“16 and Pregnant” Star Maddy Godsey Answers Fans’ Questions About Her Episode

16 and pregnant season 5
Maddy is now a brunette!

The fifth season of 16 and Pregnant premiered last night with an explosive episode featuring Illinois teen Maddy Godsey, who after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, got pregnant with a guy she hooked up with on the rebound.

That guy, Cody Jensen, gave Maddy mixed signals throughout her pregnancy: he claimed he wanted to be with Maddy, yet failed to be there for her while she was pregnant. (Don’t worry if you missed the episode last night; The Ashley will be doing her best to recap each episode this season!)

Before last night’s episode aired, Maddy took to her social media accounts to give her fans some background about what was really happening during filming between her and Cody, and provide details on why she made some of the choices that she did.

“Before everyone sees the show, I just wanna point some things out so I don’t seem like a HUGE bitch lol,” she posted on Monday night. “It’s hard to fit everything into an hour show so some things may have gotten cut out!”

Maddy provided an update on her life today and answered questions about where things stand with Cody. Obviously, this is only Maddy’s side of the story, but, based on what we saw last night, it seems to be based on truth.

Does Cody still see baby Aubrey?

“He hasn’t asked about or seen Aubrey since she was 2 months old,” Maddy wrote. “He said it isn’t worth seeing her if he can’t take her overnight. Yet, he has a pot plant growing in the backyard knowing that could get her taken away. She doesn’t even know who he is, and she’s not getting in the car with someone who is uninsured.”

According to Maddy, Cody’s parents do not see Aubrey either and will not return her calls.

Why didn’t Maddy give Aubrey Cody’s last name?

As we saw on the episode, Cody wasn’t exactly Expectant Father of the Year, which is why Maddy chose to give Aubrey her last name instead of Cody’s.

“I didn’t give Aubrey his last name because he hasn’t shown me he deserved it,” Maddy wrote. “He wasn’t around financially or emotionally for me or Aubrey.”

Did Maddy get pregnant on purpose?

Um, no. As she told a fan on Twitter, “If I was gonna get pregnant on purpose, I’d pick any other father in the world.”

Why did Cody and Maddy break up?

“Cody was not around for the first 7 1/2 months of my pregnancy and we broke up because he was out partying and cheating telling people he was only with me because of Aubrey,” Maddy wrote.

In addition, Maddy says that Cody was smoking pot and using heroin during this time. (While we obviously have no proof of this–other than Cody’s nasty teeth–multiple sources told The Ashley that Cody had a drug problem back when she first announced that he and Maddy were going to be on the show.)

Maddy also hinted that Cody may be mentally unstable.

“He used to tell me he needed medication to control his anger and when he didn’t take it he would be mean,”  she said. “What if he snaps around Aubrey? Also he used to do heroin so how do i know he isn’t still?”

Where are Maddy, Cody and Aubrey living today?

Cody is also the father of a baby boy that was born two months before Aubrey. He now lives with the mother of this child and is in a relationship with her.

Maddy and Aubrey are still living with Maddy’s father.

What happened with the DNA test?

“He did ask for a DNA test but I never refused,” Maddy wrote. “I told him he has to pay for it. Why should I pay when I know he’s the father? He can use the child support I’m not getting.”

She told a fan on Twitter that Cody also demanded a DNA test from his other baby-momma also.

“He denied that it was his son and wasn’t in his life, then he changed kids and left Aubrey’s life for his son’s,” she tweeted.

To learn more about the other girls that will be featured on this season of ’16 and Pregnant,’ click here!

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49 Responses

  1. If you watched the update episode he clearly said he didn’t know he had another girl pregnant so that’s why it wasn’t on the show… wow how you guys going to complain about something and not even know what the hell you are talking about. He has the right to get a dna test they didn’t even know each other first she didn’t want to give the child his last name but cries saying she wants her daughter to have a father second she had codys parents thinking she was going to move in with them but at the last minute tells them she is not moving in knowing they told her that they was spending a lot of money so they wanted to know for sure if she was going to move in… she lied and played everyone. He does not look like a drug addict I mean come on now it’s not hard to point out a drug addict on heroin. He might smoke weed but that does not make him a bad parent. She is clearly hiding something I don’t think that baby is his.


