EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5B Premiere Date & Details Revealed!

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“Maybe Babs will get her own summertime talk show?”

Since the reunion special finished airing last week, Teen Mom 2 fans have been wondering when they’ll be getting their next spoonful of Barbara Evans (oh, and those other girls). The Ashley can exclusively reveal when ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 5B will air!

As The Ashley previously told you, the bigwigs at MTV decided to extend the show’s fifth season and create a second part. (It will essentially be a whole new season, but MTV is allegedly reluctant to call it that because that would mean they would have to renegotiate all of the cast and crew’s contracts. Therefore, they are turning it into a “5B” season.)

According to several of The Ashley’s show sources, we will have to wait a while to watch the new episodes.

Multiple people close to the show have confirmed to The Ashley that the new Season 5B episodes will begin airing in September. (A summer without Babs? Talk about “summertime sadness!”)

Keep in mind that MTV is fickle and may change this, but, as of right now, this is when they are planning to air Season 5B.

The episodes will feature everything that happened after the reunion was taped in February until the events that take place around August. (This will likely include the birth of Jenelle Evans‘ second baby!) Although no reunion filming date has been set, it’s likely to be taped around October.

But that’s not all… The Ashley’s sources tell her that, although MTV had decided that Season 5B would be the show’s last, they are starting to rethink that decision. Although nothing has been officially decided yet, the network is considering keeping the girls around for Season 6. According to one show source, it’s likely that the stars will sign on for another season.

“It’s hard [for them] to say no,” the source told The Ashley. “This has been their lives for five years now.”

Are you excited to see the new episodes in September!? The Ashley will keep you updated on all the latest ‘Teen Mom 2’ gossip in between!

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  1. I can’t wait to see all the girls and what’s going on now but all the girls need to stay strong even when the show is over and I’m glad they doing very well love the show

  2. Honestly if they would be willing I’d like to see them go for longer even. It would be nice to see the first ten years or something look at bently and maci from teem mom, he’s huge now and maci has grown up so much as a mom I’d like to see how they got there. Even if its not a full season but maybe a catch up episode of all of them see where they are now. Anyways I’m really excited for more.

  3. YES! I love the show and these girls! I am a fan of all the teen mom shows! And for all of you talking smack, welcome to reality! Most reality shows aren’t actually “reality,” so why do you feel the need to talk bad about this particular show? Obviously it’s a popular show or they wouldn’t keep having seasons of it so just leave it alone. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. End of story.

  4. people need to stop talking about these girls and leave them alone what is it with people are they jealous of these girls..

  5. Nonono nono! I can’t take another season. Please stop this madness. Same ol shizz every episode please Ashley make it stop.

    1. Then don’t watch it! Simple as that. No one forces you to watch it. Some (well actually a lot) of people actually like the show so leave it alone! If you don’t like it then don’t watch it, problem solved. I’m so tired of hearing people dog this show and these girls. Obviously a lot of people like them or they wouldn’t have had so many seasons. Why do people always feel the need to talk shit? You either like it or you don’t. If you don’t, then it’s your loss and you shouldn’t watch it. No need to talk shit about it.

    1. I am so glad u guys are bring them back,I am a old school teen mom,n if your program was on back in the 80,it was help alot teen moms,please keep it going,til the kids grown up n so on….love it..They have all grown up,Janelle like she may be ok too,n love me dome javi n Kaylee,but she need to keep her hands off him,Chess,get your career,n stop letting your lil girl dad get u. Upset,two the twins mom,u act like u still like Cory,he married,n so are u stop doing shit to make your hubby wont leave u,than u have three babies n no man,Cory not leaving his wife,u two not a good couple anyway…u fight to much..please bring them back,I love them all…

  6. I would be more excited if I didn’t already know stuff that I have learned from social media. Not to mention, its becoming painful to watch because of how set up and scripted its becoming. This is far from “reality” tv. of course there will be some things we dont see on social media that will be on tv but the majority of it , i already know.

  7. Agree with old n retired – it is getting just a bit silly. They all have nice cars and nice homes, but no real jobs (other than Javi and Jeremy!) Their lives are not at all a depiction of how 99% of people end up that get pregnant at 16. Oh well, still good trash tv!! A bunch of kids making adult decisions — I will surely keep watching if a season 6 is made.

    1. Javi never seems to work, he sure does get a lot of leave to make appearances. You only make so many leave days a month, unless he’s a reservist and not active duty? And they’re living off of MTV money mostly. When you’re starting your military career you don’t make enough for two nice new year model cars and enough BAH (housing allowance) for an expensive mortgage. That’s an issue I have with how MTV portrays it, military life isn’t that happy and simple

  8. I might be getting ready for one update yearly. The day to day/month to month stuff is getting way too staged and silly. Besides, I about lost it seeing Javi driving a Benz. No reality left here….

    1. YES!!!!!!!! My husband has been active duty for 8 almost 9 years, and we don’t make enough money to drive a Benz and pay a mortgage as expensive as theirs! And we make more in housing allowance than they do! If someone says it’s a lease, which is still expensive, or that MTV money isn’t funding it then they need to really look up how much people make in the military.

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