EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Catelynn Lowell Is Pregnant Again

2014 second pregnancy
“We made a baby!”

Last month Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra spoke to In Touch Weekly about their desire to have a baby. Well, it appears that their wishes have come true: according to several family members, Catelynn is already pregnant again!

A Rounduper tipster alerted The Ashley that two different people related to Catelynn excitedly announced the big news on their private Facebook pages earlier today. Catelynn’s brother River posted that his sister was expecting, tagging Catelynn’s real Facebook page in the announcement. Hours later, Catelynn’s mother April revealed that she was going to be a grandmother again.

The Ashley has screen-shotted the conversations, since she is assuming they will eventually be taken down.

Catelynn Pregnant Aprilriver lowell

Just a few days ago, Tyler was expressing his sorrow about not having their first daughter, Carly (who they gave up for adoption) with them during this joyous time.

“Thinking of my daughter A LOT!…I wish she could be here to share the joy of today with me,” he posted to his Facebook.

The Ashley has confirmed these are the real Facebook pages of Catelynn’s family members. According to River, Catelynn is due sometime around January 10. (If this is true, that would make her about five weeks pregnant.)

The Ashley will keep you posted on the latest news, but she sends a giant congrats to Catelynn and Tyler! She’s crossing her fingers that if it’s a boy, they’ll name it Butch after Tyler’s dad!

UPDATE: Catelynn has confirmed to Us Weekly that she is, indeed, expecting her second child! Congrats!

(Photos: Facebook)

35 Responses

  1. Okay, I’m sick of barren women acting as if because they are barren empty womb women then no one else should have a child just because their life isn’t up to “their standards”. I will get hate for this comment but quite frankly I DON’T CARE. HMM, they are not TEENS anymore and because they gave up their first they shouldn’t have anymore? Guess what cupcake, I have known plenty of people that gave up their first and years later successfully raised other children. I am NO FAN of Catelynn and Tyler, but the barren b******* hate is annoying . Who are you to say who’s more deserving of a child?! Your marriage may crumble in a couple years, your husband may be cheatong on you at this moment, you may have marriage difficulties in a month for all you know, GET OVER YOURSELF you are not more entitled to a child than the next person! And to the commenter earlier that said they had addiction “in their genes” YOU ARE IGNORANT. That is a PERSONAL choice. Don’t take drugs, you won’t be addicted. Tired of the labeling and stereotypes!

    1. Bitch wtf are you talking about? It’s TAX payers who are angry. They have NO EDUCATION. They should NOT be reproducing. Shut the hell up you cow. All you are good for is having babies. I bet you are an uneducated cunt who married the first guy who wanted them and immediately began spitting out his babies. Go die bitch.

  2. this is actually discusting! makes me sick too the stomach they are terrible parents people out there that cant have children yet these people just pop them out and give there first up for adoption and want to keep there second such arseholes

  3. I say Good for them and BOOOO to all the naysayers! They obviously would have kept their first born had they not lived in a bad situation with addicts and abuse. They are no longer in that situation and can raise a their child in a healthy home the way they see fit. Who cares where their money comes from? We all make a living doing different things and it’s nobody’s right to judge how we earn it. Plus I’m excited to see Tyler as a Daddy, all his moments with Carly that were caught on film are beyond precious.

  4. Congrats to Tyler and Cate! They may not be the “perfect”couple, but they have come so far and have showed that they have a lot of love to share. As far as Carly, she is so loved by her birth parents as well as her adoptive parents, and that’s an amazing thing considering how many children in this world are unwanted and neglected. Tyler and Cate made a hard choice that will always leave an empty place in their hearts, but Carly will forever have a loving stable home. It boggles my mind that people see Carly’s adoption as her birth parents ” throwing her away” because she they didn’t want her.

  5. Catelynn and Tyler might not be saying it out right, but I feel as if this 2nd baby is an unspoken attempt to “fix” their failing relationship. No, you don’t need to be married to have children together, but the fact that they couldn’t commit to getting married after planning their wedding shows that there are obviously problems within their relationship. I think the “problem” with them having a baby to raise on their own is the fact that the two of them (or at least Catelynn) are in denial over the fact that their relationship has sailed its course. In their naive worlds though, having another baby together that they will keep/raise will just make everything sunshiny with rainbows and kittens. I truthfully hope the two can be successful parents and strengthen their relationship as they do so, but I think they’re in for a shock.