  3. Ive met cody at a party he didnt stay very long while there were filming the whole ordeal didnt seem like he was using heroin tho

  4. Having a child with a person you don’t know and isn’t in the baby’s life, the the child grows up not knowing the other half of who they are. My father died when I was 13 months old and although my mother raised my brother and I alone which proved how strong she was on the outside, she really needed help on the inside. Out of experience may I suggest you go to https://moodgym to learn cognitive behavioral therapy to bring out the best of your mental and emotional power so raising your child doesn’t deepen any scars on your soul. You are strong but hurt. Your mother was mean by not caring for you and your child. Learn from her and don’t ever turn your back on your child. I had to leave home at 15 due to my mothers issues and instead of learning how not to be like her, I went down the wrong path until I finally found a man I thought would be a good father…NOT. He and I stayed together until she was 2 1/2 and became a real idiot who hurt my daughter. Even at 20 I wasn’t able to know who a good man was because I never had met one. I was raped as a baby until I was 9 then got into drugs to dull the pain of that and my mothers addiction. My whole life has been one really hard struggle after another. I got gang banged while high on angel dust at 15. I got left at a nudist club by my mother who went to live 200 miles away. I made my money by cleaning houses for the change I could find. I worked at the nudist club and it was a horrid place full of pedophiles. I almost died at the hands of several men. I was living in a tent illegally in some woods and working two jobs to get enough money to have an apartment during the winter. At 17 my boyfriend beat me up the day I found out my grandfather died because he was on LSD and went crazy. All my life I was told I couldn’t have a baby due to genetic illness but they were proven wrong when that guy killed my baby while beating me up. I moved and tried to start over but no matter where you go you are still you. For the sake of your child, be the very best at everything you do but that means not to do so much you burn out. Don’t drink or do drugs and get an education. My savior came in Feb. 1981 when after losing 4 more babies I finally gave birth to the most wonderful and yet irritating child. She laughs when I say that because from day one she knew exactly how she wanted things and wouldn’t calm down until she got it. Pay back has come in the form of her new son who is the same as she was. It took 28 years for me to get over the pain men have dumped on me and I finally found the one who loves me like I am a Goddess after being single for nearly ten years. Men and women are two different creatures. It takes a strong woman and a sensitive man, in other words two people who are the best of what the other is the best at…to make a great relationship. Honesty, Trust, Respect, Communication, allowance for change and true heartfelt love to make a couple. Trust me, that is HARD to find. As I tell my friends, if you are with the wrong one, break up so you can be available for the right one. And I can’t stress this part enough, read Women Who Love Too Much. It will teach you what real love is.

  5. Why is it that everyone can call Maddy a slut, yet Cody has TWO children 2 months apart?? Hmmmmm…grow up. If someone wanted to be in their child’s life, nothing would stop them. Period. It really IS THAT SIMPLE!!

  6. Women always make the mistake of being women they try to use the baby as a pawn, this never works and then try to control some man, the men play it by ear, fool if you don’t want the child to have my name cool, we fight with our emotions which always backfires in the end! Her emotions led her to sleep with him in the first place, the fact that you are female means that you have the natural instinct to nurture, you are no better than Cody; own up to your mistakes and stop playing Mom of the year! You’re not! She is not done making mistakes! Cody has a go on to go on to, live your life she should stop blaming Cody, she used him, and he used her!

  7. I find it out that people believe MTV would leave something so negative, about the baby’s father, out of the show. Normally, these kids do a good job of making themselves look like assholes – while the girls come out smelling like roses (despite the whole having a child as a teenager thing). We saw how thy handled Matt. There’s definitely more to both sides of the story. Her appearance on the show and her preemptive strike on social media are pretty good indicators that she’s not much better than him; she’s probably worse.

  8. I just saw the episode. How disappointed I was when I seen that poor boy try to help an ungrateful teen girl. If you may know this little girl needs to have both parents and cannot be raised without money. Cody looks to be awesome… And will be a great dad if Maddy can stop being selfish.

