‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry’s Book “Pride Over Pity” Released Today!

The cover of Kail's book...
The cover of Kail’s book…

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry‘s new autobiographical book, Pride Over Pity is finally available for purchase! The book, which contains 159 pages, was officially released today, although some fans were able to get their hands on a copy early through the book’s pre-order.

The book was written with the help of Adrienne Wenner, the cousin of Kail’s ex-boyfriend Jordan Wenner. She has been working on it for several years.

According to the book’s publisher, Pride Over Pity will discuss Kail’s childhood, as well as what was happening behind-the-scenes in her life during the periods that she filmed the five seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“Kailyn shares her troubled, often painful story and, for the first time, reveals the dark secrets she has so closely guarded,” the book’s description reads. “Guided by the single principle of helping other young girls like her, she takes the reader behind the scenes, writing candidly about her desperate stay at a homeless shelter to qualify for a program that would provide a safe home for her son, breaking her silence on the question of her sexuality, and sharing the traumatic sexual experiences that have left her deeply scarred.”

The book contains some shocking admissions that Kail is sharing for the first time. In one part, the reality star describes an abortion she had on her 16th birthday after a boy she was dating refused to take “no” for an answer when it came to sex. She became pregnant at 15 but ended her pregnancy when her mother, Suzi, demanded she get an abortion.

“I swear they didn’t just suck out my uterus,” Kail wrote of the abortion. “It felt as though they had taken every fiber of my being.”

In another shocking passage, Kail describes being raped by a guy she was dating shortly after breaking up with Jordan. The trauma, as well as the relationship, had been kept hidden from the MTV cameras.

“He was plastered and insisted he needed to talk to me, so I let him in,” she wrote. “But he had no interest in talking. He pulled me into the bedroom and slammed me onto the bed, taking my clothes off roughly…”

In the book, Kail says that she refuses to let these events effect her negatively.

“Since I can’t change the past, I’ll tightly grasp onto the lessons for the future,” she writes.

Kail shared what it was like growing up with an alcoholic mother and absentee father in The Ashley‘s book, Teen Mom Confidential, which tells the childhood stories of all the girls from the shows.

“Growing up, I never had a real relationship with my mom,” Kail said during an interview for Teen Mom Confidential. “I’d have to parent her when she was on her binges. She was a binge drinker and you never knew what she was going to do.”

Kail is currently in Los Angeles promoting Pride Over Pity. She has announced that she will be doing a book signing at the University of Baltimore on May 7. She will also be signing at Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on May 17 and Dallas TCU Bookstore on June 26!  More dates are expected to be released soon.

To order Kail’s book, click the link below:


  1. There is a program in the Lehigh Valley where Kail lived called Lehigh Valley Youth House. If you are a young homeless teen, especially a young homeless teen mother they will find you an apartment and pay for most of the rent until you get on your feet. In order for her to qualify for the program she had to have stayed in a homeless shelter. I believe this happened before she got her Teen Mom check.

  2. I’d like to read the book, although some of the excerpts I have read don’t sound like the terminology Kailyn would use, but she did have some help in it, so I guess that may explain it. I love Kailyn and commend her for all she’s been through but I don’t understand the homeless shelter thing either. I am thinking maybe it was the transition thing when she moved out of Jo’s house, but I thought she moved directly into that apt., but MTV doesn’t show EVERYTHING! I do however think its cool of MTV to NOT show her hitting Javi b/c now they know that if they do, the cops come a runnin and CPS and all that jazz. Isnt that what happened with Amber and Gary?

  3. Homeless shelter? With all the mtv money? I’m happy for her success and all but I find it hard to believe that a 21-22 year old can have enough experiences to write a book about. What do I know tho, congrats Mis!

  4. Surely, that giant contreversial tattoo front and center is the best marketing strategy, said no one ever.

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