Corey Simms’ Wife Miranda Responds to Leah Calvert’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Cheating Bombshell

"Thanks a lot, Leah!"
“Thanks a lot, Leah!”

Leah Calvert shocked the Teen Mom 2 world on last night’s Reunion special when she revealed that her ex-husband, Corey Simms has had a hard time keeping it in his pants, even though he’s been married to his second wife, Miranda, since June of last year! Leah told the audience and everyone’s favorite silver fox, Dr. Drew, that Corey was trying to get her back right up until she walked down the aisle for the second time!

“A week before we got married he kept texting me and texting me and he’s like ‘I miss my family’” Leah said. “And he told me way too much stuff about him and Miranda.”

That “stuff”, according to Leah, included details on how Corey would cheat on Miranda early on their relationship.

“Cory always looks like the good guy,” Leah told the audience. “When him and Miranda got together the first time he was out cheating on her. It wasn’t just me…[Miranda] knows that. [Corey] told me she knows that. But she doesn’t know that I know that.”

Miranda (who, as The Ashley has stated over and over again, is way too hot and sweet to be wrapped up with this redneck “Ross and Rachel” saga) had a few things to say about Leah’s bombshell. She took to her Twitter to respond.

“Don’t believe everything you hear,” she tweeted after the show aired. She then retweeted her friend Cody’s tweet, saying that “People wanna steal others happiness.”

She followed that up with a longer tweet, letting fans know that she isn’t worried about what Leah revealed on the show.

“Love this life God has created for me. So excited about the future that he has planned for me & my Husband and our family! #Loved #Blessed #Thankful,” she tweeted, adding, “Who you are is who you trust.”

For what it’s worth, The Ashley thinks it was a classless move on Leah’s part to discuss a couple’s private issue (even if she knew about it.) The cheating, if it did indeed happen, took place before their marriage and at the beginning of their relationship, and Miranda has obviously moved past it. Leah had no right to drag out Corey’s dirty laundry on national TV just to make her own cheating look more acceptable.

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  1. I always had the feeling there were still feelings between Corey and Leah. Don’t really like his new wife but that’s just a gut feeling on my part.

  2. I think Leah is one of those people that A-one oyster being the victim and having people feel sorry for her and B-day st want Corey but doesn’t want anyone else to have him and be happy either. She kind of seems like a toxic person and drama bringer even though she tries to play innocent. She is still very immature even though she has grown up a bit through the seasons.

  3. Remember she was thinking about going back to Corey but ended bck wit Jeremy bt I didn’t get to see why she chose jeremy

  4. Leah is just mad that her husband works far away from home and she never gets any d… She just wants Corey to be as miserable as her. She needs to grow up

  5. Why are yall getting on leah? She doesnt want attention! Its her life! And your not her and you dont go through what she goes through especially with ali. Dont judge someone you dont know.

    1. Leah doesn’t want attention? Then why is she on a TV that documents her life? She also will totally tweet stuff that subtly slams Corey or she’ll have her family members do her dirty work.

      Just because Leah has a daughter with medical issues doesn’t mean that she is a saint.

      How many husbands has she now cheated on? How many families has she wrecked because she is addicted to Robbie’s D?

      Don’t judge people for judging Leah! She has chosen to put her life and actions on TV and the audience responding and opining is a natural consequence.

    2. You’re exactly right tbh. Corey was a dirty dog, she got dragged through the mud and it was aired and his didn’t but they got paid the same amount it’s comical that everyone thought he was like this hero that did everything right when in reality she did everything for his kids on top of raising another and did this for years before she had her breakdown which anyone who’s been through similar issues understands. And the fact that she said she didn’t air it because she didn’t want the drama but I’m sure she got resentful when he put on the front of her being bad and doing this and that wrong so Dr. Drew asked 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  6. She may have said something to make herself look better (she has caught a lot of flack for cheating on Corey), it completely backfired. Even if he is cheating on Miranda right now, it doesn’t change what SHE did. And it definitely doesn’t make it any better. But putting something that Corey and Miranda wanted to keep private (not to mention she wanted to keep private…at least so she says), just makes her look even worse. I really try to like this girl but every time her mouth opens I am reminded just how self absorbed she is and I can’t….I JUST CANT!!!

  7. Leah is just going to keep making the same mistake. She got with Corey before she was over Robbie and now she’s with Jeremy before she’s over Corey. I don’t doubt Corey has or still is cheating on Miranda. If you watch the show it’s clear he isn’t as into her as she is into him and it’s sad. Miranda doesn’t deserve that. Now Leah and Corey are stuck in forced marriages because they want to put up a front of happiness. Hopefully Leah doesn’t get another divorce, get married again and then have yet another baby.