    1. Did you even read what she said about him?

      1. He has another kid
      2. He use to do heroin
      3. He was not around for 7 months during her pregnancy

      He probaly only started coming around because she’s on tv.
      He’s a shit dad and the kid doesn’t need that kind of person in his life.

      She isn’t being selfish at all.

      1. Agreed. During a woman’s pregnancy, she does her best to focus on keeping emotions as neutral as possible, that’s likely why she tried to be in a relationship with him. After birth some hormones got a bit straightened out and she realized that he 100% was NOT father material. If he did heroin, he likely still does it and even if he doesn’t, he makes 0 effort to see his daughter. She’s doing what she naturally sees is best for her and her daughter. I admire her.

  9. I think you all need to calm down… You are calling a young teen girl a slut and why? Regardless of how she got pregnant I think she is taking care of her baby very well. Yes, she does seem to be shutting Cody out, but with drug use (pot or anything else) and another baby just two months apart, can you really blame her? She could cut Cody some slack but why are you people sitting here demeaning her when she may not be Mother Theresa but she IS taking care of her daughter.

    1. Maybe she should, she laid down and had her, I was a young mom as well,(early 20s) and I am still learning that there is a huge difference between men and women, though she may sound like now the baby is the most important thing in her world to a man, even if he is taking great care of their family may not be their central focus, funny how these women soon as they become pregnant the whole idea of family starts to set in, men NO! and we run them away because we have yet to understand that they think totally different from us, as she gets older she will realize that most men are not in the frame of mind to be focused on one somebody at this time and may not for decades, with social media, fantasy’s become easily attainable and the more we get away from true foundation the truth become even more blurred, I wish this girl and boy all the luck, blessings in the world, because after all we share this world and I don’t need any more new crazy people in my neighborhood!

  10. I’m just going to be the odd commentator and say that I prefer her hair the brunette colour!

    She made a poor choice – Maybe I’m old, but a facebook hookup? but she is dealing with the consequences and maybe this episode will help another girl or guy to see that every action has a consequence, positive or negative.

  11. I cannot understand what goes throw this girls head. I feel so terrible this guy was actually stepping up, he’s a boy but be was still there even to take her BS and she still talks crap about him. Not too mention how nice his parents were. She should have thought of all these before she opened her legs to someone she didn’t even know. This girl is just unbelievable! She deserves a bad man like Adam from teen mom 2.

  12. Aside from the obvious baby drama…was I the only one who realized that she clearly has some parental issues? I don’t think calling her a slut is appropriate because it seems to me that she wasn’t getting much attention from the people who were supposed to be there for her. Her father lived away and it seemed to me, anyway, that her mother seemed to choose her new baby over Maddy in every situation. I’m not saying it was a great choice but I think she may have just been looking for some attention from anyone. In addition, it’s not that fact that Cody clearly had a whole other half of the story hidden, it’s the fact that they were both only how young? 16 years old. That’s a sophomore in high school. It’s incredible that she has the strength to keep things straight for her daughter but keep in mind, she is a child herself. A more mature child, yes, but her reasoning and logic is that of a child. I’m happy to see that she and Aubrey are doing well and I surely hope that both she and Cody grow up a little bit, especially before taking on another child. Cody already has two children, that he knows of, and I hope that he realizes he needs to be a man. I’m wishing them the best of luck in their future.

    1. Cody is an adult 19 . He should have been more responsible and not taken advantage of a 16 yr old girl

    2. He can care for his child and still not be a man, He is still a boy! Damn! they had no business having sex! He has yet to experience all of the storms that life will bring and part of our learning is to experience some sort of failure. Which is really just another way of change, life has cycles and levels and we check out when someone walks up to us and say respond this way, live that way, success only is attained this way, ALL of us is in the classroom of life, and we are challenged on various levels, but we will be challenged to learn, change, love all of the above, I may not have the same problems that these two people have but they may not have the same problem that I have, but one thing for certain I have never met a perfect person, you can’t find a big enough pile of money to hide behind, pretty, education, etc.. Live and learn!

