Farrah Abraham’s ‘Backdoor’ Co-Star James Deen Reveals What Farrah Was Like On Set

Our faces while watching Farrah and James’ tape…

It’s been over a year since Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham took the adult entertainment industry by storm by taking, well, taking it in the keister for an on-camera romp with p0rn star James Deen.

While the resulting adult movie ended up being a huge hit, Farrah has claimed that it “ruined her life” (all while continuing to promote it, of course. Go ahead and try to figure that one out!)

For the first time in a long time, James spoke out about what happened on set. In a  “Reddit: AMA” (Ask Me Anything) Q & A session with fans on Wednesday, he discussed the entire incident: from when Farrah and the producers came up with the idea, to the backlash.

{Just in case you need a refresh on what happened here you go: After the film was released Farrah tried to claim that she and James were dating and that the film was actually meant to be a “private, personal” tape that was accidentally “leaked.” James, who refused to play along with Farrah’s games, immediately denied Farrah’s account. This, of course, angered Farrah, who proceeded to insult him in the media, saying he was a liar and, ahem, that he had a small piece of man-meat.)

Anyway, James spoke out about Farrah’s story that she never meant for anyone to see the tape.

“She was not hesitant [to do the movie],” he told fans. “She and the company had a well-negotiated deal before I ever met her.”

James went on to say that, due to who he was shooting with, he expected the drama that ensued after the tape was released.

“I kinda did [expect it],” he said. “Looking back it was obvious. I kept all the phone calls with Vivid and the emails and texts and never signed a NDA [non-disclosure agreement] so I have no restriction in any way or worry about what is true or anything.”

Surprisingly, James said he didn’t find Farrah annoying at all. That’s probably because he didn’t interact with her much, except, of course, when he was drilling his hotdog into her bun.

“I didn’t spend much time with her on set,” he said. “She went from makeup to stills while I was outside with the director. Then we shot the scene and then the next scene and then the next scene. She was with her manager in between scenes and I was with the director and the director of photography. I was not annoyed… or at least I don’t remember being annoyed.”

Farrah has repeatedly denied that she made a p()rn movie and that she is a p0rn actress. James provided his thoughts on that.

“I think she qualifies as a professional p()rn star,” he said, adding that he would not make the movie if he had it to do over again. “She got paid to professionally make a p()rno. Doesn’t that qualify? I think she did a very good job.”

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  2. I think that she’s annoying as Fck! PORN STAR, PORN STAR,PORN STAR!!! She will carry this disgusting nightmare with her for THE rest of her life! She is SO yesterday’s news! Farrah who???

  3. I think she’s a shred businesswoman, no worse then the others, and probably has made a lot more money then any of the others. We are all whore’s in way or another. She made a porn so what? It’s a multi billion dollar industry, who is watching it, if everyone is so outraged. All the women bagging on her. All the men in their lives are watching porn. If she is disgusting for making porn flick then so are the pigs that watch it. I think they are worse IMO. They are what keeps the demand going. Her worst fault is not owning it, she should have said I made a porn film, to make money for my and my daughter’s future, end of story!

    1. It isn’t the fact she made a porno, it is her continued lies about it. She isn’t a porn star..she was raped twice promoting it…deen was her boyfriend..continually lying on couples therapy, and the worst part..her continual berating of her parents and her mangling of the english language.

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