The ‘American Idol’ Alum Girls All Share the Same Scarf

Work it, girls!

Several American Idol alum joined judge Jennifer Lopez on stage on Thursday night to perform her new single, “I Luh Ya Papi.” (No, seriously, that’s actually what the song is called. And, to answer your next question, it’s twice as bad as you’re thinking it would be.)

Anyway, Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano and Jessica Sanchez were all part of Thursday’s “Papi-ness,” although they didn’t technically perform the song with J-Lo. (The acting in the beginning of the clip is literally painful to watch.)

Allison and Pia have more in common than just singing bad songs with Jennifer Lopez, though. They, along with fellow ‘Idol’ alum Jordin Sparks, apparently all share clothing. All three girls randomly have the exact same scarf. In these photos, the girls have all styled their yellow scarf differently but it is indeed the exact same scarf.

The Ashley did some research and found out it is the Sholdit Clutch Wrap, which is a scarf/purse-like contraption that holds all your stuff but looks like a scarf. (Surely the girls each carry a pair of earplugs in their scarf, just in case that God-awful ‘Luh Ya Papi’ J-Lo song comes on the radio!)

The Ashley likes the fact that she would be able to hide all of her necessities for an evening out on the town in her scarf, such as a medium-sized flask full of vodka, a camera just in case she catches a celeb doing something embarrassing and Goldfish crackers because, hey, even The Ashley needs snack treats! This is like a fanny pack for your neck! (But fanny packs are still hip…right?)



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