    3. I think Maddy it’s having a hard time and I think her mother is a horrible person who abandons her child when they need you the most. She gets the worst mother of the year award as far as I’m concerned. Oh how sad she doesn’t want to be a grandma, well if her daughter had any sense she should stay as far away from her as possible that way she can pretend she is still pretty and isn’t old enough to be a grandma hahaha believe me it will be a nice fantasy world to live in you mean person

      1. Ummmm her mom told her before she got pregnant that if she ever did she’d have to live somewhere else. And it’s not like she was putting her out on the street, she had her dad’s house as an option. She also let her stay for 1 month after Aubrey was born to get her bearings and adjust to being a mom & sleep deprivation. I don’t think that made her a bad mom, I think it showed she kept her word.

    4. She called her kid Aubrey?! Was this stunt for TV. Sounds familiar don’t you think? What does Chelsea think of that? AND Why the hell would she keep the kid in the first place? A one night stand baby. That’s gonna be nice to know when she grows up. 1. Sorry darling, mummy and daddy never loved eachother. 2. You were a mistake, but 3. I kept you because I thought it would be cool to have a baby and I was needy.

  13. i don’t know what to think about this because when i was watching i felt like she wasn’t really giving him a chance and was being bitchy and it really irritated me that she didn’t give the baby his last name and she kind of made it sound like if they weren’t together than he wasn’t going to be in the baby’s life but now that i read this and that he does drugs (it must be true because of his teeth) and has anger issues and all that i don’t know what to believe ugh :/ but i don’t like her anyways i mean if she knew all that stuff about him why sleep with him? i don’t know she’s stupid…

  14. This bitch is pissing me off! She’s a lying prissy stuck up slut! Cody should go to court and fight for his rights! Maddie is not the only parent in this situation even tho she thinks she is..she’s just a spoiled rotten teenager who only thinks about herself..she will be a horrible mom..

  15. Cody is a good friend of mine I can call him my bestfriend bcuz he is such a good person and has a good heart. Maddy is such a lying bitch. Cody has never been a herion addict and he is such a good father to his son and would be a great father to aubrey if maddy would let him. Maddy just sounds like a dumb slut and is very open about it wait til aubrey is old enough to see this show then she will no how much of a lying hoe her mom is the truth will come in time

    1. “Lying bitch”, “dumb slut”, “lying hoe”… Wow, what a nice guy you sound! If you are anything like your best friend Cody (and yes, they are two separate words, not one word), then I pity any woman who ends up with either of you. You are completely abusive, your behaviour is downright wrong, and if Cody also had that same attitude as yourself towards women then it’s better he doesn’t see his daughter otherwise he’ll have the same sexist, chauvinistic attitudes towards her too.

  16. I just don’t understand how young girls think these days. You want to talk down on him nothing but negative things about him. Yet you chose to sleep with him no protection. You knewwhat could happen so deal with it.kids aren’t dumb these days they know what could happen if you have unprotected sex.. I just think these shows are dumb and making more kids trying to get there 15 min of fame but then realize once the camera stops they have a baby to deal with for the next 18 yrs…

  17. Every1 has issues…Maddy. Cody was stepping up, Maddy butted him out at every turn. Could u imagine being told a girl you had sex w/ 1 time, because she wanted revenge on her x, was pregnant? Cody & his parents really tried to b there for her when her Mom couldn’t be. Then Maddy dissed them w/ the last name…that would make s/1 wonder if the baby was theirs. From the start u treated him like he’s a visitor in his daughters life. I’m not saying he’s an angel…definitely needs to learn about condoms. I’m glad 2 hear that Cody’s there for his other child. Maddys always complaining how hard it is on “her” being a “mom”. Since Cody’s in the situation w/ 2parents & a home, perhaps he should have Aubrey. Growup Maddy quit blaming everyone else for ur life & remember Cody is Aubreys parent to.

  18. I’m Super proud of Maddy, how many teen mothers are mature enough to stand up and say “No, I’m not going to be with you just because we have a child together, I don’t know you!!!” Great move on your part and you saved yourself a lot of heartache and unnecessary drama. When he realizes how much he is missing out on Beautiful Aubrey’s life, he’ll regret it and come running back….. Although you’re young, you are a very smart young lady whose off to a great start!