    1. I look at them and see them more as roommates than a functioning couple. On their catchup special I didn’t see a loving boyfiend/girlfriend/possibly still engaged couple. I saw a girl holding on to the past a guy who looks annoyed and isn’t sure of what he wants.

  6. I wish they’d waited until they were married. And done with school. They’ve been so busy with Teen Mom stuff & adoption talks that they still haven’t finished school. I just hope they didn’t fall into the same trap as before. A baby is SO much harder than you think it is, and they’re both such smart kids, this shouldn’t have happened. That said, if she IS pregnant, I wish them well. They’re so sweet together & will make great parents. They just need to remember that a career is a must for both of them. The MTV money won’t be around forever. Also hope Caitlyn quits smoking. It’s so bad for you & she started young. Both of them need to remember they have addiction in their genes. I hope they get married, whether she’s pregnant or not. And I hope they do not name the kid Butch, lol!

  7. I hope they just didn’t jynx themselves. I was pregnant once, didn’t want to tell many people…mostly because I was in denial and shock (I was a sophomore in college and the guy I was with for two years and I had never had any scares or anything), I told my momma first, then him, then my twin (she knew I was pregnant before I knew lol…), then his mom….I told all of them to tell no one until I could get to the doctor…a few days later, because both “grand mothers” to be had big mouths, everyone knew, and by the time I was able to get to a doctor (I had finally got rid of the denial) for an ultrasound and blood work, the miscarriage had started and it was too late…The doctor was the ER doctor. It was the day before I was to be 8 weeks. I had a fear of a miscarriage because I didn’t feel like I thought pregnant women were to feel…and when it happened, the worst day of my life. Me and him broke up afterwards because he cheated (and now has a bunch of kids with a girl with 8, yes 8 baby daddies). I’ve never been with another man (and this was 4 years ago), because I don’t trust anyone anymore. I hope they make it and I hope this baby sticks. Nothing sucks more than having to go back and tell people you’re not pregnant anymore.

  8. I think this is really not fair what so ever she got pregnant gave the baby up for adoption…why have another baby if you gave your first born up you guys shouldn’t be trying to have another baby its a shame idc if ya thought ya couldn’t take care of it if there’s a will there’s a way wouldn’t surprise me if you gave this one up either I really think you guys are very bad parents

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Catelynn and Tyler need a baby right now or even any time soon. But that’s really ignorant to think that just because she got pregnant at 15 and and didn’t want to raise her baby in the hole of drugaddicts that she lived in so gave her up for adoption, that she should never have another one ever.

  9. How do these girls get pregnant so easily?? It literally took me over 2 years and 1 miscarriage to finally conceive my daughter and I was only 21-24 (from when I started to when she was finally born).
    I had my miscarriage at 11 weeks, and i had made the mistake of telling people at 8 weeks. Then I had to go back and tell everyone I’d lost the baby, hardest thing I’ve ever done. This time around I literally waited until my 20 week appointment to tell most people.. I told my family and best friends around 15 weeks, but no one else knew and they were all sworn to secrecy cause I didn’t want to go through that again..
    Hopefully everything goes well and it is a successful pregnancy but if not, it’s kind of a shame that she will have to address it publicly now..

    1. Girl, I have no idea. I’m so tired of fertility treatments 🙁 7 years TTC and I have yet to even have a positive pregnancy test -_-

  10. If shes five weeks that makes her a month and a week the doctors told me I was due sept 1-5 I gave birth the 12th so even tho it’s a week doesn’t mean anything. Im happy for them congratulations

  11. All these girls are so fertile. Just mentioning that they want a baby and BAM! Positive pregnancy test.

  12. VERY foolish to announce it this early. I hope they get the child they have longed for, but honestly, if it were me I’d be really pissed that family broke the news before I got the chance to & for doing it so early knowing the risks.
    I’m currently almost 11weeks with twins & JUST announced this pregnancy to those close to us because of health issues.
    I hope for her sanity & the relationships with her mother & brother that baby continues to grow & is born healthy. Otherwise there will always be that question of “what if?”

    1. and you know a lot of people on April’s FB don’t even know them, based on someone asking her if “Katileen is pregnant”

  13. Well she’s not two months along cuz im 7 weeks due dec 27. So if she is due in Jan she’s like one month along.

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