown up! Javi and kail have they had orders to move yet? Does joe still go against it all! Guess I’ll read it in a review of some sorts!! I’ll miss you 4 ladies!!! Beats al teen moms.. Never got into watching the others!!

  12. Seen it on RadarOnline earlier, knew if I came to this site it would tell what was really going on! Thanks Ashley! Love your site!

  13. I am sure the girls are ready to be done but I will miss them sharing their lives with us. I love this show!

  14. Those girls aren’t teen anymore, and they cannot go on filming for ever, so I think that now would be a good time to end it, when fans are still asking for more and the ratings are still high, then when everybody will be tired to see their mug on TV.

    At this point it’s just time that they pull the plug on the hole franchise and give a spin-off to the only deserving person on the show, and that is Babs.

    1. Barbara is the LAST person who deserves her own show. She didn’t really have a place on this one because she was NOT the teen mom Jenelle was. Yes Jenelle has problems we all know that but the girl has changed no thanks to her psycho mother. Jace swears the way he does because of Barbara that can not be given a thumbs up. Nothing she has done has been good for her daughter or her grandson. Yes if it weren’t for her he would have ended up in the foster care system blah blah blah maybe he would have been better off being in the foster care system for a while he cerainly would have turned out better that way than saying fuck every other word like dear ol babs does. I mean COME ON! That is NOT how a 4 year old should talk nor is that what he should be hearing come out of his grandmothers mouth especially when it comes to his own mother. If he has a hatred for his mother when he is older god forbid its on BARBARA NOT JENELLE.

      1. You realise I am joking right ? Like when I say my dream vacation is to cruise all the walmart deli’s of the great land of NC in the hope of finding babs and hear her raspy wino voice mutter ” HAHM OR TURKAY YOUNG LADY”

        Ok I am lying, that is my dream vacation

  15. i wish it wasnt ending i want to see how jace reacts to the new baby when he is born. i will definitely miss seeing babs on my tv screen. i think mtv should do a show with her and jace :] you should pitch it to them theashley

  16. I hope it will never end I watched all 16 b pregnant and teen moms show it is part of reasons why I still have no kids jus watching these show make u realize it get tough being a teen mom !

  17. I hope the take some of the girls and just have their own shows. I would love to watch Leah and Corey’s story and kailynn too!!

  18. I’m excited for a season 5B (mainly because I’m addicted to The Ashley’s hilarious reviews) but it’s pretty crappy to split season 5 into two parts because MTV is too cheap to re-contract the crew.

    Thanks for clearing this all up! The Ashley is the best!

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