Adam Lind Calls ‘Teen Mom 2’ Fans “Idiots” & Insists That the Show is Fake

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind was never exactly a fan favorite, but after today it’s probably fair to say that he has few, if any, fans left.

Adam took to his Instagram on Wednesday night to prove to his fans that his daughter, Aubree, still has his last name, despite the fact that it was depicted during an early episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that his baby momma, Chelsea Houska, had changed it. After posting a photo of his child support paperwork (with Aubree’s last name of Lind clearly visible), he then went on a rant, insulting the show’s fans and calling the reality show (which still lines his pockets nicely, mind you) fake.

adam lind instagram rant“For everyone that says my daughters last name is Houska…ya no its still Lind. More proof of how fake the show is…they suck in all u idiots who feed off drama to believe everything that’s on TV,” he captioned the photo.

Adam, who allegedly works for his father’s drywall business, continued to sound off in the comments of the photo.

“Some fathers out there don’t even know they have kids and sign their rights away and don’t help at all. At least I fight for my kid!!” he wrote.

Good thing he never told his baby’s mother to tell him how and when he could sign away his rights to “that mistake”…

Oh. Wait…

teen mom 2
Adam and his latest squeeze, Jessica

Anyway, Adam, who has wracked up more jail time than anyone else in ‘Teen Mom 2’ history (Even Kieffer!) is now the father of two kids. His daughter, Paislee, was born last September.

In other Adam news, he has split with Paislee’s mom, Taylor Halbur, and is now dating (and living with) a woman named Jessica, who has a teenage son of her own. Adam and Jessica have only been together about a month but are already proclaiming their love all over their social media accounts. (Perhaps Adam will have Daughter No. 3 by Easter?)

She’s in for a real treat with this guy…just ask Taylor…or Chelsea…or any corrections officer in the state of South Dakota.


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11 Responses

  1. Late to the party, but what can you tell us if anything about Jessica? I’m curious… despite myself.

  2. Do we really need Adam to tell us a show where people goes from wearing shorts to jeans in 0.91 seconds is not 100% representative of reality ? Yes Adam we know the show is fake, we still hate you.

  3. just because he has 31 k followers, doesn’t mean they like him, they are curious about him, so they follow him. Could be a lot of people that follow all the Teen Mom Players, and write about them, gossip sites etc.

  4. Maybe I’m stupid, but why wouldn’t Chelsea change the last name?! Adam has been less than a stellar person/figure to Aubree..

    Also why on earth do these people keep falling for him and letting him move into their houses instantly?!! WHY?!

    1. Chelsea went in to change her name, but didn’t follow through. She regretted not following through. She was either just being lazy or adumb convinced her he was great for a second.

  5. I just looked at his Instagram page. How in the world does he have 31k followers?! That many people like him, who knew!

    1. Part of me still thinks he created half of those IG accounts so he would boost his number of followers. I don’t think I could find 3 people that like that guy, how did he find 31K?!

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