    1. Are you stupid? Wow this girl doesn’t care about anyone buy herself..she’s just a spoiled rotten teenager who should not be raising a baby.

    2. How about, “no I’m not giving our son your last name because we’re not together?” Hmm sounds like she’s saying, “we’ll you know if we were together I would totally give our daughter your last name!” She’s a joke!! Total slut! Who admits on tv that she slept with some guy one time, got pregnant, and is desperate enough to keep it…. Is she hoping to gain a boyfriend this way? She will be one of those chicks with 3 more kids 3 diff baby fathers! Grosssss

    1. I kept watching that part over and over, trying to figure that out myself. At first I thought it was a wig that was slipping :-\

      1. She shaved off her widows peak. I’ve seen people do it before and it ends up looking like a receding hair line.

  19. The fact that he has another child that is TWO MONTHS OLDER is a huge piece of the story to just leave out. It makes it a completely different story. I wonder what the other baby mama’s story is, and what her feelings were during all of this. Getting pregnant as a teen and having the father impregnate someone else around the time you just basically found out you are pregnant? And she’s now with him again? I don’t evenknow what to say

  20. I really don’t blame him for wanting a DNA test – I mean if she was with him after an hour you could assume he wasn’t the only one. Just sayin’.

    I really like her answers. She has a good head on her shoulders – like refusing to let someone uninsured drive with her kid, and getting herself out of the drama to focus on her daughter. I can’t even imagine this situation, but she seems to be handling things well.

  21. Can’t wait to watch this train wreck. Did she not know this guy at all b4 she sleapt with him? I mean, it seems anyone who lives in a 20 mile radius would know this guy is a creep…but we are to feel sorry for her as she didn’t know?

  22. I told my husband last night as I was watching that his parents shouldn’t worry to much I am sure he got someone else pregnant that should be having a baby very soon. I was only a little wrong, in that the other girl had the baby first

  23. I was so glad to see that this girl breastfed. I was looking and looking and never saw a bottle. Good for her! I nurse my son and it’s hard enough as a (young) adult. It must be so much harder for a teen.

  24. Wait that dude had another kid at the same time? Then the parents really shouldn’t have been so upset about building that nursery room… Seems like a messed up family-no wonder Cody turned out to be such a winner. Maddy messed up by sleeping with him, but good for her for sticking up for herself. He and his family don’t seem like they care too much about her baby+ With the other baby mama drama, it was probably best she didn’t live there.

    1. it almost makes me wonder if the reason why they were so eager to have her move in was to somehow have him avoid making two child support payments a month at 16… Like it would almost be easier to just have one baby mama move in because what 16 year old makes enough to pay out two child support payments? That is,probably why he got back together with the other girl after Maddy refused to move in

      1. Hes not a 16 yr old child people!!!!!!!!! Hes a 19 yr old man who should heve known better!!!!!!

        1. 16,19 A 16 year old nowadays knows better she could not have been taken advantage of because these kids are very sharp I have two I know! Boo hoo she knew that she just wanted to rebound with him, she is not dumb stop making excuses for her, would it sound better if she’d done it and both parties were 16, NO! still wrong 19 can still be stupid! ANYONE WHO IS HAVING SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE KNOWS ABOUT SAFE SEX!!! SHE KNOWS, HE KNOWS! THEY CHOSE TO ACT ANYWAY, NO EXCUSES SHE DID NOT HAVE TO BE MANIPULATED, FOOLED, COERCED, I BET SHE WAS NO VIRGIN! ABSTINANCE! FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE BESIDES TURNING UP FOR SOMEONE, PICK UP A BOOK, RUN A MILE, STAY OFF FACEBOOK, DISCONNECT THE PHONE, DARN!

    1. agreed … i feel like they could of shown more of how much of Cody was a “piece of shit” or “herion addict” , granted his teeth could use some attention & I caught what i could at the end , I was feeling pretty bad for poor Cody. Maybe her giving him a chance would of inspired him to turn around… After all she did decide to open her legs to him … If he was such a “creep” then why did she even sleep with him? I got the feeling she broke his spirits.

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