  8. It’s a classless act and she should have known better. I am assuming she did it in an vindictive manner as she says people always think Corey is the good guy. From what we’ve seen, he is still the good guy – pays way more child support for weekend visits, took care of Leah when she got pregnant and stepped up to become a good father.

  9. For leah isn’t a whore ppl do dumb stuff when they r goin though a lot and I wouldn’t put it pass cory bc idc wat anyone as to say he still loves her and she is happy and her girls are to maybe ppl like yall need to stop callin ppl bitchs and hoes yall sound like a much of hood rats just saying

  10. I think it is true if you watch the way Corey still looks at Leah and stuff people say she is a drama queen people have feelings don’t judge unless you are in her shoes

    1. In her shoes? She has tons of money thanks to the TV show. She has a great ex husband and was lucky to find an even better guy who wants to take care of her and her babies. She has a loving family she has fans (no idea why) and she has 3 lovely girls of which one is sick but is also a very smart cookie. But all this is not good enough for Mrs Needy. I have never seen a more selfish person in my life and that says something. I can assure you she will divorce one day and before her divorce is final will be pregnant of her third baby’s father.

  11. She said it was a week before HE got married, not Leah. Chelsea even asked his wedding, and she said yes his wedding. The girl is crazy either way, but just wanted to correct it so we get the right crazy!!

  12. I feel like Leah did that specifically to make herself look better. There was no reason for her to discuss anything about Corey and Miranda’s relationship. I’m sure she has said things to Corey while she was with Jeremy that he probably didn’t reveal, and she better hope that Corey doesn’t decide to do the same thing back to her. That was very classless.

  13. ALSO…yes, Miranda is WAY to pretty and sweet for this trainwreck drama! But she gets even more respect from me for not stooping to Leah’s level and trash talking.


      1. Well then Leah doesn’t need to be publicly trashing other people. She shouldn’t point fingers when she has three pointing back at her

      2. This is a joke right? Like u are trying to mock Leah bc she says “peoples” instead of people? If so then ur just as classless and unfunny as her. Ass

      3. Get a life? How about you do something other than monitoring what people say about leah.

        I’m watching an episode of Teen Mom 2 where Addie is in a high chair (instead of an upside down bucket!) eating cheese puffs with orange residue all over her mouth. Leah asks her if she is drunk on cheetohs. What a great mom-feeding her infant crap like cheese puffs! I’ve watched the twins eating cheese puffs off of Leah’s dirty living room floor. Disgusting!

        Think about who you’re defending, seriously!

  14. Leah will never be happy no matter who she’s with. Maybe if she had multiple husbands who didn’t work who she could cheat on and buy her crappy hair extensions… Just maybe…

  15. As usual the dirty whore Leah wants all the attention on herself. I don’t believe any of this….and even if it is true, it’s none of Leah’s business. She’s just upset Corey doesn’t want her anymore….

  16. Too much DRAMA with Leah and Corey. Poor Corey, he isn’t trying to get back with Leah anymore and she is still pooping on him constantly. Miranda just needs to take it with a grain of salt if she trusts Corey. For petey’s sake, Dr. Drew shouldn’t have urged her to say anything bad. At first, he was like a shoulder to cry on, now he’s just like MTV, trying to get them to say controversial crap.

  17. Leah just loves drama. She and her family has always sold stories trying to justify Leah’s infidelity and to make Corey look like a POS. We have yet to see Corey bash Leah and I applaud him.

    She says Corey always looks like the good guy. First of all Corey is barely on the show. Most of the parts shown are him picking up his kids from Leah or he’s playing tickle monster with them so of course he’s going to look like the good guy.

    Leah sits on her ass bitching and complaining while her kids scoot around on the floor eating cheetos and lunchables. ALi:”This isn’t food!”

    Miranda doesn’t want to be friends with Leah because she sees Leah is nothing but drama. Miranda is too classy for all that.

    I feel like this whole thing was a set up. I think her and jeremy both planned on bringing that up when Corey wasn’t around…
    I feel bad for them Kids. After that, I know there will be some ill feelings whenever the 4 of them gotta get together..I hope Corey rips her a new one. Enough is enough.

  18. It’s none of Leah’s business. Unless she was the one Corey cheated with (I wouldn’t put it past her but I am not clear based on the way Leah said it) then why is she even talking about it? It has nothing to do with her. If Dr. Drew was a real therapist he wouldn’t have let her share any secrets about another person (especially one who could not confirm or deny said actions) on national tv. It’s all around despicable for everyone involved in the interview.

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